Vicarstown Dieselworks


The Vicarstown Dieselworks is the Diesel equivalent of the Sodor Steamworks.


In Adventures on Rails, it was built in the 1950s, due to the renovation of Vicarstown. Since then, various diesels came to the Island, and they usually stay there. It was remodeled in the 1990s.

In Sodor Adventures, the shed is for Diesel, Den, Dart, Sidney, Norman, and occasionally Splatter and Dodge.

In Thomas' Sodor Adventures, the shed is for Diesel, Dennis, Den, Dart, Sidney, and Norman.

In Thomas the Slender Engine

Vicarstown Dieselworks is one of the selectable maps in the game. The map resembles the original location, except all of the entrances are shut, so the player can only wander on the outside.

  • At Day, it is inhabited by Percy.
  • At Dusk, it is inhabited by Den and Dart.
  • At Night, it is inhabited by Millie.
  • In the Flooded version, it is inhabited by Percy and Millie.


Non-Rail Vehicles

  • Happy Hook


The site of the Dieselworks consists of:

  • An elevating turntable
  • A crane named Happy Hook
  • A set of lifting jacks
  • An on-site smelting department
  • A five-road shed to accomodate the Diesels
  • A special shed for Diesel 10
  • A giant vice

It is also worthy to note that in Adventures on Rails, the giant building next to the main shed is a larger repair yard for heavier overhauls.

In Super Smash Thomas & Friends

The Vicarstown Dieselworks is a stage. Diesel 10 and several other diesels (unless they’re fighting) will be watching the fight from the background.


  • A scrapped model of Charlie‘s cab is seen inside.
  • A scrapped Marklin Engine has been seen at the Dieselworks in Blue Mountain Mystery.
  • The Dieselworks is located somewhere in the desert-like areas of Vicarstown.
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