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Trouble with Brake Vans
Season 2, Episode 7
Air date March 17th, 2018
Written by OliverDuckandToad11
Directed by OliverDuckandToad11
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Trouble with Brake Vans is the seventh episode of the second season of The Adventures on Sodor.


James is a mixed-traffic engine who is the number 5 engine on the Fat Controller's railway, he has red paintwork, whom he loves people to admire, especially in the summer time. James liked to pull coaches, but he didn't really like pulling trucks, because he'll get dirty, but what James dislikes more then trucks is brake vans, because many years ago, a brakevan named 'The Spiteful Brake Van' caused a lot of trouble on the railway, giving engines a hard time and making them late with their trains, especially Donald and Douglas, James had to use the Spiteful Brake Van as his brake van, and he made the trucks pull James back, so he had Douglas be his back engine, but as they went up Gordon's Hill, Douglas smashed the Spiteful Brake Van by accident. Then another time, James had to use Oliver's brakevan, Toad when there were no brake vans left in the yard, he caused a runaway on Gordon's Hill also, and ever since then, James has took a strong dislike towards brake vans.

One day, James puffed indignantly into Knapford Yards, he had to take a train of fuel wagons to the fuel depot. "Huh, fuel wagons," he snorted, "why would the Fat Controller make me pull fuel wagons?" James waited for his train of tar wagons to be shunted and the shunter coupled him up, some troublesome trucks were in a siding and began to tease James.

"Hahaha! James is pulling dirty fuel wagons! James is pulling dirty fuel wagons!" They sang.

"Oh, be quiet!" hissed James. "I haven't got time to be teased by a group of troublesome tyrants."

"Tyrant?!" exclaimed one truck.

"And you're the big red monster!" Another truck burst out. This is a nickname the trucks used to give to James back in the early years, but he didn't care, James looked around and saw there were no brake vans left in the yard.

"Oh, no brake vans again." huffed James. "I never really liked them anyone, that spiteful brake van was a jerk and Toad... well not so bad, but I prefer to travel without a brake van and always will."

"Hehehe, no brake vans!" laughed one truck. "So we don't have to get ordered about?"

"Uh, no way." James replied.

"And we don't get ordered about by that one particular brake van, Bradford." said one truck.

James was confused. "Bradford, who's-" But then a whistle blasted in the distance cutting James off from asking his question, it was Samson who had brought a train of vans into the yard. The trucks knew who this was, and began to look worried.

"Here we are, Bradford," called Samson. "Right on time, no delay."

"Ah, excellent," replied Bradford, "like always, we got this bothersome bunch to behave well."

"You're like the boss of them, Bradford." chuckled Samson.

James was quite surprised. "How do you get your trucks to behave?" he asked puzzled.

"What? Oh hello, James, didn't see you there," puffed Samson, "well if you don't know, this is my brake van, he's called Bradford, he'll show any truck on the line who's boss, won't you Bradford?"

"Indeed I will, Samson," Bradford replied. "Trucks are nuisances these days, aren't they?"

"Nuisances! Not nuisances, they're indisputable!" remarked James.

Then Bradford saw a group of trucks in the siding, they looked suspiciously at him. "What are you lot looking at?!" Bradford hissed.

"Uh... n-nothing." stammered the trucks.

"Well, you lot better behave now I'm here," said Bradford. "Or else."

"Wow, you are strict with trucks aren't you?" commented James.

"Indeed I am, I'm like the boss of them," replied Bradford, "every wise engine knows that you cannot trust trucks."

James had heard that line before, but it was years ago since he last heard it. "So, what are you doing now?" The red engine asked.

"Oh, I was just bringing these train of vans to the docks," Samson told him, "and when I'm back, I'll be leaving Bradford in the yard for another engine to use him as I've got work to do at Ulfstead Castle."

"Oh I see," muttered James, "well he'd better not be like other brake vans." He whispered to himself. Samson then chuffed away, James still had to wait for another brake van, but there was none around. "I could've used that brake van Bradford," James suggested. "But Samson's took him with him, how long will it take for him to come back?"

