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Hey everyone. We're made to December, the final stretch of the year, and there's still plenty to come from Adventures on Rails.

  • Last month, I released two new stories: Molly and the Empty Trucks and A Bad Lot of Coal. Both of these shifted the focus to the Vicarstown quartet as I like to call them. It was previously a trio with Molly, Dodger, and David but now Emily has joined the group. Anyways, they have a nice dynamic that I like exploring so both episodes have plenty of that. I hope you enjoyed them.
  • Now that it's December, there are just two more stories left. Currently, I am planning to release them on the 12th and 25th. The first one is actually a flashback story with some parts in the present day. It will also focus on Edward and James, which is a dynamic that I have really grown fond of. There's so much potential with these two. James isn't exactly the easy to work with, and I feel that Edward has a harder time working with him than anyone else. So, plenty of story potential there. The second story to be released on Christmas Day will once again focus on Molly, with a supporting role from Diesel. I don't have much else to say just that sometimes, I really do enjoy relaxing during Christmas, and that just spending time with people you care about is enough for me.
  • So those are the last two stories of volume three, so what comes next? Volume four obviously. Honestly, I found more than enough ideas for a fourth volume so it's going to happen. I do have to be realistic though. I will have a lot going on in January and February, and then in March and April, I will be finishing up school. Therefore, I have split volume four into two parts. Think of it as Season 3, which was produced in two parts or the first six episodes of series 6. Currently, I am aiming for twenty-four stories in volume four which would be enough to get the total to one-hundred by the season finale. Anyways, by spliting the season in two parts, I can still release some stories during the time when I'm busy, and then once that's over, the season proper begins. Much like season 6, I have the first six episodes planned to be separate from the rest. The key difference will be that they will not include any overarching plots or anything. In fact, some of them are ideas that I had planned previously but then cancelled. So, there's still some nice episodes during that time-frame, and then even more releases starting in May of next year.
  • The only other thing left to talk about in the 2023 short. It is still in the planning process but I will say that it will focus on Edward, Gordon, and Henry. However, that's all I can say as I am still figuring some stuff out myself.

That's everything for now. I might even have the first story out on Sunday but if not, definitely on the 12th. Until then, take care. MainLineEngines (talk) 18:56, 2 December 2021 (UTC)