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Hey everyone. It is the beginning of the month so time for the usual updates.

  • Two new episodes were released last month. Easter at Harwick and Cliffhanger. I did have plans for one more but I couldn't finish it in time, so I am hoping to have it on Sunday.
  • I also want to say thanks to everyone who gave feedback for Taking Toby to the Works. I used this story for a writing class, and whilst I did get feedback from my classmates, I wanted more so I turned to you guys! I am also pleased to say that I did get an A. And yes, I am accepting donations. I'm kidding! Still, lots of thanks for the feedback 'cause it helped me know any improvements to make, and for the most part, it seems you guys enjoyed it so that's great. Personally, I quite like this story. I remember I wanted to use the part from You can do it, Toby where Toby works as a banker. The challenge was having him out on the Main. Then it occurred to me that one of the reasons Toby would be out is if he was headed to the Works, and then came, what if James or Henry, who work stopping trains had to take him there due to his limited water capacity. Next thing you know, I'm typing away. And this was actually back in December. Finally, I released it to begin volume two in January. Again, this is one of my favourites and I'm glad everyone enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback.
  • This month is a very important month. The very day since The Three Railway Engines was first published is right up ahead. So, there will be one new story on Sunday. Then, on the 15th, Best Engines Ever will be released. A Railway Series format short that uses elements from the books and such that is meant to showcase the best of Sodor. Then, there will be one more new story to cap it all off.
  • Following that, new stories will continue to be released. The upside to this quarantine is that I have been able to work on pending story and man, there are several stacked up. I have thoughts for all of them, and I have to chose, and organise my thoughts and such. It's all the fun of being a writer.
  • Looking towards 2021, there are two shorts that will be released. First, You Lucky Engine and then, Visiting Engines. Not much to say that I haven't said already. Just hang tight, in due time, I'll provide even more info on both.
  • Finally, there's another idea that I have which I mentioned last month, and it is still in development. I'm just mentioning again, since I'm still figuring out where to go with it. Probably after I finish some other things, I can think more about this idea I have.

As always, take care, and I'm available to chat if you desire. Just leave a message, and I'll get to you. So, be safe everyone. --MainLineEngines (talk) 01:38, May 2, 2020 (UTC)