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Trouble on the Line
Season 2, Episode 4
Air date March 7th, 2018
Written by OliverDuckandToad11
Directed by OliverDuckandToad11
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Trouble on the Line is the fourth episode of the second season of The Adventures on Sodor.


It was a beautiful day on the Skarloey Railway, and all the narrow gauge engines were working hard. They were very busy shunting trucks at the quarries, helping with track repairs and showing tourists around the railway. The engines were very busy at this time of year; they were always needing to take on water because of the heat. One day, Rheneas came into the engine sheds exhausted, with sweat dripping down his face.

"Hello Rheneas, you look exhausted", Skarloey remarked.

"I am indeed, Skarloey", Rheneas panted. "Wow, all this heat!"

"I know, it's worn us all out", Skarloey responded.

"You can say that again", huffed Sir Handel. "It's done me right in."

"And me as well", snorted Duncan.

"It's done all us, I just said that", said Skarloey.

"Yes, but I'm the one who's the most exhausted out of any of you", grumbled Sir Handel. "The Thin Controller made me do work at the quarry all day."

"Well Sir Handel, he made me show some tourists around the island, so you're not the only one." said Rheneas.

"Well, you're only pulling coaches around the railway. I, however, have to shunt trucks at a bustling quarry, and that is indeed tiring", huffed Sir Handel. "You know what, I'm not doing any more work for the rest of today."

"No work?" Peter Sam exclaimed, "but The Thin Controller will just make you do work anyway", he said.

"Well even if he does, I'll think of an excuse to stay out of work," Sir Handel suggested. "I'm too hot for all this."

"I agree with Sir Handel", huffed Duncan. "I ain't doin' no more work either."

"You have to work, though," Skarloey chuffed, "or else the Thin Controller will just make you stay in the shed like he did them few years ago."

"Skarloey, that happened years ago and it's never happened since, so I highly doubt that I'll be shut up in the shed again", Sir Handel huffed. "And like I said, I am indeed doing no more work."

"You have to work though," Peter Sam remarked, "or the Thin Controller won't think you're a really useful engine."

"Huh, usefulness!" Sir Handel scoffed. "I don't always have to be useful... I mean, look at me right now, I'm just sat in the shed."

"Yes, but what I was saying is that every time you're at work, you need to be useful", responded Peter Sam.

"Useful is overrated now," intruded Duncan, "I can just rock 'n' roll as much as 'a want." he muttered.

"Well, I don't think so!" Rusty burst out.

"Oh yeah, and what are you gonna do 'bout that?" Duncan asked sharply. "Stop telling me what I can and can't do, diesel."

"I was only saying", retorted Rusty.

"Can we just stop the arguing now?" Bertram asked.

"Indeed", agreed Skarloey.

"You're all giving me a headache", groaned Duke.

"Well, I've done too much work, so how can I handle without arguing?" Sir Handel grumped.

"By staying quiet." Freddie said cheekily, which made Sir Handel crosser.

"No need to intrude, Freddie!" he yelled.

"Sorry, but can't you just stay quiet please?" Freddie said deeply.

"I can't Freddie, I'm in too much of a bad mood!" Sir Handel angrily responded.

"Okay, that's enough Falcon," said Duke, "just leave us in peace for once."

Sir Handel absolutely despised it when Duke kept referring to him by his old name. "Duke, for the one millionth time, I'm not called 'Falcon', I'm called 'SIR HANDEL'!" The blue engine roared.

"Woah, calm it, geez", Rusty remarked.

"Oh, just leave me alone. I'm already as mad as ever!" spluttered Sir Handel.

"Well, you were the one who got into such a dicky fit", Duke retorted.

"Yes, but you're constantly calling me-"

"Enough!" Skarloey boomed, and he blew his whistle to get the other engines' attention. "Just because you've all exhausted after a long hot day, you think you can just start an argument?"

"Well, no... not really", Duncan retorted.

"Exactly!" exclaimed Skarloey. "No more arguing now, just please be quiet."

"Yes, especially you Fal- uh, I mean Sir Handel", Duke said. Sir Handel wanted to respond to that, but he decided to remain quiet, while Duke smirked at Skarloey.

"Hehe, youngsters", he smirked.

"I know", whispered Skarloey.

Then the Thin Controller arrived at the sheds. "Hello everyone, how are you feeling right now? As it's summer, I'm assuming you all have positive feelings right now", The Thin Controller said, but none of the narrow gauge engines were in a positive mood.

"Exhausted", muttered Rheneas.

"Tired and bored", huffed Sir Handel.

"Same as Sir Handel", muttered Duncan.

"Restless", groaned Duke.

"Helpless", said Peter Sam.

"Same as Peter Sam, sir", oiled Rusty.

"And here too", added Bertram.

"Hot and bothered", Freddie replied.

