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Located on the old Walker Branch is the school. Let's back track a little, shall we? The Walker Branch was the former mainline for the Wellsworth & Suddery Railway ran by three tank engines named Colin, Lily and Adam a long time ago before they were brought to work at the coal plant. When nationalization came in 1921, the Wellsworth & Suddery Railway fell under the North Western Railway and a little school was built on there. This is probably why you never heard of the Walker branch because its most commonly known as The School Line. Ever since the second nationalization in 1948, the track was made stiffer to accommodate bigger engines who may travel there. Rebecca would soon be one of these engines.

One day, Sir Topham Hatt came to Victarstown Run, the shed where the main line engines lived, to see Rebecca. "Rebecca, in the little time you have been here, you have proven yourself to be a hard worker! I have been able to acquire a contract with the school where they'll need an engine to take the children from their homes to the school! Would you like to be the school engine?" Rebecca immediately agreed.

After picking the children up and dropping them off at the school, Rebecca rested while watching the children play. She even engaged in a game of Hide N Seek with them.

On the other line, stood an B12 Class. He was painted in blue like Thomas and Edward, but unlike them, he did not look friendly. He was bringing some toiletries for the bathrooms. "Stupid nonsense!" fumed the blue engine. "I'm an important engine! I don't deserve this treatment!". Rebecca laughed. "You are an important engine and you are delivering important supplies! How will the children potty?" The blue B12 was not amused. "Oh so I'm subject to this mistreatment and you only offer jokes!" The blue B12 sped away angrily. 

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