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Hello everyone. I'm just here to give some updates and news on Adventures on Rails.

  • As usual, I'll begin by re-capping the stories that were released in May. Last month, there were three new stories after a brief break at the beginning. Thomas in Charge was the first story and it is actually the first of various consecutive releases. It was followed by Toby and the Lorries and then by The Milk and the Post. All three stories focus on Thomas's Branch Line, which I hadn't featured very much so far in volume three. Toby in particular got well deserved spot-light as well as Thomas and Percy. It's safe to say that there will be more Branch Line stories this year. I quite enjoy writing for the Ffarquhar trio so we shall definitely see more of them in future.
  • This month will see two new stories and the release of Visiting Engines. The plan is to release the two stories and the short on Sundays throughout the month. That being said, there is a new story coming out this Sunday, so be on the look-out for that. The only thing regarding the two episodes is that it will take us back to the Main Line and focus on some of the engines on the Main. The Main Line is also another place that I enjoy writing for and given the amount of appearances from the likes of Henry, Gordon, and James that shouldn't be a surprise. Anyways, there's always a story to tell coming from the Main Line so the next stories should be very fun and interesting.
  • If I remember correctly, last month I mentioned something about the original plan for Jinty, Pug, Emily, and the Norramby Branch Line. It's an episode that I practically finished but postponed and eventually, different ideas came up and I went along with that. Well, I am still planning to release it but that will be in August. I am simply going to tidy up some stuff and make it ready for a proper release. And it will give you a little glimpse into what could have been. There are plenty of ideas that go unused and in this case, I actually wrote it out. I will also explain why I cut it and you'll be able to compare and contrast the original plan to the final release.
  • The only thing left to say is that the usual release of episodes will continue throughout the year. Sooner or later, I will give an update regarding a potential volume four. Since I pretty much have volume three planned out, it makes sense to start looking forward and seeing what's in store for next year but I will go into more details at a later time.

The last thing is that just two days ago marked ten years since I joined the Thomas the Tank Engine Wikia. Ten years sounds impressive and it's amazing to see where I have gone in that time. Joining the wiki led me to this wiki where I tried my hand at story-writing. I certainly had a different vision back then and a lot has changed. I am very grateful that I am even able to major in Writing and everything I have learned from the Reverend Awdry, and a lot of great content creators such as EnterprisingEngines, Leokimvideo, and many more have been really important. I really enjoy The Railway Series. It's a book series unlike any other. I could go on and on about the origins, the characters, the stories, and how they are so effective and timeless. I always find inspiration in the books and I will always look fondly to them as an example of good writing. So yeah, I have learned a lot, and really have grown up and I will continue to do my best till the very last day. I don't know when that is but I am certainly looking forward to the future. Thomas, the books, and Awdry's legacy will be remembered by us and hopefully, other people can at least appreciate that. For now, take care and stay safe everyone. MainLineEngines (talk) 03:34, 2 June 2021 (UTC)