"In really need of help, sir", sighed Skarloey.

The Thin Controller could see how none of his engines were in a positive mood. "Oh, that's surprising to see you all having a negative feeling, but I understand it's because of the heat. So I've decided that tomorrow I'll bring an engine over to the railway to help out, if that's good with you all", The Thin Controller announced.

"Not at all, sir", replied Rheneas.

"I'm fine 'wit that", Duncan muttered.

"Good, so tomorrow when you wake up, the engine will be waiting outside the sheds, so you can all give him a nice welcome", The Thin Controller said.

"Yes sir!" The narrow gauge engines replied, and the Thin Controller drove away. After hearing this, the engines became curious to know about the engine.

"What will he look like?" asked Rusty.

"Search me," said Rheneas, "but I'm hoping he'll be friendly."

"All I'm hoping of this new engine is that he'll be useful and will help us loads", huffed Duke. "Besides, I have to wake up early tomorrow, as I have to show some tourists around the railway, so I won't get to see the new engine while all you lot do."

"Well, I suppose you could meet him alone, while we're all starting work", Peter Sam suggested.

"Well, I suppose Stuart," responded Duke, "uh, Peter Sam."

"I have one question Duke," said Sir Handel, "why do you still keep calling me and Peter Sam by our old names? It's getting annoying.

"It's because of memories", answered Duke. "Besides, I am getting pretty old as well."

"You're not that old," chuckled Peter Sam. "Besides, Skarloey and Rheneas are older then you."

"I suppose", muttered Duke. "Now if you excuse me, I need to get to sleep early tonight, so I can wake up early in the morning to start my job." And Duke went to sleep.

"I might go to sleep, as well", wheeshed Bertram.

"I'd say we should all get to sleep", said Skarloey.

"I agree", agreed Rheneas, and then all the engines went to sleep.

The next morning, all the narrow gauge engines woke up and when they looked at the early morning sky, they saw a green engine standing outside the sheds. "Huh, is that the new engine?" Sir Handel wondered.

"It looks like it to me", yawned Rusty.

"He looks like a green version of me", commented Rheneas.

"Wait, it is the new engine", Freddie realised, then all the engines puffed out of the sheds and pulled up next to the new engine.

"Hello", said Rusty shyly.

"Hello", The engine replied back.

"Are you a new engine?" Rusty asked.

"New engine? What new engine, I haven't heard of a new engine coming here", the engine said sarcastically. "Course I am, why would I not be?"

"No need to be rude", retorted Rusty.

"Hello there, you look just like me", Rheneas said to the new engine.

"Hmm, so we do," the engine replied. "We have similar designs, the number "2" on our bunkers. To be honest you know, we could be long lost twins", he joked.

"Haha, yes we could be", chuckled Rheneas and he laughed.

"Howdy there, nice to meet you here", Freddie said pleasantly.

"Huh, why do you sound like someone from New York when you say 'Howdie'?" The new engine asked offensively. "Anyhow, thanks for greeting me here", he said.

"Um, I suppose", Freddie muttered, feeling quite offended of what the engine had just said.

Suddenly, Sir Handel noticed something. "Hey Peter Sam," he said, "wouldn't you say that engine looks familiar to an engine on our railway?"

"Mmm, he looks similar", Peter Sam thought. "He might actually be the engine, you know."

"Duke was telling us how he kept causing trouble and he got turned into... uh, I can't remember", Sir Handel wheeshed.

"Me neither", chuffed Peter Sam, who then pulled up alongside the new engine. "Hello, I think I've seen you before", Peter Sam said to the new engine.

"I suppose we have," the new engine replied, "back on our old railway I'm guessing."

"Yes, that's right", Peter Sam answered. "Same for the blue one too, you've seen him before, right."

"I think so yes," the engine replied, "but I can't remember, my memory's awkward."

"Oh, okay", said Peter Sam.

Bertram, however, was looking peculiarly at the new engine. "Wait, I think he know him, wait yes I do", and Bertram puffed out of the sheds. "Smudger!" Bertram exclaimed as he pulled up alongside the engine. "Long time no see, how've you been?"

"Well, if it isn't old Bertram", Smudger grinned. "Haven't seen you in years, and as you were saying, I'm doing fine now I'm finally doing something." he said.

"I can see it now." Bertram chuckled.

"Wait, you two know each other?" Duncan exclaimed confused.

"Yes we do, Duncan", Bertram responded. "Me and Smudger have known each other since we worked on the Mid Sodor Railway", The Old Warrior explained.

"Ahh, interesting", remarked Duncan.

"Who else here do you know?" asked Rheneas.

"Well, I think I know those two engines over there", answered Smudger, looking over at Sir Handel and Peter Sam.

"Yes, you do know them", said Bertram. "It's Stuart and Falcon, now known as Peter Sam and Sir Handel, respectively."

