Trevor's Visit is the tenth story of the second volume.

Trevor's Visit
Season X, Episode 36
Air date 24 May 2020
Written by MainLineEngines
Directed by MainLineEngines
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Trevor the Traction Engine enjoys his work at the Orchard. He is happy to work wherever he is needed, which is why he went to help out at Knapford Harbour one time. He had enjoyed it and was always keen on visiting again.

It was a splendid spring morning, Trevor was dozing.

"Not much to do lately," he thought. "Then again, it's nice to take a rest."

Then, the Vicar came up.

"Morning Trevor. There's not a lot of work around here lately, so the Fat Controller was wondering if you'd like to help out at the Harbour."

"That would be wonderful," replied Trevor.

"I'll make the arrangements straight away."

Trevor looked forward to seeing the Harbour again.

The next day, Trevor was loaded onto Edward's well-wagon. Soon, they were on their way to the Junction.

"It has been a long time since I've been there," said Trevor.

"Indeed. There's more engines now too," said Edward.

"I hope I get to meet them."

"As a matter of fact, Jessie is taking you to the Harbour. She's the newest engine on our railway. She used to work at the Steelworks in Wales. She has a fascinating story, and I think you'll like it."

Presently, they arrived at the Junction. Jessie was already there.

"Hey Edward. Glad to see you."

"Hullo Jessie. This is Trevor."

"Hullo Trevor."

"Hullo Jessie," replied Trevor.

"Well, we'd best get you to the Harbour now," said Jessie.

Soon, everything was ready and Jessie puffed away.

"You know, this isn't my first time going to the Harbour, you know."

"I've heard. You'll be glad to know, there's the Vicarage Sunday School, you might be able to give children rides."

Trevor beamed.

"I remember when I entertained children," continued Jessie.

"What do you mean?" Trevor was surprised.

Jessie grinned. "When I was withdrawn, I was place at Splott Park, Cardiff for children to play on."

"I've heard of engines being used as stationary boilers or generators, but that's most unusual."

"Indeed," she agreed. "But a lot of kids grew so close to me, it was pain to remove me!"

"You're telling me," grinned her Driver.

"And you won't believe it, I've seen various kids, now grown up, who still recognise me."

"That's amazing!"

They approached the Junction where they had to wait for Percy.

"Thanks for bringing these trucks, Jessie."

"No problem. Percy, you know Trevor, right?"

"Hmm, I don't think we've formally met, but we've heard of you from Terence."

"In that case," replied Trevor. "Great to meet you, Percy."

Percy took Trevor to the Harbour, where he was promptly unloaded and his Driver built up steam.

Presently, the Harbour Master came up.

"Glad you made it. We need extra help getting goods to the village. Toby and Mavis can't do all the work, so you'll be taking cart loads of hay, timber and other things to the villages."

"Sounds splendid," replied Trevor.

Along the way, many children came up to Trevor, so with their parent's permission, his Driver allowed them to ride Trevor.

The next day, Trevor was puffing steadily when he heard a whirring noise. Up above, he saw a white helicopter.

"Hullo, old chap," called the helicopter. "I'm Harold and we need your help."

"What's the matter?"

"A farmer's cow has run away. If you find it, please notify Dryaw at once."

He buzzed away.

They were nearing Dryaw, when Trevor heard a "mooing" noise.

His Driver heard it too. They chuffed carefully and saw a cow cropping grass by the line.

"It's hungry, I reckon," thought Trevor. "Let's go to the next station."

"Indeed," agreed the Driver.

They were just about to puff away when they heard a loud horn.

"Someone's coming!" exclaimed the Driver.

Trevor knew he had to warn them.

"Peep! Peep! Look out! There's a cow on the line!"

Mavis heard Trevor. Her Driver put on the brakes. Just in time, as they rounded the corner, they screeched to a stop, just a couple centimetres in front of the cow.

"Phew! Thank you!" said Mavis, gratefully.

Soon, the farmer came and the two engines went on their way.

So for the next few days, Trevor helped taking cart-loads to the towns and farms along the Branch Line.

He often met Bertie along the way.

"It has been a while, hasn't it," said Bertie.

"Indeed," said Trevor. "How are you doing?"

"Just fine. I've got my usual route, so, it has all been good."

"Well, I have get these goods to market."

"I should get going too. Later!"

Bertie drove away, and Trevor trundled down the road.

He delivered his goods and was soon on his way back to the Harbour.

Trevor enjoyed making deliveries. He was never alone for the other engines always whistled and they puffed by.

One day, Trevor was at Ffarquhar.

"How have you been doing?" asked Toby.

"Its been great delivering goods to market and such. Of course, I can go to some places you can't," said Trevor.

"That's good. You know," continued Toby, "I used to work at a Harbour back in England."

"Well, the great thing about the line is that we have pretty much everything," said Percy. "Farms, villages, the Harbour, and more."

"You really do have everything," agreed Trevor.

"That's one of the best things about this line," said Percy.

"By the way," said Toby, "I don't suppose you've met Liza."

"No, I haven't," replied Trevor.

"She's great," said Percy. "Although I think she's running late."

Just then, Liza ran up.

"Sorry I'm late. I was helping my mother get things needed for the summer fête next week."

"That's all right," said Toby. "Mavis can go ahead to the Quarry."

"Yes. I'll see you in a bit," said Mavis, and she trundled away.

"By the way Liza, Trevor is visiting us," said Toby.

"Hullo Trevor," said Liza. "Very nice to see you."

"Nice to meet you," said Trevor.

"I just help around here, getting the engines ready and giving them wash downs at times."

"I see."

"So I hear the annual fête is coming," said Toby.

"Yeah," said Liza.

"I always enjoy the Vicar's fête," put in Trevor.

"Well, maybe I can see if you can be a part of this fête," said Liza.

"That would be lovely."

So, it was all arranged. Trevor grew more and more excited as the day approached.

"I always love these events," he told the others.

The engines were glad to see Trevor was enjoying himself.

Finally, it was the day of the fête. Trevor took some goods to market then headed to the fête.

On his way, he saw Bertie. He was packed with people.

"Everyone is looking forward to the fête," he said. "I'll see you there!"

Bertie drove away. He reached Ffarquhar where plenty of passengers were waiting. They were headed to the fête as well.

"There's so many people," said Bertie.

His Driver agreed. "Too much for us to handle. We'll have make two trips."

Then Bertie had an idea.

"Perhaps Trevor could help."

His Driver agreed.

Presently, Trevor arrived.

"Thank goodness you're here."

"I'm always happy to help."

People climbed onto Trevor's cart and then he trundled down the road.

Soon, Bertie and Trevor arrived at the fête. Everyone was glad to see them. Now the fête could begin.

Trevor enjoyed his day, giving rides around the neighbourhood and when the fête was over, he took passengers to the station.

Trevor had enjoyed his time on the Ffarquhar Branch, but now it was time to go home.

Jessie took him to the Junction.

"Thanks for helping out," she said. "And you're always welcome back."

David was waiting to take him back to Edward's station.

"Did you enjoy your time?"

"Yes indeed. But at the same time, I am glad to go back to the Orchard."

"I understand."

That night, Trevor went to sleep, happily remembering his time on the Ffarquhar Branch.




  • References to the annual story Thomas and Trevor, and the short Work and Play are made.
  • This story is a follow-up of sorts to the annual story Thomas and Trevor by Christopher Awdry.
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