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True or False?
Season 2, Episode 16
Air date October 29th, 2020
Written by Semaj5nodrog4
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True or False? is the sixteenth episode of the second season of the Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.


Timothy the little oil-burning engine enjoys his work at the China Clay pits. He is hardworking, responsible, and friendly to everyone he meets. He is also stern too and stands no nonsense when it comes to dealing with those cheeky little twins, Bill and Ben. They love playing tricks on him and they never tire of it as well. Timothy knows this and although he's wise to their tricks, he is always cautious about them and knows too that despite their cheeky behavior, they can still be really useful engines.

One morning, Timothy was at the clay pits resting and refueling by the sheds. He was just humming quietly to himself when he heard some faint chuffing sounds coming from behind him. Then he heard some faint giggling as well. Timothy couldn't see, but he knew it was Bill and Ben and had a good feeling they were about to play a trick on him, which they were.

"Quiet, Ben," whispered Bill. "We don't want him to know we're here. We're trying to scare him, remember?"

"Me? What about you?" grumbled Ben. "You're the one who's talking louder than Marion. So why don't you try being quiet?"

"No I'm not! And I will when you finally do," hissed Bill. "Now keep it down or he'll hear us."

"Why don't you?" grumbled Ben again, then the two started having a quiet argument.

Timothy, of course, could hear them, but he didn't say anything and pretended he didn't notice. Just then, Marion came up to him.

"Ah, Timothy, there you are," she whistled. "I was just wondering what you were up to. How have you been? Are you having a good day so far? Found anything interesting? I almost found another dinosaur skeleton! It came falling from the cliffs, into my shovel, but turns out it was just bunch of bones that a dog must have buried and…"

"Yes, yes I'm quite well actually, Marion," replied Timothy. "Loaded quite a few trucks of clay, managed to shunt them all into place, and didn't have one accident as well. Also, best of all: no trouble from Bill and Ben whatsoever. Well, at least not yet, anyway."

Even Marion had to chuckle. "Well, that's always good to hear," she puffed. "Everyone's day is better when they don't have any trouble from those two. Otherwise, they would have Sir Topham Hatt to answer to."

"Quite right, Marion," agreed Timothy. "He certainly knows how to keep those two in line." Then he got an idea. "Speaking of which, I heard he’s supposed to be coming in soon to check up on our work."

"Really?" chuffed Marion. "Hmm, that's odd. I didn't hear anything about that. Did our manager say that?"

"Why yes of course he did," replied Timothy, winking at Marion and shifting his eyes towards the back of him. "Don't you remember? It was one of the first things he told us this morning."

Marion was confused at first, then she saw steam floating behind Timothy and realized Bill and Ben were there and what Timothy was doing. "Oh! Oh yes, I do remember now!" she exclaimed. "Yes, he said Sir Topham Hatt was coming to make sure that our work was going well and there would be no trouble either, especially from Bill and Ben." Bill and Ben frowned at this.

"That's right," smiled Timothy. "I do hope those two remember and aren't planning any tricks at this moment. It would be both quite a shame and a coincidence if they played one right when Sir Topham Hatt showed up, wouldn't it?"

"Oh yes, it certainly would," replied Marion, trying not to laugh. "Quite a shame indeed." Bill and Ben were feeling a little nervous.

"Oh, well what do you know," chuffed Timothy. "There he is now! Hello sir!"

This made Bill and Ben abort their plan and race forward into view. "Hello sir! Good afternoon, sir! No trouble here, sir! We're all behaving here sir!" they blurted out at the same time, but they looked and didn't see Sir Topham Hatt anywhere. "Huh?!"

Then Timothy and Marion laughed. "Got you!" chuckled Timothy.

"Yes, we did!" laughed Marion. "Oh ho, I must say that was quite fun. No offense you two, but you should have seen the look on your smokeboxes! It was quite priceless."

Bill and Ben were cross. "Hey, that wasn't funny!" huffed Ben.

"Yeah, what was that for?" grumbled Bill. "That was just mean. We didn't even do anything."

"Well, not yet anyway," chuffed Timothy, "but you were about to, and I must say if you're going to try to scare me, you may not want to argue so loudly next time."

Bill and Ben were cross with each other. "I told you, you were being too loud!" grumbled Ben.

"Well you were no better!" grumbled Bill back. "You were loud enough that anyone in Vicarstown could've heard you!"

"No I wasn't," hissed Ben.

"Yes you were," hissed Bill back.

"Was not." "Was too." "Was not!" "Was too!"

"Alright, alright, calm down you two," soothed Marion. "We were just having a bit of fun with you. Besides, considering how much you trick me and Timothy sometimes, I think you got a taste of your own medicine."

"Marion does have a point you two," agreed Timothy, "and it's not so much fun when someone tricks you, is it?"

Bill and Ben grumbled, then answered. "No it's not," they admitted reluctantly.

