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Amazingly it's August now which means more new stories alongside college work which is quite fun at the moment actually because it involves writing. Anyways, here's the latest from me about Adventures on Rails and The New Adventures on Rails but before we begin, I want to congratulate Semaj5nodrog4 for he is now an admin on this site. Very well deserved if I do say so myself.

  • That being said, in July, there were two new episodes. Both of them were winter themed. They were Snow Rescue and it came to light after all: Edward's Brass Band. Yeah, for the latter, I was originally going to do it in place of Christmas with Friends at the end of last year. It would wrap up that arc of Thomas being on Edward's line but then the idea for Christmas with Friends came up and I decided to do that instead. I hadn't thought of doing Edward's Brass Band till a few months ago, I thought, hey it'd be nice to have winter episodes in July for whatever reason, so I brought it back. So, I hope you enjoyed both stories.
  • For August, there will be two new stories. I have in mind for one of these to be another story like Quarantine only this time, it focuses on the Ffarquhar Branch. We'll get to see how Thomas and Percy and handling the pandemic situation. That should be fun. I tend to release Sundays, so expect new stories starting next Sunday. Most likely not tomorrow. I just have some stuff going on. But definitely be ready on the 9th.
  • In the midst of various story ideas, I decided to create some sort of release schedule. First it was in my mind, then on some scrap of paper probably lying under my desk now and then onto a Word document. As a result, I have more or less figured out what stories I will release for the rest of the year. I can't yet the official total other than definitely more than twenty. What I have found though, is that there are more story ideas than I can possibly release in the remainder of this year. So yeah, this means there will new stories in 2021 and that will inevitably be categorised as Volume three when the time comes. For now, stick with volume two 'cause there's some great stories coming your way.
  • 2021 will also see two new shorts. You Lucky Engine and Visiting Engines. In regards to the former, there are actually some stories that I have planned which take place within the short. So those stories will be released prior to the short. An interesting thing about these shorts is that they have been in development as far back as 2018 alongside Best Engines Ever. To be honest, I am glad there is still time before the release date because of all the single-stories I have been writing. Although when I first devised these shorts, I didn't have in mind regular stories.

So that is all that is coming up. I hope everyone is well and staying safe. --MainLineEngines (talk) 06:00, August 2, 2020 (UTC)