"I'm sure it won't take long." said his driver. "The docks isn't that far off."

"I know, but that brake van seemed like he knew how to order trucks about," James responded, "I'd like to see him make my trucks behave."

"We'll just have to wait, we can't predict yet." replied the driver.

"Yes, I suppose you're right." James muttered, he waited as Samson came back into the yard.

"Alright Bradford, I'll be heading for Ulfstead Castle now, I'll see you later." Samson whistled as he steamed to Ulfstead.

"Goodbye Samson, and don't let those troublesome bunch bother you, or I'll be there." called Bradford.

Samson chuckled. "But you can't because you're only a brake van, you can't move like us engines."

"I know, I was just kidding." Bradford chuckled, and then he quickly grew stern. "Alright, so I suppose I'll be going with you James."

"Uh, yes I suppose." He replied meekly.

"Okay, now let's get moving, I'll keep an eye on those tankers of yours, and make sure they stay on their very best behaviour." said Bradford, he was then coupled up to the line of fuel tankers, who were giggling to themselves, until Bradford interrupted. "Alright you lot! No giggling or bumping around, got that?!" Bradford blasted to the tankers, who immediately stopped giggling.

"Yes yes, of course sir!" The tankers replied immediately.

"Good, now don't dare caused any trouble." Bradford huffed. "No one messes with me."

One tanker just snorted. "We can if he want." He retorted.

Bradford scowled menacingly at the tanker, who shrieked and whimpered a little. "Don't, you, dare say that again!" He boomed.

"Okay, geez Bradford, calm down," soothed James, "they're just giggling, nothing much. I mean, they're not acting troublesome, are they?"

"Yeah, like what he said." repeated one tanker.

"Well don't listen to him!" roared Bradford. "I'm here now, you all better behave, or else you'll be sorry for!" And the trucks stayed unintentionally quiet after that, James was quite impressed, but was rather annoyed with Bradford's shouting and yelling.

"Okay, ready Bradford?" James asked.

"Ready when you are, James." Bradford replied.

"Alright." And James steamed out of the yard, with Bradford and the oil tankers. James was puffing through the countryside, not once he heard a sound coming from the trucks. Other engines however weren't having the best of luck. As James approached Gordon's Hill, he saw Emily being pushed down the hill by the trucks, who were giggling the whole way.

"Help!" Emily cried, as she raced past James.

"Uh, should we go and help her Bradford?" asked James.

"Well... For now, let's just continue," suggested Bradford, "besides we haven't heard a single noise coming out of these fuel tankers yet."

"Alright, whatever you say Bradford." replied James, he started to climb Gordon's Hill, the tankers were attempting to hold James, but forgot that Bradford was there with him.

"Don't even think about holding back!" thundered Bradford, but this time, they didn't care.

"No, we'll do what we want!" One tanker replied, and they started pulling back even more, James suddenly jumped backwards all of a sudden.

"Um, is everything okay back there, Bradford?" asked James.

"Not really," Bradford replied, "I'm sorting out these tricky tankers." The trucks were holding even more back, James struggled as he tried to reach the top of the hill. Bradford had had enough. "Perhaps this'll teach you a lesson!" He barked, and Bradford put his brakes on tight, and he started sliding backwards, then the coupling between him and James snapped. Bradford and the tankers were racing down the hill. The tankers weren't giggling however.

"What was that for?" One tanker asked.

"We're supposed to break away from trains, not you." added another.

"Because you lot are refusing to listen to my orders." replied Bradford. "So here's your special treat."

"Oh, not again." James huffed. "See why I hate trucks and brake vans, Bradford was supposed to order the tankers, and they've still broke anyway?"

"It seems so," replied his driver, "let's chase our train back." And James reversed down the hill to try and stop his runaway train. The tankers weren't enjoying themselves at the moment, they wailed as they zoomed around the bend, this caused almost them and Bradford to topple off the tracks.

"HEELLLPPPP! JAAAMEEEESSS!!!!" The tankers wailed.