"Good, so how about next time you two think about tricking one of us, you don't, hmm?" asked Timothy.

"Fine, yes we promise we won't, Timothy," grumbled Bill.

"We were just trying to have a little fun, that's all," added Ben.

"Well, having fun is nice," said Timothy, "but not when it involves tricking other engines or people, because that could possibly get you two and the one you're tricking into trouble. Do you understand that?"

The twins thought for a moment, then agreed. "Yes we do, Timothy," said Ben.

"Yeah, and we promise we'll work on that," added Bill.

Timothy smiled. "Thank you, you two. Marion and I are pleased to hear it." Marion agreed.

Just then, the clay pits manager came up to them. "Good morning all," he said. "I have just received word from some workmen that the coal hopper is low on coal. So I'll need one of you to go to the yards and collect more coal when it's time."

"I could do it, sir," volunteered Timothy. "I just filled up with fuel and have plenty to make it to the yards."

"Very well, Timothy, thank you for volunteering," said the manager. "Now a load of clay is supposed to go the docks as well. So how about you take it and once you deliver it, go to the yards and one of the mainline engines will be there waiting for you with the coal."

"Sounds like a plan to me," said Timothy.

"Excellent," said the manager. "All of your coal will be with Hector the hopper truck. He is a large one and should have enough coal to last Bill, Ben and Marion for the rest of the day. So when you go to the yards, be sure to collect him."

"Hector…right, I got it," said Timothy. "I'll remember him for sure, sir. You can count on me."

"Great, thank you very much, Timothy," said the manager. "That'll be all everyone. Carry on." Then the manager walked away.

"Hmm, I don't think I ever heard this 'Hector' fellow," chuffed Timothy. "Do you know anything about him, Marion?"

"No, I can't say that I have," added Marion. "I've been around many trucks, but not too many hopper ones." Then she saw Bill and Ben, who looked terrified. "Though judging by the rather strange, horrified looks of those two, I think they might know this Hector. Do you, Bill and Ben?"

Timothy looked back at Bill and Ben, and was quite surprised by the looks on their faces.

"Oh yes, we know Hector," said Bill nervously.

"And believe us, you do not want to come across him," added Ben.

Timothy and Marion were surprised. "Why ever not?" asked Timothy.

"Because he is big, scary, and horrid," replied Bill.

"Yes, the meanest truck you'll ever meet," said Ben. "On his first day here on Sodor, we were sent to collect him…"

"…and no sooner had we set off with him that he started biffing and bashing us around as if we did something to him," explained Bill.

"It hurt too," moaned Ben. "We tried to be nice to him, but all he did was growl and keep bellowing 'KEEP AWAY' at us for no reason."

Timothy and Marion were quite amazed. "Goodness me," exclaimed Marion. "He sounds like quite a brute."

"Oh he is indeed, Marion," agreed Bill, "and although we haven't heard much about him since then, we have heard he caused trouble for quite a few other engines as well and they're scared of him too."

"So if we were you, Timothy," added Ben, "I would be very careful with Hector and not get on his bad side."

"Or better yet," suggested Bill, "see if there are other coal trucks around and take them instead, because otherwise, Hector will biff and bash you until your buffers, funnel, and everything else falls off." Timothy was a little concerned.

"Yes, so good luck, Timothy," warned Ben. "We really do hope you stay safe and don't get into any trouble." Then he and Bill went back to work.

"Well, I must say," puffed Marion. "That was quite the description those two gave of that truck. I don't think I have ever seen them quite so nervous before."

"Same here," agreed Timothy, "but you know, as convincing as they sounded just now, I have a strong feeling this might be another one of their tricks."

Marion frowned. "Mmm, I don't think it is, Timothy," she chuffed. "Bill and Ben seemed genuinely honest and not making that story up. You saw how scared they were, right?"

"Yes, I did," replied Timothy, "but at the same time, this isn't the first time those two have tricked me about trucks. Remember that little rainbow truck event?"

"Well, yes I do," said Marion, "but…" Then she thought for a moment. "Oh yes, that's true. They did trick you about that truck. I almost forgot about that."

"Right," said Timothy, "and they sent me on a wild goose chase for it, only for me to find out it never really existed. So if they lied to me about that truck, then they are probably lying to me about that Hector one too."

Marion wasn't quite sure about that. "I'm still not sure you should jump to that conclusion, Timothy," she advised. "I know those two trick you a lot, but they can tell the truth sometimes and I honestly think this might be one of those times."

"Well even if they're telling the truth, I'm still not sure they are," said Timothy firmly. "We just have to wait and find out for ourselves, I guess."

"Alright, Timothy, suit yourself," conceded Marion, "but all the same, you may want to listen to Bill and Bill just in case they're right. Now if you excuse me, I must get back to work." Then Marion chuffed away. "And maybe this time, I'll find an actual dinosaur skeleton and not some crummy, old dog bones," she muttered to herself.

