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I have decided to another one of The Real '(insert name here)'. This time on Dodger.

Dodger was a prototype J51, and numbered 167. He was built at Doncaster Works in 1914 on 30th of April, and had a short bunker. He was classed J51/1 by the LNER. He had poor weight distribution. This was solved by blanking off the front of the side tanks, and compensating for the lost water capacity, with a new tank in the base on the coal bunker. This reduced coal capacity, and so the second and third batches had longer bunkers, and were classed J51/2. Dodger was also fitted with a 16-element Robinson superheater, when numbered 3167. This was removed in 1930, when he was rebuilt into a bigger J50. In December 1939, Dodger was classified as a J50/1, which were the rebuilt J51/1s. He was used for local goods, coal workings, and shunting. He also preformed banker duties. In 1935, he was allocated to Copley Hill, and worked there until about 1948. He was renumbered 8899 during the process. In 1948, he was allocated to Doncaster, his original home. In 1948, he had been renumbered 68899. During the mid-1950s, the real 'Dodger' was allocated to Stratford, where it ended its career in 1961. He was scrapped at Stratford Works, on 31st of August, 1961.

The difference, between the real No.68899, and Dodger, is that Dodger was not scrapped, or allocated to Stratford.

So, to get this clear, he first worked at the West Riding, until 1935, where he was allocated to Copley Hill, for local goods, coal workings, and shunting. In 1948, when nationalization came, he went to Doncaster, his original home. During, the 1950s, probably 1955 or so, he was moved to Stratford, where he ended his career in 1961.

His numbers are as follow; 167, 3167, 8899, 68899. Of course, in my series, he was also numbered 124.

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