"He can't catch us now," said Bradford. "You lot must learn respect."

"Respect?" exclaimed the tankers. "But we don't treat engines with respect."

"Then you should learn!" thundered Bradford. "I'm not going to let off my brake unless you apologise this instance!!"

"Just please, stop!" pleaded the fuel tankers.

"Not unless you apologise, or we'll all stay rolling!" fumed Bradford.

"Okay... sorry!!!" The tankers cried out.

"Sorry, but you must say that in a more nicer manner." huffed Bradford.

"Sorry." muttered the tankers.

"Say it nicer, no muttering, no huffing, just say it normal!" said Bradford.

The tankers rolled their eyes. "We can't." They huffed.

"Do it, do as I say!" Bradford barked.

"Sorry." The tankers said innocently.

"Okay, that's better." soothed Bradford as he took off his brake at last. The tankers sighed with relief.

"Wow, thank goodness that's stopped." They huffed. Then James came racing down the hill.

"What happened?" The red engine asked. "Bradford, I thought you kept these trucks in line."

"But it wasn't us James!" cried one tanker.

But James couldn't believe them. "Pah!" He snorted. "Obviously it'll be you."

"But no James, seriously, it wasn't us!" yelled a tanker.

"Oh, just be quiet and stop yelling!" hissed Bradford.

"But it's true," protested one of the tankers, "Bradford put his brakes on and your coupling snapped, and we raced down the line." The tanker accused. "Isn't that right lads?"

"Yeah." They replied in agreement, but James was puzzled.

"Who was it, just someone please admit it was them, go on." He said.

Bradford felt a little ashamed. "I'm afraid... it was me." He admitted.

"You?" James exclaimed. "But why did you do it, now I'm going to be late."

"Because these fuel tankers were misbehaving, I had no choice, but to punish them by doing what I just did." Bradford muttered.

James was cross. "Thanks for making me late," He huffed, "I hate brake vans so much, they're worse then trucks."

Bradford couldn't believe what he just heard. "Watch your mouth there!" He said sternly. "No one talks to me like that, nor any other fellow brake van."

James snorted. "Well I can, because I've had enough working with you, I ain't working with you again, and besides brake vans are overrated, and are useless."

Bradford grew furious. "I will report this to your controller!" He threatened. "You have no rights to argue with me, youngster, nor comment about any brake van!"

"Huh, youngster!" James retorted. "I'm actually over 105 years old to your information, and I don't care, brake vans are useless."

"I don't care, right now you're breaking the official railway rules!!" argued Bradford.

"And do I care?" James responded. "No!" And with that, James was coupled back up to his train and steamed swiftly away. Every time Bradford tried to warn James, he just wouldn't listen, the tankers now stayed utterly silent and didn't say another word for the rest of the journey. James finally arrived at the fuel depot, the manager was not pleased.

"James, what took you so long?" he asked sternly.

"Sorry sir," James replied, "but blame my brake van here, he was the one who made me late." Bradford winced.

"Oh, stop accusing me, you!" He spluttered.

"But it was true, you made me late," James argued. "Anyway, the diesels on the railway do need their fuel, after all."

"Yes, but you're talking nonsense about brake vans!" yelled Bradford.

"Enough!!" boomed the depot manager, in which James and Bradford completely stayed silent, James however chuffed out of the depot leaving Bradford behind.

"Hey, huh, James, don't leave me here!" Bradford cried, but James ignored him and he steamed swiftly away. Later on, James sat in Knapford Yards in a bad mood.

"Oh, that stupid Bradford!" He spluttered. "Never again, am I working with that buffoon."

"Calm down James, he only did that to teach the trucks a lesson." soothed his driver.

"Well yeah, but he's as troublesome as trucks, and he is way worse then that spiteful brake van from years ago." huffed James, then Emily pulled in, she was getting ready to take a train of flour to the Flour Mill.

"Hello James," she said, noticing James' blank expression. "What's up with you?"

James snorted. "Oh, it's that Bradford," he said, "he made me late to the fuel depot, just because he put his brakes on while I was on Gordon's Hill because my train of fuel tankers were misbehaving."

