Victor is a Cuban narrow gauge engine who is in charge of the Steamworks.



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Victor was brought from Cuba to Sodor probably around the 1920-30s, and first knocked into the sea by Luke, after he swung too close to him. Luke thought this was his fault for a long time until Victor finally managed to explain to him that he fell into the sea because the chains holding his wheels had snapped. Once, he took on more than he could bite by trying to fix literally every engine on Sodor. He is usually a firm kind and stands no nonsense from the other engines. He also acts like a bit as a fatherly figure to Kevin.


He is a busy engine with a winning sense of humour and a heart of gold. He is highly respected among all of the Sodor engines for helping to sort their repairs and see to their needs. He is very friendly, can often put a smile on an engine's smoke-box, and will often help guide an engine where he feels it may be to their benefit. Victor also has a firm manner when something needs to be sorted and stands no nonsense from haughty steam engines or lurking Diesel engines. He takes his work very seriously and takes great pride in helping to maintain the service of the Steamworks. In his time, Victor has helped restore, repair, and repaint many of Sodor's locomotives and he keeps the Steamworks a welcoming, bustling, hospitable environment. He keeps a keen, watchful eye over Kevin the crane, who assists him in the works' operations. Kevin's clumsiness and antics may cause Victor bother and disturbance, but Victor is fond of Kevin and glad to have him as part of the team.


Victor was painted yellow with green lining and was numbered 1173 when he first arrived on Sodor. When he learned to speak English, his first word was "red", so he was painted dark red with yellow lining and black and yellow hazard stripes on his bufferbeams. The sides of his cab have the Sodor Steamworks logo on them.

In Thomas the Slender Engine

Victor inhabits the Sodor Steamworks at Night with Kevin and Smudger.


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