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Semaj5nodrog4 Semaj5nodrog4 15 December 2020

Latest Updates on My Series

Hey everyone! First off, hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the Christmas season so far (and if you've been on the TTTE Wikia Discussion Page, you've been seeking refuge elsewhere after all the crazy spamming attacks that have happened lately on there 🙄😣😆). Secondly, just wanted to give you a minor update on my plans for the rest of the year regarding my series. I was trying to get at least two more stories in before 2021, but looks like at this point it'll just be the next one. I'll take a minor break after I post it, then I'll resume the rest of my second season next month, and might make a decision about a third season to my series...

Also, just out of curiosity, for those who read the "somewhat abbrevated" version, how do you all …

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Semaj5nodrog4 Semaj5nodrog4 4 December 2020

Welcome New Users

Hi there new users. First of all, welcome to the Thomas Made Up Characters and Episodes Wiki!!! It’s great to see a few new people here and looking forward to what you all have in store. Secondly, be sure to read over the rules so you can be familiar with how things go on the wikia:

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Semaj5nodrog4 Semaj5nodrog4 17 October 2020

Updates and Future on TMAOTIOS

Hey everyone! Long time, no see. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this pandemic and you’re keeping yourselves entertained. Speaking of which, I feel like I should give a little update about how things are going for me and why I’ve been absent for pretty much the past month.

So, first off, I’m doing well. I’ve just been busy with work and haven’t had much time to write for my series lately. Secondly, the other reason I haven’t been writing much is because I lost a little interest in it due to finding out about the news about that dreadful, future reboot of the series and seeing the promo earlier this week (if you’ve seen some of my posts on the TTTE discussion page, you’ll see just how annoyed and frustrated I am about it). …

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Semaj5nodrog4 Semaj5nodrog4 17 December 2019

Upcoming Updates

Hey everyone!!! It’s been a while since I last did one of these, but just here to give you an update on what I’ll be doing for the rest of this year and what to expect for the new one.

First off, since it’s the Christmas season and I have the urge to write a Christmas episode but can’t come up with any new ideas, I’ve decided to fully write out my canceled Christmas special from last year, Thomas’ Wonderful Life. Now technically, it won’t be a full write out because I won’t include character dialogue in the story because it’ll make the story longer and I’m trying to not make it boring and redundant, but I’ll at least expand the story so it won’t feel short and rushed like the blog I posted last year and include more detail to the scenes so y…

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Semaj5nodrog4 Semaj5nodrog4 31 December 2018

Thomas’ Wonderful Life/Regular Update

Hey everyone, I know I say I was going to publish my Christmas special, Thomas’ Wonderful Life, before the new year, but I got some upsetting news for those of you who were interested: I’ve decided to cancel the special.

It’s because I’ve been busy lately like I said in my previous blog, and also because as I was writing, I realized I wasn’t going to finish it on time and the plot was becoming very complicated and it was going to be way too long to keep people interested in the story. So that’s why I decided to cancel the story overall.

However, despite canceling my special, I’m still going to continue the second season of my series and I’ll be starting up on it again soon, so look out for that.

Also, even though I canceled the special, I’m ha…

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