Timothy scoffed, then he went back to work as well.

As he was working and getting his train ready for the docks, Timothy couldn't help but keep thinking about Bill and Ben's story about Hector. Secretly, although he still didn't think they were telling him the truth, he was beginning to think they were actually being honest with him, and was starting to get a little worried too.

A little later, when Timothy was just about ready to set off with his train, he heard a whistle and saw Edward arrive. He had come to collect a train of clay to take to the shunting yards.

"Hello Timothy," he whistled. "Good to see you. How are you doing today?"

"Um, quite well, quite well, Edward," stammered Timothy. "Uh, you're train is right over here and ready for you for when…uh, you're ready."

Edward was confused. "Uh, thank you, Timothy," he said slowly. "Um, if you don’t mind me asking, are you sure you're well? You seem a bit muddled about something."

Timothy paused for a moment. "Actually Edward, there is something on my mind that I would like to ask you, and it is about Bill and Ben."

Edward sighed. "Oh dear, I had a feeling they might've had something to do with this. What did they do this time?"

"Well, nothing as a matter of fact, but it's just a question about them," replied Timothy. "Since you know those two very well, how often would you say they are actually honest with you and don't try to play a trick on you?"

Edward thought for a moment. "Hmm, that's a good question, Timothy. Mmm, well I have to say, usually when someone or something is bothering them, they are quite honest with me and ask for my help. Now sometimes it can be hard to tell when they are serious, but trust me, I know those two well enough to know when they are telling the truth and when they are lying. You just have to really figure out when they are being true or when they're being false. Why do you ask, by the way?"

" particular reason," replied Timothy. "I was just curious, that's all. Thank you Edward."

"Oh, okay then, you're welcome Timothy. Glad I could help," chuffed Edward. "I must be off with this china clay now, so I'll see you later, and if those two cause you any trouble, just let me know and I'll teach them a thing or two."

"I will Edward, and thank you," whistled Timothy, then Edward puffed away.

Timothy paused. "Oh dear," he thought. "If Bill and Ben tell Edward about anyone that bothers them, then perhaps they are telling the truth about that Hector after all." He was feeling a little more nervous now, but he still carried on with his work.

In a little while, Timothy had his train ready and was on his way to the docks. Bill and Ben watched him leave, feeling worried for their friend and hoping nothing bad would come to him.

On his way to the docks, Timothy was wondering if the twins were really telling the truth about Hector. Just then, Thomas came puffing up alongside.

"Hello Timothy," he whistled. "Having a nice day, are you?"

"Uh, sure, yes I guess you could say that," chuffed Timothy. "Though I'm curious, Thomas. Since you know Bill and Ben pretty well, have they ever been honest with you without tricking you."

Thomas thought for a moment. "Hmm, well, they rarely are honest with me and just joke around, but they did save me from that rockslide at the clay pits once, so I guess you could consider that being honest. Why do you ask?"

"Oh, no particular reason, Thomas, just curious," puffed Timothy. "Anyway, good-bye." Then Timothy continued on to the docks, leaving Thomas feeling puzzled.

Soon Timothy puffed into the docks with his train of china clay, still wondering if the twins were being honest with him.

Just then, Salty came up to him. "Ahoy there, me hearty!" he chuffed. "Brought in some more clay, have you? Well, that's always good. Always need something to keep these ships loaded. So thank you, lad."

"Um, you're welcome Salty," chuffed Timothy. "Always happy to help. Uh, say while you're here, I have a question for you: do you know anything about a hopper truck named Hector by any chance?"

"Mmm, Hector…Hector…hmm, uh no, can't say that I have, lad," chuffed Salty. "The name sounds familiar, but I can't quite put my buffer on it. Why do you ask?"

"Well because Bill and Ben warned me about him," explained Timothy, "and they said he is big, mean, and scary truck and I have no idea if they're telling the truth or not."

"Ah I see," said Salty. "Well, if it's a truck they're talking about, then perhaps the two little scallywags are telling you the truth. Most trucks are troublesome, you know, so they may have a point about that Hector."

"That's what I was thinking too," chuffed Timothy, "but…it's Bill and Ben who told me and I don't know if this is another one of their tricks."

Just then Franklin came up. "Hey guys, I couldn't help listening, but if you ask me, I wouldn't believe them, Timothy. I have a good feeling this is just them tricking you again and trying to make you look silly. So if I were you, I wouldn’t listen to them."

"I really want to, to be honest, Franklin," chuffed Timothy, "but you two should have seen them when they were telling me about Hector. They seemed very nervous, like more than usual, and even I was convinced a bit, but it's just hard to tell with them."

"Hmm, well if you're that worried about it, me hearty, then maybe you should try asking someone who does know that truck," suggested Salty. "Like…uh, ooh! Cranky for example. He might know something." Then he turned to Cranky. "Oy, Cranky! We got a question for ya!"

