Hullo again. Merry Christmas. This is my rewrite of Not So Hasty Puddings. Enjoy!


It was Christmas time on the Island of Sodor, which meant plenty of snow, parcels, and passengers.

The engines had to wear their snowploughs.

One day, Thomas was waiting impatiently for Elizabeth.

"Finally," Thomas said as she arrived. "I really don't see why I have to wear this thing."

"A respectable engine does," she replied.

Thomas set off crossly to collect Annie and Clarabel.

Later, Thomas was at Hackenback with the Fat Controller and Elizabeth.

"There are some Christmas puddings to be collected this afternoon and taken to Brendam Docks," he announced.

"I'll take them Sir," Thomas tooted excitedly.

"Sorry Thomas, but you are too busy, so Elizabeth will collect them," and he left.


"Sir Topham Hatt thinks that lorries are more useful, that's why," she replied and left.

"Elizabeth is rude," Thomas thought as he puffed away.

The puddings were for the children choir who were singing else where.

Thomas took them to Brendam Docks and returned to Knapford.

"Elizabeth should be here," the Fat Controller thought.

Elizabeth had been delayed by traffic, but now was off from the factory.

"We'll be there in no time," she thought.

But she didn't she the snow drift at the bottom of the hill.

Her Driver braked, but it was no good.

Thomas was called to Knapford with Terence.

"Elizabeth is stuck in a snow drift in the factor near Crosby, please find her," the stationmaster explained.

"Yes, Sir," Thomas and Terence said together.

Her Driver was waiting for them.

"She stuck about about a fourth of mile from here."

Terence was unloaded and he set to work.

"I'll stay here and clean up the mess," Terence said, and Thomas tooted and puffed away.

Thomas arrived just in time.

"Well done Thomas," said the Fat Controller.

"You're welcome Sir," he replied and they watched the children board the boat and the puddings were loaded too.

"Thank you for rescuing me," said Elizabeth.

"Oh, that was Terence, I only brought him."

"Well done to both of you, now go and rest," the Fat Controller said.

(Thomas whistles)

Thomas then went off to the yard.

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