"Oh, so it is you now", said Sir Handel. "I remember now."

"Yes so do I," chuffed Peter Sam, "I remember on our old railway, Duke told me and Sir Handel the story of how you got turned into a generator."

The engines were surprised when they heard this. "A generator?" Rusty exclaimed. "Was he saying that back on your old railway, you were turned into a generator?" the little diesel asked.

"Yes I was", Smudger admitted. "I can tell you the story if you want."

"Yes, please!" said all the narrow gauge engines, besides Bertram, Sir Handel and Peter Sam.

"Okay, so this is how I was turned into a generator..." And Smudger began telling his story. "okay, so back when I was working on the Mid Sodor Railway, I acted like a bit of a show-off," Smudger explained, "and I rode roughly along the rails and kept derailing, causing confusion. Because of how much I was derailing, the manager said he was going to make me useful at last, so do you know what he did? That's right, he turned me into a generator. I was sat behind the engine sheds with only the scenery to look at, and other engines who passed by with goods, and there's the story." Smudger finished. The engines couldn't believe their eyes.

"Wow, that was amazing," Duncan cried, "but sad as well."

"I'm glad that you said that", steamed Smudger. "I hated just lying at the back of the sheds doing absolutely nothing."

"Yes, especially if you can't do work." added Freddie.

"But wait then, how are you not a generator anymore, and you're an engine again?" asked Rusty.

"Well, this is how it began; I've been sat at the back of the engine sheds for years and I was only let out yesterday. Our old railway is all in ruins now, the various mines are now closed down and our old engine sheds are gone. I'm not kidding to be honest, but the whole area where the sheds and station used to be is now surrounded with trees and bushes", Smudger explained.

"Trees and bushes, all over the sheds, no way", Skarloey gasped.

"That's true actually", said Peter Sam. "It happened not long before me and Sir Handel were bought for sale to come on work on this railway."

"Yes it was, and now I'm going to explain how I was freed; it all started when your controller wanted another engine on this railway. He phoned several other controllers of other narrow gauge railways around the world, and there were no engines on any of those railways that wanted to move, nor had been left and forgotten about. It finally came to a conclusion when your controller finally decided to phone the controller on my old railway; he said about an engine who had been turned into a generator years ago on a railway he doesn't run any more, that's me of course, as I mentioned earlier. I was left behind our old sheds in years and he decided to have me come to the railway. Your controller came with various workmen to come to try and find me, from all the bushes, they trampled over the slippery green hills, digging various spots of the ground, but they couldn't see me, though it wasn't long before they dug up the hole where I was under. After, they dug up the hole, there I was, sat sad and lonely as a generator. Because I'd been sat as a generator for years and hadn't been used, I was full of dust, rust and scratches. Your controller then had me restored. It took ages to lift me out of all the bushes and hills, but I was finally out and I was taken to a place called the Steamworks, where I was repainted inside and out, and was put to work immediately. There you are, another story to tell", Smudger finished.

"Wow, that was an amazing story", commented Rusty.

"Amazing how they let you free", added Duncan.

"Thanks everyone," steamed Smudger, "I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"As we were saying before Smudger, are there any other engines on the railway you know?" asked Rusty.

"Well, I'm not sure whether he's on this railway, but he's called Duke", Smudger answered.

"Yes, he comes here", said Rusty.

"Oh, does he now?" Smudger asked, wincing at this. He didn't really like Duke.

"Why, what's the matter with Duke?" Skarloey asked Smudger.

"He's a bit of a fusspot him," said Smudger, "because back on my old railway, Duke would always say to me 'Be careful' or 'Don't ride rough', which annoyed me loads. And every time I had an accident, he would say 'I told you to be careful, but you wouldn't listen to me', blablabla... In fact, he'd always treat me like he was my boss".

"Oh, I see now", chuffed Rheneas.

However, Duke was just returning back to the sheds after showing the tourists around the Skarloey Railway. He looked over and saw Smudger being surrounded by the engines. "Mmm, that must be the new engine", Duke thought to himself. But then, as he looked at him, he recognized who it was. "Wait a minute, is that... no it can't be." He continued looking until he found out it was... "Smudger!" Duke exclaimed. "But what's he doing on our railway? I thought he was permanently a generator from now on", The old engine cried.

"Well, it seems like he's the new engine all along", said his driver.

"But why did they choose Smudger?" Duke asked his driver. "He won't help at all. All he'll do is simply ride rough on the rails, the Thin Controller has no chance to trust him."

"Listen Duke, I know you don't like Smudger, but why don't you go over and see him anyway", Duke's driver suggested.

"Me, see Smudger? No way. Even if I did go over there, all he'll do is insult me, and will begin arguing about our past", Duke complained. However, as the engines were talking to Smudger, Freddie could see Duke off in the distance.

