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David, my character, is based on the ex- GCR Class 9J, LNER J11, ex-GCR No. 228. ex- LNER Nos. 5228 and 4349, BR No. 64349. He has kept the allocations and liveries of the real engine.

The Real 64349

The Real David was built at Beyer, Peacock, and Company in 1904, entering service the last day of April of 1904. Because it was built under GCR ownership, it carried the number 228. There is no allocation for when it entered service to Grouping (1923), so I have made it be 'scattered' over the Great Central area. In 1923, it was renumbered to 5228, prefixed with 5000, and allocated to Retford under LNER ownership. It remained there, during the war years and through Nationalization (1948). In 1946, it was renumbered to 4349. In 1948, the number was prefixed with 60000 becoming BR No. 64349. It was reallocated to Barnsley for two months in 1954, and then allocated to Gorton. 'David' in Adventures on Rails was allocated to King's Cross for a month. On 16th of October, 1957, it was withdrawn at Gorton, and sadly, scrapped, on 31st of January, 1958.

Differences and Similarities

It thought it'd be good if I pointed out some differences and explain why I did it. First, as I explained above there is no allocation given for him from 1904-1923, and I couldn't just chose any shed. Second, is being allocated to King's Cross, which is a place where no J11s were allocated to, being in the Northern Region most likely. However, I knew Flying Scotsman would be there and so I wanted him to meet him and make him 'different' in a way to other J11s. Third, and more important, is scrap. Now, where would he be if he hadn't been saved by the Fat Controller? So, of course I had to get him to Sodor, somehow, and I chose saved from scrap.