Trucks All Day is the fourty-ninth episode of the fourth season.

Trucks All Day
Season 4, Episode 49
Air date January 11, 2012
Written by HenryDashPaxton3000
Directed by HenryDashPaxton3000
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Percy is chosen to bring trucks of coal from the mines down to the main Coaling Plant. But, Percy does not want this job. He wants to pull his rightful Mail Trucks, but his Driver makes him. Gordon teases him for pulling 'Undignefied Dirty Coal Trucks'. The Trucks get cross when Percy doesn't defend them, and tell Percy they want an engine that will struggle all night on the hill. Percy is so cross he bumps them hard making the Trucks want to pay him out. He is pulling them up backwards when they push him down. He goes ahead into an Emergency Siding and the points quickly switch... Onto Gordon's Line. The Conductor tries to stop them, but he can't. Gordon sees the Trucks, and screams in horror as the Trucks crash, coal explodes everywhere, black dust is everywhere, and it takes 10 minutes until the dust clears. Gordon is no longer blue, but black. Edward fetches Rocky, and soon the mess is cleared up. Strangely, the Trucks' behaviour after the accident is good, Percy wonders if they didn't want to be scrapped.


  • Percy
  • Gordon'
  • Edward
  • The Fat Controller
  • Rocky (non-speaking role)
  • Douglas (mentioned)
  • Oliver (mentioned)
  • Diesel (mentioned)
  • Thomas (cameo)
  • Henry (cameo)
  • James (cameo)
  • Emily (cameo)


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