"Oh look, it's Duke", Freddie called out.

"What, where?" Smudger asked, he looked back and saw Duke in the distance. "Oh no, there he is, he's gonna start bossing me around again", Smudger groaned.

"Don't worry, I'm sure he won't be as bossy now. I mean he's never been bossy on this railway", Rusty said firmly.

"Still, I don't care for him", Smudger muttered.

Duke sighed sharply. "You know what, I'm going over there and Duke slowly chuffed towards the sheds." He pulled up alongside Smudger and glared at him.

"Uh oh, this is bad", Sir Handel muttered.

"Smudger!" hissed Duke.

"Dukie!" Smudger hissed back, the two just gave each other dirty looks.

"Don't call me that!" huffed Duke. Anyway, what are you doing here? You should've stayed as a generator or be scrapped."

"I was bought here as a spare engine, Duke," Smudger retorted, "and that's no excuse to boss me around like on the Mid Sodor Railway."

This made Duke furious. "Boss you around? I never bossed you around on our old railway. I'd just inform you to be careful, that's all", The old engine denied.

"Oh really, you'd always be a sneak and tell the manager whenever I rode rough", Smudger argued.

"Yes, because you were the most misbehaved engine on our old railway", Duke fumed. As the two argued, the Thin Controller came along, he saw Duke and Smudger arguing.

"Duke, Smudger, stop arguing at once!" The Thin Controller boomed. Duke and Smudger immediately stopped. "Why are you both arguing?" asked the Thin Controller.

"Because we had a bit of a dislike against one another on our old railway sir", Smudger sighed.

"Well, I see," the Thin Controller said, "anyway Smudger, as you're new here, I have a number of jobs for you to do; first you need to shunt trucks at the Blue Mountain Quarry, then some trucks of gravel to Ulfstead Castle, then help with track repairs on various parts of the railway and then show a group of tourists around the island."

"Yes sir, right away sir". Smudger replied. He couldn't wait to do his first job in years.

"But sir, you shouldn't trust Smudger, because he'll-"

"Oh, quiet Dukie!" Smudger hissed. "This is my first job in years, and I'm desperate to get working."

"Okay, that's enough", The Thin Controller said. "Now Smudger, you need to begin working and so do the rest of you, besides Duke."

"Yes sir." said the engines and they all chuffed away to start work and the Thin Controller left.

"Hehe, see 'ya later, Dukie." Smudger sniggered as he left the shed.

Duke was fuming. "Oh, just wait until later! he spluttered. "Then we can have a private talk!"

Smudger was heading for the Blue Mountain Quarry. "Yes, my first job in years, oh I'm so excited." he said to himself.

"Okay and remember Smudger, no riding rough." reminded his driver.

"Course I won't," Smudger replied, "I'm more mature then I was on my old railway." But secretly, he wanted to ride rough, but didn't want to get turned into a generator again. He arrived at the Blue Mountain Quarry and looked around, which all he could see was blue walls. "Wow, this quarry doesn't look as nice, all there is blue walls; yes, blue walls, doesn't look as detailed as the quarry on my old railway", Smudger insulted, he then chuffed over to the gravel machine where Luke was.

"Oh eh, hello", Luke replied as Smudger puffed up. "Are you a new engine around here?"

"Uh, no!" Smudger sarcastically answered. "I've been on this railway for ten years."

"Don't be ridiculous!" remarked his driver.

"Okay, whatever..." Smudger snorted. "Anyway, I was told to come here to shunt trucks. Oh and by the way, this quarry looks unbearable", he insulted.

Luke was kind of offended. "But why," he asked confused, "this quarry isn't bad at all. It's always full of hard-working engines."

"Hard-working?" exclaimed Smudger. "And look what you're doing right now. Is that work? No!"

"I am working though", Luke said positively. "I've just unloaded some gravel onto the gravelling machine."

"Yeah, but you should still be working," Smudger huffed, "anyway, let's just start, I can't stand around here all day." and Smudger set off to work.

Luke couldn't believe his eyes. "What a rude engine." he remarked. "So inadvisable, surely the Thin Controller thought of the wrong decision of bringing him here."

"What was that?" Smudger asked, overhearing Luke.

"Uh, nothing", Luke answered agitated.

"Well, you said something," Smudger scowled, "let's just begin work, all right?"

"Okay, I am", Luke retorted, as he went to help Smudger. Luke shunted some trucks onto the quarry's upper floor, so he could place them on Owen's incline. "There you go, Owen." Luke chuffed.

"Thanks Luke." Owen replied, he waited as Smudger shunted some hoppers onto the upper floor, but he was riding roughly on the rails, and suddenly, he came off the track.

"Oh great, here we go again!" Smudger groaned.

"See what I mean?" His driver sighed.

"Oh, it was just an accident", Smudger lied.

