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Hey everyone. I hope everyone is well. As usual, here's the monthly updates for Adventures on Rails.

  • First off, I'll re-cap what was released last month. Well, two more stories were released. James and the Tar Wagons and Jessie and the Coaches were the stories released in June and at long last, Visiting Engines was released. As you know, volume three celebrates the tenth anniversary of the series, and the short is also part of the celebration. In fact, it was released precisely ten years after my first episode. Yeah, a lot has changed since then, and I'm glad to continue writing using the fantastic world and legacy that the Rev. Awdry created. That being said, everything I mentioned is now available, so check it out if you haven't and enjoy reading.
  • After Visiting Engines was released, I decided to take a small break. There was no new content on the 27th and this weekend is a holiday, but I shall have the first of two new stories this month up on 11 July. The second will probably be released the following week. Now, both stories have the common theme of water. It's quite funny actually, I was sorting the episodes into release order when I realised these upcoming stories have to do with water, and I figured, I'll release them both in the same month, which turned out to be July. I guess it's kind of ironic because where I live, there's hardly any rain in July. Anyways, both stories will be fun and focusing on the usual cast of characters that we all know and love. I will say that one of them will take place at Ffarquhar, and the other will focus on the Main Line. Then again, those are the places I write for the most, but hey, there's always great story potential there, and I'm sure you'll enjoy them.
  • Next, I want to talk about shorts. You may have noticed that currently, I have no more shorts planned after Visiting Engines. I decided a while back that I would plan for Visiting Engines to be the last short for a while at least. I do want to focus on stand-alone stories even though I do enjoy writing shorts. It's something different from what I usually do. Shorts are a lot longer, and there's always lots of development that goes into them. Trust me, for each short, there's been abandoned concepts, different ideas, eleventh-hour changes, etc. I quite like that aspect. It's always fun to look back and see what could have been. So yeah, shorts are fun to write despite taking a lot longer. Sure, some story ideas I have had for years but that's only a few. For each of the seventeen shorts, I planned them way in advance. So, with all this said, what is the future of shorts. Will there be any more? Well, I do have one more idea in mind and I've had it for a while. It's an idea that will focus a lot on Edward, Gordon, and Henry but that's all I can say right now. I'm still figuring out details myself. I definitely want to do this idea but I would probably release it in November of 2022 or 2023. It sounds like a long time but trust me, time flies and before you know it, the release date is coming up, and as it happened in Visiting Engines, all of a sudden, I need to get my ideas together, and put the story together. And again, there's a lot of development that goes into shorts; a lot more than stand-alone stories. So yeah, there's going to one more short down the line. Honestly, beside this one idea, I've done all the shorts I wanted to do, and I do want to focus on stand-alone episodes. However, this other idea is too good to pass up so as time goes on, I'll be revealing more details, and it'll be worth the wait.
  • In the meantime, there's definitely going to be more stories. Volume three is going well so far, and very soon, I may even get into planning for volume four . . .

That's everything for now. This weekend is a holiday so if you're travelling, stay safe and take care. MainLineEngines (talk) 17:40, 3 July 2021 (UTC)