"Bradford, but why would he do such a thing?" Emily asked.

"Huh, I don't know, but I absolutely despise brake vans," James grumbled, "they're worse then trucks, and that Bradford is as worse as any brake van I've had."

"Oh, don't worry James," chuffed Emily. "I'm sure Bradford will learn. I mean, when he first came to the island, he made us all late with our loads, because there was either something wrong or we weren't following the railway rules, as he says."

"I know right, isn't it so annoying Emily?" huffed James.

"Well, to be honest it is a bit." Emily admitted. "But like I said, I'm sure you and Bradford will get along soon." she said firmly.

"Oh, no way!" James replied. "I ain't working with him again, never will do!"

"Well, I can't stop to talk now James," Emily tooted, "I have flour to take to the mill." And she steamed away. James was still fuming about Bradford. Then Oliver came into the yard with Toad.

"Okay Toad, I'm heading off to pull a passenger train now." said Oliver. "You'll be okay here until Douglas comes, won't you?"

"Of course, Mr. Oliver." replied Toad. "By the way, there's Mr. James over there sulking."

Oliver chuckled. "Well it seems like he is Toad." The 14xx tank engine said. "Anyway, I'd best be off, I'll see you later." Oliver whistled as he chuffed away.

"Goodbye sir." replied Toad, he then turned to James who was sat sulking. "Um Mr. James, what's wrong?" Toad asked him.

"Oh, uh, hello Toad," James replied, "and to answer your question, it's Bradford."

"Bradford?" exclaimed Toad. "Who's Bradford?"

"Well, he's another brake van from the Mainland." James told him. "He's really strict, he keeps trucks in line, makes them behave and always obeys the railway rules, as he calls them."

"Oh, but what is he done wrong exactly?" Toad asked the L&YR Class engine.

"Well, I was taking a train of fuel tankers to the depot, they were misbehaving, and Bradford tried to keep them under control, but because they refused to listen, Bradford thought it was a good idea to put his brakes on, so the whole train could race down the hill, and because of that, I was really late getting to the fuel depot." James explained.

"I see now, Mr. James," responded Toad, "but is he worse then the brake van that Mr. Donald and Douglas had trouble with years ago?"

"Well, I'd say he is," replied James, "and I'm not working with him again." Then James had an idea. "Oh, uh Toad, would you want to be the brake van for my next train?" He asked Toad, who thought.

"Well, Mr. Douglas is using me later," Toad replied, "but okay, I'll come with you."

"Thanks Toad," James replied, "even if Douglas did arrive, he can use Bradford, can't he?"

"Well, I suppose he could." agreed Toad. "But wait, I thought you didn't like having me as a brake van, you said that last time."

"Well yes, but that was a long time ago, and now I want you as my brake van." James replied. "Besides, you're not as strict as Bradford."

Toad was conceited. "Thank you for the compliment, Mr. James." He smiled. "But just make sure your train doesn't break away on a hill again."

"Oh it won't this time Toad, I'm sure." James said firmly.

"Oh, but what is your next job?" asked Toad.

"Uh, I have to take trucks of stone to the cement works." replied James.

"But that's where Mr. Fergus works right?" exclaimed Toad.

"Well yes, and it's also on the Kirk Ronan Branch Line, but apparently Fergus has broken down, so the Fat Controller sent me to take the stone instead, because I'm currently unavailable." James told him. "Besides, Fergus isn't as annoying as Bradford, with his usual 'do it right!' pun." James was coupled up to a line of stone and Toad was shunted at the back of the train.

"I'm ready, sir!" called Toad.

"Well, you don't have to call me sir Toad," James chuckled. "Just call me James, or like you normally say 'Mr. James'."

"Okay." Toad replied, chuckling as well. James steamed out of the yard, but as he did, Edward had returned to the yard with Bradford.

"...yes and James grew furious with me and started talking nonsense about brake vans." Bradford explained to Edward.

"Well, that's just James." Edward replied. "He does get in a bad mood quite a lot."