"Huh, I'm a bit occupied at the moment, Salty," grumbled Cranky. "Can't really talk right now, and I'm sure it's not that important."

"I see that, captain," said Salty, "but this will only take a moment. I promise."

"Oh alright, fine. I guess I could spare a few minutes," huffed Cranky. "Now what is it?"

"What can you tell us about a rather scurvy hopper truck named Hector?" asked Salty.

Cranky thought for a moment. "Mmm…nothing, bye." Then he went back to work.

"Oh come on Cranky," chuffed Salty. "I sure you have something. Now let's here it."

"Look, I honestly don't know much about Hector," admitted Cranky. "All I know is he's a big, mean hopper truck and picked on Bill, Ben, and Rosie when he first arrived. Other than that, I don't know anything else about him."

"Wait, he was mean to Rosie as well?" asked Timothy.

"Yeah, apparently, Hector scared Rosie and she ran away from him," explained Cranky, "but that's all I know and I don't want to answer any more questions. So this conversation is over." Then he really did get back to work.

"Oh, that cranky old bugger," muttered Salty. "Ah well. Sorry we weren't much help, Timothy. Wish we could've given you more information about him."

"That's alright, Salty," chuffed Timothy. "I think I may know who to ask next, and she's probably at the yards right now, which I should be heading to anyway."

"Well good luck then," said Franklin, "but I wouldn't dwell on this situation too much."

"Don't worry, Franklin," replied Timothy. "I'm sure Rosie can tell me for sure if Bill and Ben are right, then this whole situation will be over. Good-bye now." Then he puffed away.

"Oh, alright then. Well, tootle-loo, Timothy! Good luck!" called Salty. "Hmm, I wonder why that young lad is so concerned about one truck?" he chuffed to Franklin after Timothy left.

"I have no idea," replied Franklin, "but all I can say is I'm glad I'm a forklift and I don't have to worry about trucks as much as you engines do."

"Ha, ha! You got a point there, lad," chuckled Salty. "You are one lucky forklift for that very reason, har, har!"

Timothy was soon well on his way to the shunting yards, curious about what Rosie had to say about Hector. "If Rosie encountered Hector as well, then I'm sure I'll finally find out if he's as horrid as Bill and Ben said he is," he thought to himself, as he continued on.

Eventually, Timothy finally made it to the shunting yards. He looked all around to see if Hector was there yet, and was relieved when he saw he wasn't. Just then Rosie came up alongside him.

"Oh hello, Timothy," she whistled sweetly. "You're here a little early. Edward hasn't quite arrived yet with your coal, but he should be here momentarily. So you're welcomed to wait here until he arrives."

"Thank you, Rosie," puffed Timothy. "I shall do that. Uh, also, while we wait, I have a question for you."

"Of course, I'd be happy to answer," chuffed Rosie. "What is it?"

"Well, I was curious, since I heard you dealt with him," began Timothy, "what do you know about Hector the hopper truck?"

Rosie's face went pale. "Oh, him," she chuffed. "Well, I know for a fact he is quite rude and horrid, and also very, very mean."

"Oh? Really?" exclaimed Timothy. "How so, if you don't mind asking as well?"

"Mean enough that he doesn't let anyone get near him," explained Rosie, "and when they do, he roars at them like a ferocious lion and tries to keep everyone away from him. I tried to load him once, and he yelled at me so loud, I got frightened and ran away. Only some engines can handle him, but hardly anyone else can."

"Oh…I see," said Timothy nervously.

"So believe me, Timothy, you do not want to get tangled up with Hector the Horrid," added Rosie. "By the way, why did you ask about him?"

"Uh, ha, ha. Well, you see, Rosie…," began Timothy, but before he could go on, they heard Edward's whistle and he came struggling into the yard with his goods train, and Hector at the back.

"Oh come on, you lot," Edward grumbled to the trucks. "You have given me enough trouble all afternoon and I'm tired of it."

"Well, we're not," chuckled the trucks. "So we'll keep doing it until we've had enough!" And then continued bumping Edward around, getting him even more annoyed.

Suddenly, Hector bellowed out. "Would you all stop it and quit being troublesome already?! Honestly, why can’t you all just knock it off?”

"Oh be quiet, Hector," scoffed the trucks. "We're just having fun. Besides, what are you going to do about it?"

Hector glared at the truck who said that, then gave a very hard bump.

"Ow! Ooh! Aah! Eek! D'oh!" the trucks screamed.

"Oof," exclaimed Edward, who also got bumped slightly.

"That," Hector retorted to the trucks. "Now is there going to be anymore trouble?"

"N-n-no, we'll stop this time," the trucks said meekly.

"Good," snorted Hector.

Rosie and Timothy who were watching nearby were frightened.

"Oh my. That's Hector?" asked Timothy.

