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It's December now so we're in that final stretch of this crazy year. Its had its ups and downs but hopefully, we end it on a high note. Here's what is to come in Adventures on Rails.

  • As usual, I'll start off by re-capping last month's episodes. Molly's Idea and Emily's New Route were both released. This was part of a saga that establishes Emily running the Norramby Branch Line. I'd be lying if I said that this is the last we see of Emily and the Norramby Branch. I'm very keen to do more stories but that will have to wait until later.
  • This month, in the spirit of Advent and Christmas, both stories that will close up volume two will be just that, Christmas-themed. Some jolly stories to close up the year. One of which will be released this coming Sunday. The second story will be more Christmas themed and I won't say much other than it will focus on Molly and Dodger. I'm quite excited about that since I like giving Molly speaking roles and as an original character, there's always stuff to be done with Dodger. This one will be released closer to Christmas. I'm thinking either Sunday the 20th or the 24th. I have a few things to work out but that's the release schedule for this month.
  • And just like that, 2020 and volume two comes to a close. But there's still more coming in 2021 and I'm starting right back up in January. Over the Thanksgiving week, I had some spare time and I more or less solidified the release schedule and story plan for next year. Of course, all that will become volume three of Adventures on Rails. I also keep remembering that it is actually ten years since I first started writing. I've come a long way that's for sure. Many different things have influenced me but now, I more or less have a handle on how I write and I thoroughly enjoy it. Anyways, since it is ten years, I feel it is quite an incentive and so I hope every story is the very best it can be. I don't have big plans but so far, at least twenty-four stories for V3 and if possible, twenty-six so as to give a good celebration to this anniversary.
  • Along with the various stories, there are also two new shorts to be released. You Lucky Engine in January and later Visiting Engines in June (most likely). So next year is definitely going to bring a lot of new content.

I think part of the reason I am so eager to continue writing is because of the absolute trash that the show has turned into over the last few years and don't get me started on the reboot. Instead, I want to focus on the Railway Series and Classic Series and even the Brenner era which showcase the best of that little blue tank engine and his friends. That realism, well-rounded, likeable and relatable characters. Honestly, I have taken several writing courses and in each, I never tire of mentioning the Rev. Awdry's books and why they are well written and why they are an example to me and why I use them as inspiration. If a big, billion dollar company doesn't want to follow them, I guess it's up to me then, huh. That's where we're at now. In fact, I encourage everyone to do what you do best. The Awdrys, Britt Allcroft, David Mitton, Andrew Brenner, and so many more left us so much to work with. I'm sure I've said it before, but I really do hope to stick around for as long as I can and if there's story potential, I definitely will.

So if you've read this far, thanks for doing so. Enjoy the holidays and stay safe.--MainLineEngines (talk) 00:23, December 3, 2020 (UTC)