Whistle is the tenth episode of Delete the Mixed-Traffic Engine.


The Fat Controller had given Delete a small break from work, and he just did maintence work. But now, with a new coat of paint, and fully trained, he decided he could now give Delete other jobs. He made him a garenteed connection with Edward's Branch Line, and the Mystic River Traction Company Railway.

One day, at Knapford, whilst Henry was backing down to his train, he blew smoke out of what was a whistle.

Delete had seen that, but since he never used his, since he had only done shunting. He asked, "Why is your whistle there?"

"It's there, so people know your coming. If they do, they know to stand back, if they don't they might get injured. We, do not want that."

But still, Delete didn't quite get the concept of whistles. He was making his way on the line, to Henry's Station, before reaching Wellsworth. His whistle was a three chime steam whistle. So, it could play in a high, low, or medium note.

He was just around the bend, so he blew a very long, high whistle. It reached the station, but Delete blew so hard, that the next note was just horrible. Something had jammed

"The whistle is loose from that loud note", explained Delete's Fireman. "Contact control, and see what we can do."

Whilst, the Driver did that, Delete thought, "No matter what, I'm not going to make a single sound except for my puffing sounds."

"They said use any alternative sources we can", replied the Driver.

"You can use my air-horn", suggusted the Guard.

"Very well", agreed both the Driver and Fireman.

And Delete's theory was right. He didn't make a single sound, and he had liked his whistle.

Now Delete knows the importance of whistles.


  • Henry
  • Delete
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