Delete is a LNER Thompson Class B1 based on Oliver Bury who was built at North British Locomotive Company, Glasgow, on the fourth on November in 1947. The Works/Lot number of this engine was 26152. He then was moved to 34A Kings Cross in 1948, and the last shed it worked in was 40B Immingham. It was disposed on the ninteenth of April, 1964, and cut up on the thirtieth of June, 1964, at Central Wagon Company, Ince, Wigan.

Although Oliver Bury was scrapped as well as all others, two did become preserved. No. 61264, rescued from Barry Scrapyard. It is preserved by the Thompson B1 Locomotive Trust. Another one No. 61306, was preserved at the Nene Valley Railway, and recieved the name 'Mayflower', which No. 61379 had carried. It was returned to service in 2004.

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