Tree Trouble is the twenty-eighth episode of Delete the Mixed-Traffic Engine.


With a week before Christmas, it was time for the Christmas Tree for Tidmouth Sheds to arrive.

"Delete", said the Fat Controller. "This year, I want you to collect the Christmas tree. A Diesel should be delivering it to Crovan's Gate. Please fetch it."

"Yes, Sir", Delete replied and puffed away.

Delete arrived at Crovan's Gate, but there was no Christmas tree waiting. The minutes passed.

"Where is the Diesel with the Christmas tree?", asked Delete.

His answer came sooner than expected.

"The Diesel broke down at Vicarstown", said the Stationmaster. "You must go there and collect it."

"Right away", said Delete and puffed away.

"Sorry I broke down", the Diesel said as Delete backed down on the tree.

"It's alright. That happens to everyone."

Soon, he set off.

"I hope we don't have any mishaps", thought Delete as he puffed along the track.

But they did.

They were puffing along, when suddenly, they got switched onto the siding! Delete broke the buffers and came off.

"Blasted!", he thought.

Soon, James had him on the track.

"You're lucky I was nearby."

To be continued

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