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Hey everyone. At long last, it's October so we're in the final stretch of the year and man has it been long for me. Anyways, there's plenty of updates of what's to come in Adventures on Rails.

  • In September, there were two new stories; Jessie and the Diesel Engines and Responsibilities. The former was actually a story I wrote for a writing class a short while back. I had it planned for volume three but it doubled as a story for my class. As a result, it only features Jessie along with her sisters in East Moors Steelworks. However, it's the same style I use for the rest of my stories and it gives a little glimpse into Jessie's background. Furthermore, it will be continued as it is part of a whole saga that started last year with Jessie and the Old Engine. As for the latter story, it's definitely a bit more fun and light-hearted than several episodes before it and after it. I just remembered that I had a different story planned which featured Gordon. In the end, I replaced with another story featuring Gordon - a fair trade I think. It's loosely based off the annual story of the same name, and it ties in with the events of Thomas in Charge. It does also feature Percy and at some point, I really wanted to write a story with both Gordon and Percy and this was the best opportunity for that so I hope you enjoyed it.
  • Now we're down to the last six stories of the year. We have three months left so some simple math gives us two stories per month and thus bringing the total amount of stories to twenty-six. I'm quite excited for the remaining stories. I think they will all nicely close up the year and pave the way towards yet another year of stories. But first, I have two stories this month and I have the 17th and 31st as tentative dates for releasing each story. The first will continue the events of Jessie and the Diesel Engines whilst the second will be a Halloween story so it'll definitely be spooky. The only thing I will say is that it will take place at the Coal Mines and will be starring our very own Dodger. So, it's something to look forward to.
  • And since I have the rest of volume three laid out, I have taken the liberty of planning ahead for volume four. That being said, there's definitely going to be a volume four. I have all the stories laid out although stuff is still subject to change. And even next year, there can still be changes. Anyways, I'm aiming for at least twenty-four stories, and the beginning will be a bit different. That's all I can say other than the fact that a lot of fun, exciting stories will be coming. Honestly, I'm not done until I have written every story that I have in mind.
  • Furthermore, I still have a short planned for 2023 focusing on the first three engines of the books; Edward, Gordon, and Henry. It's still a work-in-progress but whenever I have another update, I let you all know.
  • Finally, in regards to the Jessie stories, I will at some point release this collection that I used for my class simply to showcase it. The collection uses some stories that I have written before but with some modifications so it'll be something nice for all to see.

That's everything. Take care! MainLineEngines (talk) 05:57, 3 October 2021 (UTC)