"No you didn't, you did that on purpose", Luke said sternly.

This made Smudger cross. "Who'd you think you're talking to?!" he scowled.

"Uh, n-n-nothing", Luke shuddered.

"Okay, and keep your mouth shut!" Smudger hissed. "Now, I need someone to put me back on the rails... anyone?" But no one did anything. "Oh, so 'ye all just gonna stand there and do nothing to help me, wow you're all a great help!" Smudger retorted.

"Smudger!" exclaimed gasped Skarloey. "What did you do?"

"Nothing, none of your business anyway", Smudger remarked.

Skarloey couldn't believe his eyes. "Oh, you better watch out, of who you're talking to", he said crossly.

"Huh, why do I care?" Smudger muttered. However, it wasn't long before a lorry came and put Smudger back on the tracks. "Okay, now I can continue working at last." he said to himself and he shunted the hoppers onto Owen, but he didn't stop in time. So when he did so, the hoppers rolled onto the incline. But they didn't stop, and they just simply kept moving when they suddenly rolled off of the platform and tumbled down the incline and landed at the bottom. "Oops", Smudger muttered.

Paxton had just came into the quarry with some empty stone trucks. "Huh, what just happened?" he asked in alarm.

"Hehe, no worries", Smudger confessed. "It was all an accident."

"Accident?" exclaimed Owen.

"Yes, it was just an accident, I didn't mean it", Smudger protested. Afterwards, Smudger and Luke continued to shunt trucks, but Smudger's carelessness caused trouble when he kept bumping trucks off the line.

"Hey, careful with those trucks!" A workmen shouted.

"Alright I am, geez calm it", Smudger replied. After he had finished, he now had to take trucks to Ulfstead Castle. "Okay, now I have to take some gravel to a castle. You know what, I will pull as many trucks as I can pull." Smudger steamed.

"Are you sure?" his driver asked him.

"Of course, I am strong anyway", boasted Smudger, and he coupled up to a train of stone trucks. "I'm gonna add a bit more to my train", he said to himself and he backed onto a line of even more trucks. "Right, now I'm ready." Smudger huffed to himself.

"Um, I was just thinking Smudger, but do you want me to show you the routes to Ulfstead Castle?" Luke asked helpfully.

"Well, I suppose just this once", Smudger responded.

"You just need to exit the quarry, and then switch tracks onto the Ulfstead Br-"

"Thanks greenie", Smudger replied, before Luke could even finish.

"Um, it's Luke, and I haven't finished telling you the routes", he said.

"Oh, I'm fine here. Besides, I have tons of work to do, better be off!" And Smudger steamed away with his long line of trucks, but he was struggling a little.

"Smudger, do you need help with pulling that long goods train?" Luke asked.

"No thanks, I'm fine", Smudger replied and he was able to chuff out of the quarry with his trucks of stone. "Ha, I'm doing it, I am strong", Smudger steamed vainly. After he had left, Luke was surprised. He looked at Paxton with a peculiar look.

"Well, he was mean", commented Luke.

"And reckless", added Paxton. "I mean, look at that hopper below Owen."

"I know," Luke sighed reluctantly, "it will take a while to clean up this mess."

"Smudger is one arrogant engine", Skarloey huffed. "He'd better watch his mouth, or I'm telling the Thin Controller."

"I hope you do", agreed Luke. "He definitely doesn't like advice."

"Probably the sun's got to him, like all of us", Owen suggested.

"I agree with you, Owen". oiled Paxton. Nobody was happy with Smudger.

Meanwhile, Smudger was heading towards the Ulfstead Branch Line, straining with his trucks. "*grunts* I can *grunts* do it," Smudger panted, "this isn't too hard for *grunts* me."

"You sound like you do need help", his driver said.

"No I don't, I'm fine", Smudger struggled, as he approached the hill going up to the estate. "Oh great a hill, how can I take all these trucks to the castle by going up this hill?" The Jennings Class Bb wondered.

"I tried telling you not to pull all those trucks", Smudger's driver reacted. "Now, you have no choice, but to just try your best."

"Of course," Smudger wheeshed, "I'm strong anyway, stronger then any other engine on this railway."

"As you think?" The driver whispered to himself. Smudger began to climb the steep hill, he struggled every wheel turn, his face was going as red as James' paintwork.

"Must *pant* do it..." groaned Smudger as he used all the strength within him. He was determined that he could reach the estate, he was almost at the top of the hill. "*pant* Nearly *pant* there." Smudger grunted. And finally, he made it to the top. Smudger was very hot after that. "Good made it," he said. Smudger then looked around Ulfstead Castle, and saw the ruined environment of the castle towers. "Wow, this castle looks like a dump", Smudger muttered to himself, but he was riding rough on the rails again, and he derailed once more. "Oh, again!" Smudger groaned.