Rosie gulped. "Y-yes, that's him," she puffed. "Mean and scary as usual."

Timothy was now convinced. "I can't believe it. Bill and Ben are actually telling me the truth this time, and here I thought it was another one of their tricks."

"What do you mean?" asked Rosie, then she realized it. "Oh no! Don't tell me you have to take Hector!?"

"Unfortunately I do," chuffed Timothy. "He has the coal I need to take to the clay pits for Marion and the twins."

"Oh dear, well that can't happen to you," said Rosie. "Hector will probably crush you if he had the chance."

"I know," said Timothy nervously, "but what am I going to do?" Then he looked around and saw there happened to be a coal train sitting on another track. "Wait! Never mind, I know. I'll just take those trucks over there!"

"Those?!" exclaimed Rosie. "Are you sure you can take them? There's five of them and all loaded to the top with coal. Won't they be too heavy for you?"

"At this point, I can handle anything as long as it keeps me away from that horrid hopper," chuffed Timothy.

"Well alright then, Timothy, if you're sure I'll get them for you," said Rosie, and she quickly went over to get the trucks for Timothy, without trying to be noticed by Edward and Hector.

"Whoa, thank you, Hector," Edward called to him. "I appreciate you keeping these trucks in line, but maybe not so hard next time?"

"Oops, right. Got you, Edward," called Hector. "Sorry about that. I guess I don't know my own strength sometimes."

"Don't worry, it happens to everyone," smiled Edward. "Now, where is Timothy? I thought he would be here by now. Usually, he's pretty punctual, now where could he…" Then at that point, Edward saw Timothy hurriedly trying to leave the yard with the other coal trucks.

"Huh?" exclaimed Edward. "Timothy?! What are you doing?"

"Oh, um, nothing Edward," called Timothy back. "Just trying to take these coal trucks to the clay pits, that's all. Marion, Bill and Ben can't make any steam without coal you know."

"I can see that, but why are you taking those trucks?" asked Edward. "You're supposed to be taking Hector here."

"Am I?" asked Timothy. "Oh yes! I remember, but uh, you see…there was a change of plans and now I'm taking these trucks. So someone else can take horrid, er, Hector instead."

"Huh? Wait a minute…," huffed Edward.

"Sorry, can't talk anymore, must be off now. Bye Edward!" called Timothy hastily, then he raced out of the yard.

Edward and Hector were quite confused. "Um, was that the engine who was supposed to collect me?" Hector asked him.

"Yes, it was," replied Edward, "but he seemed like he didn't want to take you, for some reason. I wonder why that is?"

"Maybe it's because," said Rosie coming up, "he didn't want to be biffed and bashed around by the bully at the back of your train, Edward."

Edward and Hector were surprised. "What? What on earth are you talking about Rosie?"

"I'm talking about Hector," said Rosie defensively. "Timothy knows all about him and his rude, mean nature and I was helping him avoid getting bullied and beaten by him."

Edward was confused, but before he or Hector could say anything else, Thomas puffed into the yard.

"Hello everyone," he whistled. "Um, just wondering: why did Timothy just leave with those coal trucks? Aren't they a bit much for a small engine like him?"

"Well it was either those trucks or that Hector truck," said Rosie, "but I saved Timothy and gave him those trucks so he wouldn't have to deal with that big loud bully."

"What? What do you mean, Rosie?" asked Thomas. "You don't still think Hector is still horrid, do you? Because I can assure you he's not."

"What? Of course, he still is!" said Rosie. "I just saw him bashing Edward and the trucks around! So clearly, he hasn't changed since his first day."

"Well, he might have been trying to keep the trucks in line and accidentally bumped Edward," suggested Thomas. "I'm sure he didn't mean to bump Edward as well, right Hector?"

"Yes, that's honestly all I was doing," confirmed Hector. "I wasn't trying to be mean to Edward, mind you," he added to Rosie. "I was just trying to help him."

"Oh," chuffed Rosie meekly.

Then Edward realized what was going on. "I see, you still think Hector is the same way he was on his first day, don't you, Rosie?"

"Yes," sighed Rosie, "but I'm getting the sense that he's not?"

"No I'm not," Hector chimed in. "You must be one of those engines I told to keep away from me aren't you?"

"Yes, I am," said Rosie.

"Well, allow me to say I'm sorry about that," said Hector. "It was my first day and I just didn't want to be loaded with coal, but with a little help from Thomas here, I learned being loaded with coal is quite nice and I became a friendly truck after that." Rosie was surprised.

"So with that being said," said Edward, "is there something you want to say to Hector, Rosie?"

"Yes," she said. "I'm sorry for the things I said about you Hector. I just didn't know you changed after that, but you do seem like you quite nice actually and I take back the things I said about you."

"Thank you, Rosie," smiled Hector. "That was quite nice of you to say and I appreciate it." Rosie smiled.