"Yes, and argumentative." added Bradford, then he saw James leaving the yard. "Wait, is that James?" He asked suddenly.

"Um, yes it was," replied Edward, "he's taking a train to the cement works."

"But who's that brake van behind his train?" Bradford asked him. "He's got a face as well."

"Oh, that's Toad, he's a Great Western brake van and belongs to a Great Western engine named Oliver." explained Edward.

"Oh, okay," Bradford replied, "but wasn't James supposed to take me?"

"Well, you can take any brake van really." Edward replied. "As long as there's a brake van in the yard."

"Thanks for telling me Edward, you're a wise engine, I know that you can follow the railway rules unlike James." Bradford complimented.

"Well, I have been on this railway the longest then any other engine and I barely have accidents or cause trouble." The K2 chuffed.

"Okay, I'll see you later Edward." said Bradford as Edward left the yard. "All alone in the yard now." He whispered to himself, Bradford then shut his eyes to rest, but a whistle blasted in the distance disturbing Bradford's quiet time. "Huh, who was that?" The brake van awoke, it was Douglas who came to collect Toad.

"Come on Toad, we have ballast 'ta deliver." said Douglas, but he then noticed that Toad was not there. "Eh, where's Toad?" He thought, he then saw Bradford in a siding. "Oh uh, hullo Bradford." Douglas whistled. "Have 'ye seen Toad?"

"Uh, Toad?" Bradford exclaimed. "Sorry Douglas, but I don't know who he is."

"Aye, he's a brake van that belongs 'ta a Great Western engine named Oliver." Douglas explained.

Bradford then remembered. "Oh uh, Edward told me, well James took him."

"James?" Douglas exclaimed. "But where'd he go?"

"To some cement works I think." replied Bradford.

"Och, 'a need Toad for my train though." huffed Douglas.

"Woah woah woah, wait Douglas, you can use me." Bradford suggested.

"Oh uh, alright Bradford." Douglas agreed and Bradford was coupled up to his train of ballast, Douglas steamed out of the yard, the trucks began giggling. "Alright you tricky lot, no bumping around, got that?!" Bradford blasted.

"Uh, yes of course sir." One truck immediately replied.

"Good, and you'd better!" replied Bradford.

Meanwhile, James was puffing along the line to the cement works, but because Bradford wasn't there, the trucks thought it was a good time to start causing mischief. "When James gets to the top of the hill, should we bump him so he races down the other side?" One truck whispered.

"I'd say we should put our brakes when we get up the hill, but once James reaches the top, we should release our brakes, so he zooms down the other side." suggested another.

"Yeah, good idea Fred." agreed one truck.

James however overheard the trucks whispering. "You'd better not be up to mischief." He warned.

"Uh, no James... we were... uh... we were-"

"Just telling jokes." interrupted one of the trucks.

"Hmph, you'd better." James snorted, as he was approaching Gordon's Hill.

"So far, so good Mr. James?" Toad asked him.

"Yes Toad, everything's all right." The red engine replied, but the trucks were giggling quietly.

"Ready?" whispered one truck.

"Ready!" replied the others, but aloud.

"Shhh!!!" hissed the truck. "James'll hear you."

"Huh, it's too late now, I've heard everything you've said." James snorted.

"Oh yeah, and you'd better keep out of our business." retorted a truck.

"I won't." James muttered, as he was nearing the top.

"Okay, put your brakes on, go on." The truck said as quietly as he could, and they put their brakes on, their wheels were now screeching along the rails.

"Huh?" James was surprised. "Hey, what are you doing?!"

"Uh, nothing James, our brakes just... I dunno-"

"Set on for some weird reason." excused a truck.

"Well, could you please release them?" James asked fairly.

The trucks giggled. "Yes, once we reach the top." One burst out.

"Wait, oh you'd better not, oh no-" James was at the top of the hill and as he went down the other side, but as he did, all the trucks released their brakes and bumped into James.

"On! On! On!" They giggled, as James raced down the hill.

