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We're now half-way through this year and yeah, it just seems like we have to push through it. In the meantime, here are some updates.

  • Last month, there were two new episodes: Barrier Wagons and Quarantine. Definitely check them out. The latter story is really there to cheer you up in a way. I had plenty of ideas of how to do a story which dealt with the engines during the pandemic and we might see it later on.
  • For this month, there is going to be two new stories. One of them will be Winter-themed and the other will be a Christmas story. I know its July, but still, Christmas is a time of joy and celebration, so why not, it'll lighten up your spirit. The first one will be released this Sunday as a matter of fact.
  • So I have a good idea of the stories I am releasing for the rest of the year if all goes right. I have at least a total of 24 stories for volume two. It could change but I am hoping that it sticks. After that, I still have ideas pending which means there is definitely going to be stories in 2021. I guess that means that there will be a volume three.
  • There are also two shorts due for release next year. You Lucky Engine and Visiting Engines in January and June respectively. What I will say for YLE is that it will have some relaxed, laid-back stories which have luck and karma as a theme in them. There are a couple re-writes in mind for that one and so far I have made very good progress and I can tell they are very different from the originals. So, they will be fun and it will a good way to start a new year that I hope comes soon.
  • I have also released a good amount of behind the scenes stuff of Best Engines Ever. There is a lot that went into the development and I am glad to share it with all of you.

So keep taking care and stay safe. --MainLineEngines (talk) 04:49, July 2, 2020 (UTC)

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