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It's September now even though it still feels like August. Anyways, new month means new updates regarding Adventures on Rails.

  • First off, as I usually do, I'll re-cap what was released last month. First was The Trouble with Ballast Trucks which gave some much needed spotlight to the Little Western crew. I won't lie, I don't often feature them however, this was a story idea that I was not going to pass up. The following week saw the release of Percy's New-Old Friends which is the original plan for introducing the Norramby Branch Line, Jinty, Pug, and the Kirk Ronan Branch Line (which I actually forgot about) into the series. Eventually, all these concepts became their own thing with the exception of the Kirk Ronan Branch (still in the works though). I have also included some in-detail information about the production of this episode and why eventually it got cancelled. It was otherwise sitting in a document so I figured why not share it with everyone. The final story last month was Station Closing which I will admit was not one of the more light-hearted stories. However, one of things I appreciate about classic Thomas was the variety of stories. The prime example is series five where there's all types of stories so, I figured this story would be a bit different. I hope you enjoyed everything last month as we move on to September.
  • This month will see the release of two new stories. If I'm not mistaken, I have finished both and I might even release one this upcoming Sunday. One of them is interesting in the sense that I wrote it for a writing class I took a while back. It features Jessie and her time at East Moors Steelworks. It does take place outside Sodor but that's purely because everything needed to be my own creation but it stills features all the usual features of a Thomas story so don't worry about that. The second story I have planned is one that will be the only light-hearted episode until November. I do have some rather heavy and emotional stories coming up but this one will be seen as a nice deviation from all that. Trust me, it's a fun one with humour and it'll be good.
  • I also want to say that each month will have two stories each which will bring the amount of stories for volume three to twenty-six which was what I had planned so I'm glad that worked out.
  • Since it is September now, I will go ahead and say that I am aiming for a volume four starting in January 2022. Honestly, I'm still sorting out stories I want to cover since I have ideas, I just need to decide on which ones. Also, it might be a bit of a slow start since I want to finish some things at the beginning of the year, and then the series will really begin in either March or April. So that's the only other new thing I have for now.

That's everything for now. Take care everyone. MainLineEngines (talk) 06:02, 2 September 2021 (UTC)