"Hello youngster, had a little bit of a derailment there, have you?" asked Stephen, as he steamed up.

"Well, only a little one," replied Smudger. "And what did you mean by 'youngster'? I've existed for over 100 years."

"Hehe, same", Stephen chuckled. "To be honest, I'm actually the oldest engine on this entire railway", The rocket said.

"Wait, you're Stephenson's Rocket, right?" Smudger queried.

"Yes, that's right," Stephen answered.

"Oh no, what happened here?" asked Millie, as she pulled up. "Un déraillement, je vois?"

"What?" Smudger snorted. "I don't understand Latin."

"That's not Latin," Millie chuckled, "it's French silly."

"Okay, whatever," Smudger muttered, "but can someone help me back on the rails?"

"I'll go and ask Sir Robert now", Stephen chuffed, and he reversed to the castle station to find the Earl, who was talking to Glynn. "Um, excuse me sir."

"What is it Stephen?" The Earl asked.

"An engine has just came into the station with that train of gravel you ordered sir, and he's derailed near the castle entrance." Stephen told him.

"Right, I see", The Earl responded. "I'll get some of my workmen to help now." And the Earl went over to call his workmen. "Excuse me men, but you're needed to lift an engine back onto the rails", The Earl told them.

"Lift an engine onto the rails?" One workman exclaimed.

"A crane can simply do that", Another one said.

"I only need some of you", said the Earl. "Will four of you come and help?"

"I'll help", said one workman.

"We'll help too!" Agreed the other three.

"Great!" Sir Robert exclaimed, and the workmen walked over to Smudger, and used wooden props to lower him back onto the rails. Finally, they put Smudger back on the track.

"Thanks," said Smudger, "by the way, here's your gravel."

"You welcome eh... Sorry, I don't know your name." said the Earl.

"The name's Smudger, and I'd best be off. I've got other work to do." And Smudger left the estate.

"He was nice, but impatient", Stephen said to Millie.

"I agree with you Stephen," Millie agreed, "besides, il peut être un cavalier rugueux."

"I know", Stephen chuckled.

Meanwhile, Smudger was heading off to do his next job; track repairs. "So now we're doing track repairs?" Smudger asked himself.

"Yes," His driver answered, "but don't ride rough, remember that."

"Oh, stop acting like Duke, driver", Smudger huffed. "I'll be total careful, this time", he said firmly, Smudger went to the yard to pick up some trucks and a brake van for the workmen, and he set off to begin his job. Smudger arrived at Skarloey Bridge, as the tracks on the bridge and the whole line were unsafe and the bridge could collapse if an engine crossed it. Rusty was also there waiting for Smudger to arrive.

"Oh, hello Smudger", Rusty tooted. "Did you come to help me?"

"No, I was only passing me", Smudger scoffed.

Rusty became stern. "Smudger, just stop being sarcastic and be truthful, are you helping?"

"YES!" Smudger spluttered. "Now let's just get on with the work."

"Okay, calm down", soothed Rusty. He was beginning to dislike Smudger because of his attitude. But they started work anyway, while they were checking the line, all Smudger did was complain of how boring the work was.

"This work is boring," Smudger groaned, "I can't wait to finish this."

"Oh, stop complaining", sighed Rusty. "You have to make sure that all the tracks on this railway are safe", said the little diesel.

"Huh, I'm sure they're all safe", Smudger said firmly.

"You never know", responded Rusty. While the two engines worked hard with the track repairs, Smudger began riding rough again, and he came off the rails at Sodor Castle.

"Oh, bother!" Smudger huffed.

"Your fault", accused his driver.

"Oh be quiet, please!" Smudger scowled. Rusty, however, saw Smudger derailed on the coast.

"Smudger, what happened?" The little diesel asked.

"I had an accident", Smudger told him.

"An accident? Oh no you were riding rough", his driver admitted.

"Shut up!" Smudger spluttered. "And get help, right this instance."

"Right I will, just chill your funnel", Rusty muttered, as he went to find the breakdown train.

"Oh what it is, with all these pathetic engines talking to me like trash?" Smudger wondered.

"It's because you're mean to them, plus you never listen to advice", his driver answered.

Smudger turned furious. "Driver, for the last time, SHUT UP!!!" he roared. Rusty who was bringing the breakdown train heard Smudger shouting, he pulled up behind him.

"Geez Smudger, what's with the shouting?" Rusty asked huffily.

"Oh nothing diesel, just put me back on the track", groaned Smudger. "I'm done with track repairs."

"But there's still more tracks to be checked", reminded Rusty.

"I don't care, I'm done, I'm off to do my next job." And Smudger steamed roughly away. Rusty was cross with Smudger.

"That engine needs to be taught a lesson or to!" The little diesel said angrily.