"Well, good you two made up," chuffed Thomas, "but what are we going to do about Timothy?"

"Oh yes, him," exclaimed Hector. "I almost forgot about him. Well, I'm thinking he just didn't want to take me because he thinks I'm scary too, though I wonder how he knew that."

Edward was puzzled, then suddenly he remembered his chat with Timothy earlier. "Oh dear," he sighed.

"What?" asked Rosie. "Is everything alright?"

"Well I hope so, but I can't guarantee," said Edward. "All I can say is this was a case of true or false." Everyone was confused, but they reluctantly conceded.

Meanwhile, Timothy was puffing as hard as he could with the coal trucks, but he was having very little success.

"Oh, I probably shouldn't have taken these trucks," he muttered, "but it was the only way I could avoid taking that big monster of a truck." And he struggled on.

The trucks could see that Timothy was struggling and decided to have some fun. "When we get to the top of the hill, let's give him the ride of his life," whispered the first truck to the others.

"Yes! Let's do it!" they agreed. "He'll never see it coming." Then they giggled quietly to each other.

Timothy was soon puffing with all he might up a hill. He heaved and hauled as hard as he could. He felt his boiler was going to burst. Then at last he reach the top.

"Oh, finally," he muttered. "Now it's on to the clay pits or busttttAAAAAAHH!" Suddenly he felt the trucks surged into him.

"On! On! On! Faster! Faster!" the trucks yelled. Then before Timothy knew it, he was raced down the hill.

"Oh my! Help!!!" he cried. "I can't stop! I can't stop!"

"What? We're just helping you," giggled one of the trucks.

"Yeah, so just lighten up Timothy, and enjoy the ride!" added another, and they continued pushing and laughing along the line. Timothy was nervous.

Then in the distance, he could see a sharp bend up ahead. Timothy braked as hard as he could, but it was too late. They ricocheted around the bend, and all of them tipped off the rails and crashed into some bushes, and stopped. Luckily, no one was hurt, but poor Timothy was derailed and coal lay everywhere. It was a mess, but the trucks didn't care. They just laughed and laughed and felt very accomplished.

"Oh!!!!" groaned Timothy. "This is just not my day. Not at all." He felt very depressed.

Soon Harvey arrived to clear up the mess and help Timothy back onto the tracks.

"Ah, there you go Timothy," he said cheerfully as he placed Timothy back on the tracks. "All upright and back on the rails again."

"Thank you Harvey," chuffed Timothy.

"But uh, if you don't mind me asking," added Harvey, "why did you take all those trucks? And the troublesome ones at that? Weren't they a wee bit heavy for you?"

"Yes, they were and I should have known that," sighed Timothy, "but it was just a way to avoid taking Hector the horrid."

"What? Hector? Horrid?" exclaimed Harvey. "Oh-ho, don't be silly. Hector's not horrid. He's actually a very nice and respectable truck. Any engine would be lucky to take him."

"Huh, not from what I've seen from him, Harvey," chuffed Timothy. "He seems like he is quite a brute and a bit of a monster and I certainly wouldn't want to take him."

Harvey was very confused. Just then Edward came up alongside. "It's alright, Harvey. I know what's happening and I think I can help."

"Oh, thank you, Edward," chuffed Timothy. "Any help will be grateful at this point."

"Very well," smiled Edward. "In that case, here it is." He puffed forward and revealed Hector was right behind him.

"Hello everyone," chuffed Hector.

Timothy was horrified. "Aah! Edward, what are you doing? That isn't help! That's horror!! I don't want to be near this big monster. He's bound to biff and bash me like he did to those…"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, settled down there, little guy," chuffed Hector. "There's no need to get all nervous and scared around me. I'm quite nice and friendly actually, and I think there's just been a misunderstanding."

Timothy was very confused. He did not expect to hear something like that from Hector.

"Tell you what, Timothy?" suggested Edward helpfully. "You go ahead and take Hector to the clay pits, and I'll stay here and help Harvey clean up the mess? Hmm? Does that sound good?"

"I, um…uh, er……uh, sure Edward, that's fine with me," stammered Timothy, feeling very befuddled right now.

"Good," said Edward, "and maybe try to make up to Hector as well? Hmm? There might be a few things you two need to clear up."

"Um, sure, I guess we could do that too," replied Timothy, still full of questions about what was happening right now.

Soon Timothy was coupled up to Hector and they were on their way to the clay pits. Timothy was still nervous about being with Hector, but he decided to pluck up courage and talk to him.

"S-s-so, you're Hector, right?" he asked.

"Yes, that's correct," smiled Hector. "And your name is Timothy, right?"

"Yes, yes that's right," replied Timothy.

"Well, pleasure to meet you Timothy," chuffed Hector, "and uh, by the way, you can stop shaking with fear, you know. You really don't have to be afraid of me."

"Oh right, okay, I'll stop then," said Timothy. "Um, by the way, you said there might be a misunderstanding. What do you mean by that?"