"Oh, heeeelpp!!!" James wailed, he applied his brakes, but they weren't strong enough to stop his train. "Oh Toad, apply your brakes quickly!"

"Yes sir!" Toad replied, and his guard applied the brakes. The train was slowing down more luckily, and James' brakes were applied as well, so it was easier to stop the trucks. Finally, the train came to a complete stop. "Hurray!" cheered Toad.

"Hooray?" James exclaimed, "it didn't seem as much of a rescue, did it?"

"Well, no not really," Toad replied, then James continued on his way. He arrived at the cement works right on time. James was pleased with himself.

"See, because Bradford's not here, I was able to make it on time." The red engine conceited.

The manager walked up to James. "Well done James," He said. "Now we must unload the stone." Fergus was in siding nearby, still broken down.

"Um Hello Mr. Fergus, are you okay?" Toad asked the traction engine.

"Oh yes, I'm fine thanks Toad." Fergus replied. "I've just broken down, that's all."

At Arlesburgh West, Douglas was waiting for the ballast to pour out of the hopper, Bradford watched the ballast fall into the hoppers. "Woah woah Douglas, you're loading too much ballast!" said Bradford.

"Huh, too much ballast?" exclaimed Douglas. "That's not a lot."

"The official railway rules state that you mustn't be loaded with too much coal, ballast or any other load." Bradford informed him.

"Och, I need 'ta deliver these ballast hoppers 'ta the Harwick Branch Line." The Scottish twin told Bradford.

"But there mustn't be too much ballast, that's all I was saying." replied Bradford.

Douglas huffed. "Aye, 'ye are nitpicky Bradford." He remarked.

"No I'm not, I just follow the rules at all times." The brake van responded.

Donald, who was nearby chuckled at his twin. "Aye Dougie, 'ye havin' a hard time with Bradford?" He teased.

"No Donal, I'm fine." Douglas replied. "He's bein' useful actually." And Douglas chuffed away to the Harwick line. Meanwhile later on, James was sat in the yard again.

"Hmph, no more work for me now." He muttered to himself. Then Douglas brought Bradford back to the yard after delivering the ballast hoppers, but James just glared at him, and so did Bradford. "Huh, what are you looking at?" James asked rudely.

"Um, nothing to your information." retorted Bradford.

"Do you know what? I had Toad as my brake van today, and he was so much nicer, unlike you." remarked James.

Bradford was fuming. "You're as troublesome as any truck!" He roared.

"Hmph, you're worse then any brake van I know, even brake vans who would give engines hard time and bully them, the Spiteful Brake Van and the-"

"Woah, woah, woah!" Bradford interrupted. "Did you just say 'the Spiteful Brakevan'."

"Uh, yes." James replied, "but why?"

"He gave you a hard time as well?" questioned Bradford.

"Well, yes he did." responded James.

Bradford took a deep sigh. "I know exactly who you're talking about." He muttered.

"You do?" James exclaimed.

"Oh yes," Bradford replied, "back on the Mainland hundreds of years ago, he use to give engines a hard time and often made them late." He explained. "I could tell you the whole story if you'd like."

"Yes, go on." decided James.

"Okay, so here's the story of the Spiteful Brakevan." Bradford began. "It happened many, many years ago, back in 1950 I think, I was new to the Mainland railway at the time, I was unique because I had green paintwork, while all other brake vans on the railway were grey. I was often used as a brake van for goods trains on the Main Line, but I was a very young age and I didn't act as strict as I did now. In fact, I was more of a jolly brake van as you could say."

"Well, interesting I guess." James replied.

"Anyway, I was more jolly as I said. One day, I was left in a yard and next to me was a brake van, grey like all others, he was incredibly rude and spiteful, and laughed at me."

"Hahaha, look at you." The brake van rudely remarked. "You don't look as very well designed like us brake vans. I mean, look at me, I'm essential."

"I was hurt by his comment, and all day, he'd let out rude remarks about me, and because of his disrespect, I called him the Spiteful Brake Van." Bradford explained. "You know, I was the one who actually gave him that nickname."