Smudger arrived at the yard to pick up some coaches when he saw Duke back into the shed after a long busy day. He stared suspiciously at Smudger. "What do you want?" The old engine asked sharply.

"I'm here to pick up some coaches Dukie, keep that in your mind in future", Smudger retorted.

"Be careful when you deliver those tourists," Duke warned, "and no riding rough either."

Smudger was furious and he blew steam everywhere. "Listen Dukie!" he scowled. "Stop telling me what I can and can't do. You're not my manager, I'm getting ready for work!"

"I was only giving you advice." Duke responded. "And I'm not acting like your manager."

"Yes you are!" yelled Smudger. "And I hope I never see you again."

"I hope I don't see you either!" Argued Duke. Smudger left the yard in a bad mood, and this time he didn't care whether he was riding rough.

"Careful!" Warned his driver.

"Shut up, for the sake of it!" Smudger spluttered, he pulled into Crovan's Gate where Geoffrey was waiting.

"Hello there," Geoffrey whistled, "you must be new here?"

"Uh sorry, I'm no new engine, there is no new engine", huffed Smudger with sarcasm.

"Well I've never seen you before", Geoffrey steamed.

"Because I am new, that's why!" acknowledged Smudger. "Now where are these tourists?"

"They're getting off my coaches, right now", Geoffrey told him.

"Well tell 'em to hurry up then!" Smudger said impatiently.

"Woah, woah, calm down," soothed Geoffrey, "they're only taking their time."

"Well I hate waiting!" fumed Smudger. "Now shut it!" Geoffrey felt hurt, and didn't say anything. Finally, the tourists had boarded the coaches. "Huh, and about time", Smudger scoffed, and he disembarked the station. However, he made a rough start as he flew forward and the passengers jumped in their seats.

"What the?" They cried. But Smudger didn't care, he continued riding rough on the rails. He passed by Rheneas, who was pulling a goods train.

"Hello Smudger", Rheneas whistled.

"Shut up!" Smudger replied. "And don't speak to me, stupid impostor."

Rheneas was surprised. "Impostor?" he exclaimed. "Who does that engine think he is?"

"Don't worry Rheneas, just ignore him." His driver said consolingly.

"Alright." Rheneas agreed. Smudger passed by Rheneas Viaduct. The passengers wanted to look at the splendid view, but Smudger didn't stop and just kept going.

"Awww", The tourists moaned.

"Hey you, stop!" One passenger cried. "We want to see the view!" But Smudger didn't listen to them. He stayed moving and refused to listen to anyone. "What a terribly rude engine", one passenger complained. "And a terribly bad railway", another one added. "Yeah!" All the tourists agreed. Smudger continued to chuff past locations without stopping. He passed by Valley View and didn't stop there neither. Because Smudger refused to help with the track repairs, the tracks were unsafe and were rickety. The tourists were complaining about Smudger and how bad the railway was. Smudger then passed by Peter Sam.

"Hello Smudger", Peter Sam said cheerily, but Smudger just hissed at him. Peter Sam felt hurt. "Oh, I suppose not then", he muttered. Smudger rode even rougher, and the passengers bounced around all over, like bouncy balls.

"This railway is unbelievable!" One passenger boomed inside the carriages.

"I agree." wailed another one.

Smudger then passed by the Whispering Waterfall and water splashed all over the carriages and the passengers, who were soaking wet. Smudger passed by various places and didn't stop. And every time he passed by engines, he would growl threateningly at them. When Smudger finally arrived at the Tea Room Station, Duncan was shunting trucks in the yard nearby. Suddenly, Smudger barged into Duncan and his trucks, causing Duncan to shoot backwards and he was furious. "What was that for?!" Duncan scowled angrily.

"Don't talk to me!" Smudger snapped, he pulled up alongside the platform. But as he did, he had derailed again.

"This time, I do not care!" Smudger angrily steamed, the passengers excited the carriages outraged and hurt.

"WHAT TYPE OF RAILWAY DO YOU CALL THIS!!!!" One man shouted furiously at the stationmaster.

"Woah, woah, woah; Calm down, sir!" The Stationmaster boomed.

"This cruel engine gave us an uncomfortable ride!" One of the passengers complained. All the passengers argued with the stationmaster, who had had enough, he blew his whistle to gain the passengers' attention.

"QUIET NOW!!!" He boomed. "Listen, I don't know what's been going on, but when I do find out, I'll inform the Thin Controller about this", He said to the passengers, the passengers stayed quiet, but still had furious looks on their faces.

A few minutes later, Duncan arrived back at the sheds where all the engines were; they were all very cross with Smudger. "What's wrong, Duncan?" asked Freddie.

"That Smudger!" Duncan snapped. "He barged right into me when I was shunting trucks at the Tea Room Station."

"Yes, I would've known it was that green punk", huffed Rusty. "He always snaps back at me, when I tell him to do his work without complaining", The little diesel said.