"Well, I can only assume that like a few engines," began Hector, "you think I'm big, mean, scary and horrid, based on what other engines have told you. Well, the truth is…I was like that on my first day, but that was just because I was afraid of being loaded with coal and I was trying to keep engines away from me."

Timothy was surprised. "Really? That's true?"

"Yes," said Hector, "but thanks to Thomas, he helped me overcome my fear of that and I love being filled with coal. Also, I became a much nicer truck and now, I'm friendly to anyone and willing to help them out with any coal situation, as well as keeping other trucks in line."

Timothy was quite impressed. "Well, I must say, Hector, that sounds like an interesting story. I didn't realize that about you. So I guess what I'm trying to say is, sorry for my actions earlier today."

"Oh it's quite alright," soothed Hector. "I'm used to it by now and you didn't know, so you're fine. By the way, I take that means we're on good terms now?"

"Yes, of course it does," smiled Timothy, then he remembered something, "and I think there might be two other engines who should know your true self too."

"Really? Who are they?" asked Hector.

"They are Bill and Ben," said Timothy. "They're the ones who told me about you and I think they don't know you're true nature just yet."

"Oh, I see," said Hector. "Wait! Are they those two little yellow twin engines?"

"That's them," puffed Timothy.

"Oh yes, I remember them now," chuffed Hector. "They definitely ought to know the truth and I owe them an apology as well. So yes, carry on Timothy. We got some making up to do."

"Right you are," agreed Timothy, and they continued on to the clay pits.

By now, the coal hopper at the clay pits was nearly empty. Bill and Ben were there waiting at the hopper for the coal to come down, but nothing did.

"Oh come on!" grumbled Bill. "I'm sure there was one more load last time I checked. Did you sneak it in when I wasn't looking, Ben?"

"What? No I didn't!" grumbled Ben back. "I haven't been here all afternoon. You probably took that last load and just don't want to admit it."

"Hey, that's not true!" grunted Bill. "I'm always honest, unlike you."

"Are not," said Ben.

"Are too," said Bill.

"Are not." "Are too." "Are not!" "Are too!"

"Will you two stop arguing!" hissed Marion. "Honestly, you two make a big fuss over nothing sometimes and it's frankly ridiculous. Besides, I'm sure Timothy will be here soon with our coal and we'll all be back to work in no time."

The twins then remembered about Timothy. "Oh dear, Timothy," sighed Ben.

"I sure hope he's doing alright," puffed Bill. "Taking that horrid Hector will be a nightmare for him if he's not careful."

"Well, I can't argue with you two on that," admitted Marion. "Based on you told me and Timothy about him, I hope he hasn't taken that hopper truck either and collect some regular, well behaved trucks and…" But then they all heard a rumble coming from the coal hopper. Then they looked up and Timothy was there. They couldn't see Hector was behind some rocks, but they were all relieved to see their friend.

"He's back!" exclaimed Ben.

"Yes, and in one piece too!" added Bill.

"And more importantly, he brought us more coal!" added Marion.

Then the engines all whistled and cheered for Timothy. Timothy and Hector chuckled slightly as they knew the others had no idea that Hector was with Timothy and were in for a surprise.

Soon, the two tank engines and the steam shovel were filled with coal once again and were feeling good.

"Ah, all loaded and ready for more digging," chuffed Marion.

"And more shunting for us," said Bill.

"Yeah," said Ben. "Uh, by the way, what happened to Timothy? He just kind of disappeared after delivering the coal. Any idea where he is?"

"Here I am!" came a voice. They looked over and saw Timothy coming towards them, with Hector behind him. Immediately, the twins got scared.

"AAH! It's him!" cried Ben.

"It's-it's-it's Hector the horrid!" wailed Bill. "He's come back to biff and bash us again! Run Marion while you still have a chance!"

"WAAH! Okay, what ever you say!" yelled Marion.

"Wait! Wait! Wait a minute!" Timothy called out, trying to stop everyone before they ran off. "There will be no biffing or bashing or running away of any kind right now. There will be clarifications and apologies, instead."

The others were confused. "What? What on earth are talking about, Timothy?" huffed Bill.

"Yeah, what are you saying? You're with Hector the horrid! Are you trying to play another trick on us or something?" added Ben.

"No, you two," chuckled Timothy. "I'm serious. Hector here is not what you two think he is and he wants to tell you something. Right, Hector?"

"That's right, Timothy," replied Hector, then he turned to the twins. "Hello Bill and Ben, good to see you two again."

The twins were puzzled. "Huh?!" they exclaimed.

"Ha, ha, I bet you two weren't expecting that were you?" chuckled Hector.

"Well, uh, no," replied the twins. "Especially after the way you treated us on our first day," added Bill huffily.