"Really?" James exclaimed. "But what was his name beforehand?"

"Well, he didn't have a name." answered Bradford. "He was only referred to as 'BR 20', which is the name of his and many other brake vans' basis. Anyhow, as he was making so many rude remarks, I finally had enough and with all the rage in my voice I shouted- "QUIET!!!! Uh, sorry if I was too loud there, but the Spiteful Brake Van became a little scared and didn't say a single word after that, I was relieved I wouldn't be name-called again, and that is when my strict personality began." James was surprised, and quite amazed. "*ahem* Well, after that, every time I saw the Spiteful Brake Van, he never made a rude comment about me again, not even in many years after that, I was like his boss. Then nine years later, the Spiteful Brake Van was sent to this railway, but after that, he never came back to my railway, I don't know why, but I never saw him again." Bradford finished his story.

James was astonished. "Uh, the Spiteful Brake Van was crushed into smithereens." He told Bradford.

Bradford was surprised. "Smithereens?" He exclaimed. "Do tell me how."

"Well when he first came to Sodor, I had him as my brake van years ago for a goods train, and he told the trucks to pull me back, I was so tired, that I stopped and asked Douglas for help, he agreed to help and we both continued on our way, we approached the hill, and the trucks and the Spiteful Brake Van were holding us back, Douglas tried to stop them, but instead he accidentally crushed the brake van and into smithereens." James explained.

Bradford stayed silent for a moment, but ten spoke up. "Well, it kind of makes sense how I never saw him again, but what happened after he was crushed."

James thought. "I don't know," he pondered, "but I assume that he was scrapped or whatnot."

"I quite agree there, James." replied Bradford. "But the question is, why are you saying I'm worse then him?" He asked.

"Well," James thought, "you're not actually, I was just mad, I'm sorry for being so rude to you." He apologised. "You're indeed a good brake van."

Bradford smiled. "Apology accepted," He replied. "but I'm sorry too, I only wanted to teach those tankers of yours a lesson."

"And it seems you did, like all trucks." James chuckled.

"I know." Bradford replied and both he and James began laughing. Then Samson arrived after a busy day at Ulfstead Castle.

"Alright Bradford, ready to go?" Samson asked his partner.

"Yes of course Samson, always ready." Bradford replied, but secretly, he wanted to stay and chat with James.

"Wait, you're going now?" James asked, wanting Bradford to stay.

"Well I'm afraid, yes I'm heading back home." Bradford replied. "But don't worry, I'll be returning soon, and we can have a nice conversation and be a great team."

"Thank you Bradford," James beamed, "you're great at ordering trucks about, aren't you?"

Bradford chuckled. "Yes indeed." He said, but Samson on the other hand felt a little jealous.

"Hey, I thought me and you were a team Bradford." He said.

"Oh of course we are Samson," Bradford responded. "Just because I'm friends with James, doesn't mean I'm no longer your partner."

"Oh right." Samson muttered, blushing red in the face.

"Well, anyhow James, I'll see you again next time." Bradford said to him, and with that, Samson chuffed away to the Mainland. "Goodbye James, I'll see you again!" Bradford called.

"See you again." James replied back, as James watched Samson chuff into the distance, he felt a little sad, that he wouldn't be seeing Bradford in a while.

"Oh cheer up, old boy," soothed his driver, "Bradford will definitely come back at some point."

"I know he will," James replied. "but he is certainly good at keeping trucks in order, isn't he?"

"Indeed he is." agreed his driver, James and Bradford were now good friends. Every time Bradford revisited Sodor, he and James would let out a friendly hello to each other and have a nice chat about their day. James' dislike on brake vans began decreasing as well, and he was certainly glad to have Bradford visit the railway.




  • The working title for this episode was "Trouble with Brakevans", with the title being exactly the same, except there wasn't a space in-between "Brake" and "van".
  • Several references to past television episodes are made in the episode:
    • References to the second season television episode Break Van are made.
    • A reference to the eighteenth season television episode Toad's Adventure is made.
    • References to the twentieth season television episode Bradford the Brake Van are made.