"He told me to shut up when I said hello to him when I passed by him", Rheneas complained. "And he even called me an impostor, I don't even know what that is."

"An impostor is someone who pretends to be someone else, and Smudger would've been referring you as someone who's pretending to be him", Bertram explained.

"Oh, right", Rheneas muttered.

"He shunted some ballast hoppers off of Owen's incline at the quarry and scowled at me", Luke complained.

"He made fun of my trailing wheels, saying they look like trailer wheels", moaned Sir Handel.

"He hissed at me when I said hello to him as I passed by him", Peter Sam said.

"He told me to mind my own business, when I asked him what he had done at the Blue Mountain Quarry", Skarloey told them.

"I did tell you, that Smudger never listens to advice", Duke sighed.

"And it turned out you were right all along", sighed Freddie. Then the Thin Controller arrived at the sheds. He wasn't looking happy at all.

"Has anyone here seen Smudger?" asked the Thin Controller, but no one had though.

"Why, what's he done sir?" asked Duke.

"I want to have a word with him for various reasons", The Thin Controller said. "One, he's been riding rough on the rails and causing delay; two, he's caused a whole mess at the Blue Mountain Quarry; three, he hasn't helped with the track repairs; and four, he gave our tourists an unpleasant ride", He explained.

"And he's insulted all of us, at least once", added Rheneas.

"Oh, really?" The Thin Controller asked.

"Yes, to all of us sir", sighed Skarloey. When Smudger came to the engine sheds, all the engines glared at him. Smudger simply scoffed. "Huh, who're you all starin' at?!" He asked insultingly.

"Excuse me!" exclaimed the Thin Controller, Smudger jumped and looked directly at him. The Thin Controller was furious.

"Smudger!" He boomed. "I've received nothing, but severe complaints about you." The Thin Controller scolded. "You've been insulting my engines, riding rough on the rails, causing mishap over at the quarry, refusing to help with track repairs and then you give our tourists an unpleasant ride, I am furious with you!"

Smudger felt ashamed. "Sorry sir", he muttered, all the narrow gauge engines sniggered quietly at one another. "Who are you all laughing at?!" Smudger spluttered.

"Quiet!" Boomed the Thin Controller. "I can't have an engine like you here on my railway, I'm afraid you'll have to go."

Smudger was mortified. "No sir, I don't want to be turned into a generator again, please don't send me away." The Jennings Bb pleaded.

"It's too late now." said the Thin Controller. "You're getting sent away, you're not the type of engine for my railway." He scolded. All the narrow gauge engines were pleased when they heard this. Smudger sadly chuffed away, ready to go home. The Thin Controller was pleased once Smudger had gone. "He's gone," he said amazingly, "now my railway can run smooth again."

"Thank god that tyrant is gone for good", said Sir Handel, thankfully.

"No more harassment, thank goodness", sighed Rheneas.

But Bertram was kind of sad, knowing that he would never see Smudger again. "To be honest, I actually kind of miss Smudger", Bertram chuffed.

"What? So 'ye sayin' that 'ye miss that buffoon?" Duncan exclaimed.

"Well yes I am, actually", Bertram sighed. "I've known Smudger for years, and I know I'll never see him again."

"Well, it's all over now", said Luke.

"I suppose you were right Duke, when you said that I shouldn't have trusted Smudger", The Thin Controller sighed.

"I know sir, but it doesn't matter anymore", steamed Duke. "Smudger's gone, gone for good."

"I suppose you're right, Duke." Agreed the Thin Controller. "Anyway, now that Smudger's gone, you can all get back to work."

"Yes sir!" The narrow gauge engines whistled and tooted, and they all set off to begin work again. Work on the Skarloey Railway was smooth again now Smudger was gone. As of Smudger, he wasn't turned into a generator. Instead, he was turned into a playground attraction with a slide mounted on his funnel, children would slide down the slide excitedly. Smudger despised this; he wished he wouldn't have been so rude and arrogant, but everyone knows now that Smudger has finally been taught a good lesson.




  • Flashbacks of the fourth season television episode Granpuff are used, references to said episode are also made in the episode.
    • Smudger's accident at Ulfstead Castle and the way the workmen lift him back onto the track is also similar to Duncan's accident in the same season's television episode Rock 'n' Roll.
  • The episode was originally intended to be in the first season as the twenty-first episode, but it was pushed back to the second season and "Scruff the Scrapper" replaced this as the first season's 21st episode. This was because the author stated that he didn't want the narrow gauge engines to appear too much in the former season.
  • Smudger being turned into a playground is similar to Gordon’s Dream in the special, Calling All Engines.
  • Out of all episodes of the second season so far, and the entirety of the first season, this episode was the most difficult to publish, as it took two days for the author to write the whole story.