"I thought so," chuffed Hector. "In that case, allow me to explain everything." Then Hector told the twins and Marion everything about him. After he did, the twins were both impressed and ashamed.

"Wow, there was so much we didn't know about you, Hector," chuffed Ben.

"Yes, and I guess you could say we really goofed up, didn't we?" added Bill.

"Well, yeah you kind of did," admitted Hector, "but you two didn't know and we all make mistakes. Also, I'm sorry for bashing you two around on my first day. That was insensitive of me and I didn't mean to do that."

"That's alright Hector, you're forgiven," smiled Bill.

"Yeah," agreed Ben, "and Timothy. I hope we didn't we didn't cause you too much trouble today. We were just trying to protect you."

"I know that you were, Ben," soothed Timothy, "and you did cause me a little trouble, but it was just a misunderstanding and I know you two were really just trying to help me, even though you didn't know the truth. So overall, you two are alright and I'm not cross with you, though I do have to admit, it was rather surprising that you two weren't trying to trick me this time as well. You may want to try that some more."

Even Bill and Ben had to laugh at that. Then they heard a whistle and saw Edward arrive, along with a familiar smartly dressed man with a top hat. The twins were nervous.

"Oh dear, now we're in trouble," Bill whispered to Ben.

"Evening all," said Sir Topham Hatt. "I heard all about today's events from Edward and I have to say…"

"We're very sorry, sir! We didn't mean it, sir! We were just trying to help Timothy, sir! Please don't punish us sir! We won't do it again, sir!" the twin pleaded all at once, worried Sir Topham Hatt was cross with them.

"Calm down, you two," chuckled Sir Topham Hatt. "I'm not cross with you. As I said, Edward told me everything and I know you two weren't trying to cause trouble or trick Timothy. I understand too it was a matter of misunderstanding and you were just trying to help your friend, so I won't punish you."

"Really sir? You won't?" asked the twins hopefully.

"No, not this time," said Sir Topham Hatt, "though I will say this: it's not nice to spread rumors about other people or engines or in this case, trucks, especially ones you do not know very well. It rude and unfriendly and gives others the wrong impression of the person you're talking about. So the next time you don't fully know someone, don't say anything about them, even if you had a bad experience with them. Can I trust you two to keep that promise?"

"Yes sir, absolutely sir, we promise sir," replied the twins.

"Very good," said Sir Topham Hatt, then he turned to Timothy. "As for you Timothy, I'm proud of your work today, even if you got into a little mess. You had quite the day and despite all of the confusion, you still managed to get all your jobs done and I'm pleased to hear it."

"Thank you, sir," said Timothy, "and on top of all that, I also made a new friend in Hector here as well." Hector smiled.

"That's great to hear Timothy," said Sir Topham Hatt, "and you know, if you and the other engines here prefer it, since you all seem to be on good terms now, how would you like it if I made Hector your own private coal hopper?"

The engines were intrigued. "You mean, we could use him for bringing the coal here for Bill, Ben, and Marion?" asked Timothy.

"Of course," said Sir Topham Hatt. "Hector is large enough to carry coal for them and it would be convenient as well. Plus, you wouldn't have to worry about collecting other trucks either."

The engines all thought this was a great idea. "Sounds like a plan to us sir," said Timothy. "How about it, Hector? Does that sound good to you as well?"

"Absolutely," smiled Hector delightedly. "Being a private truck sounds like the perfect idea to me, and also won't have to worry about dealing with troublesome trucks as well."

"Well, instead you'll have troublesome twins to worry about," added Marion cheekily. Bill and Ben frowned.

Hector laughed. "That's perfectly fine with me, Marion," he said. "Besides, I know how to keep these two in order if they decide to give me any trouble." He gave the twins a slightly menacing glare. The twins got nervous. "Ha! Just kidding!" Hector laughed, then everyone laughed too, and even Bill and Ben did as well.

Now everyone is happy once again. There were no more rumors about anyone and everyone is working well together. Hector loves his new job as being the private clay pit coal hopper and enjoys talking with the clay pit engines as well. He also helps them with taking china clay to the docks as well and loves helping them in anyway. As for Timothy and Bill and Ben, they get along better now too and even though the twins still like teasing and joking with him, Timothy knows that they are still really useful engines and great friends too, though he is still cautious about them and hopes there won't be another case of "true or false" with them again. Bill and Ben hope so too!




  • References to the television series episodes, Hector the Horrid and Timothy and the Rainbow Truck, and the television series special, Tale of the Brave, are made in this episode.
  • Going canonically by the television series, this episode marks Hector's first appearance since the twelfth season television series episode, James Works it Out.
    • This episode also marks his only appearance in this season of The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.
  • This episode also marks the first time in The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor in which Salty and Porter appear, but only one of them speaks (Salty, in this case).
  • This and Slow and Steady are also the only episodes in this season of The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor in which Edward and Gordon do not appear/cameo/are mentioned in the same episode.