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This is for one of the engines I've created; Saturn.

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In July 1877 she was built by a very rich man. She was shipped to the Neptune Island Railway in 1882. She broke the record of speed in 1885 by 194.5 MPH. In 1904, Sun finally suceeded into crashing her. In 1925 she escaped but broke down and in 1933, Edward found her and repaired her. She still works in the NWR.

She is yellow with purple lining. She has two shapes. Her old shape has her name plaque at the smokebox her new shape has the plaque in the centre of the boiler. She also used to have red lining and her hand rails only went up to her smokebox. She also didn't have a lamp at the front of her funnel. She used to have a 6 wheel tender now she has an 8 whee…

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