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Season The Many Adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine and His Friends Series 1, Episode 3
Air date 14th October 2020
Written by whywontitletmehavegeneralbacon
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Tornado is the third episode of The Many Adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine and His Friends. It is named after the character of the same name.


Gordon’s substitute arrived a few days later and all the engines wanted to meet him.

“Here is Tornado.” Announced the Fat Controller, “He will be doing Gordon’s jobs whilst he is away.”

“Hello.” Said Tornado

“He’s famous,” explained Henry

“Indeed I am.” Replied Tornado “I was the first steam locomotive built in Britain since 1960 and the first steam engine to reach 100mph in over 50 years.”

“James, please show Tornado around.” Ordered the Fat Controller. So, James spent the day showing Tornado around the line whilst Tornado continued to boast about his adventures.

“I had race on TV once, against a car and a motorbike.” He boasted

“Oh yeah,” said James “my driver told me about that. Weren’t you beaten by the car?”

“Well yes, but only because I got stuck behind slower trains. Besides I’m much faster than you any of the engines here, I never boast but, I went a 100mph once and I could do it again easily.”

“Really!” exclaimed James “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

“all right then.” Replied Tornado, “I will do it tomorrow when I pull the express. You wait and see.”

“How will I know that you’re not just making it up?” asked James

“If I do then I will break Gordon’s record for fastest time to cross the island. So just you wait and see.”

The next day Tornado was up bright and early and had plenty of steam before he even got to the platform.

“poop, poop! Get in quickly please!” he said. So everyone got in quickly.

“I’ll show James” he thought. At last the Guard blew his whistle and Tornado started almost before he had got on the train. Tornado hurried along the line as fast he could. He was already ahead of schedule as he passed Wellsworth. He sped through Maron and kept on going until he reached the approach to Killdane. There he came to a red signal so he had to stop.

“Bother!” he exclaimed “Whatever is the matter?”

“You went so fast that you caught up with Bear’s stopping service.” Replied his driver “now we have to wait until the middle line is clear.”

“Bother!” replied Tornado. They waited and waited. They only waited about ten minutes but to Tornado it felt like an hour. At last Donald rattled past with a goods train, the signal set the points and the signal changed to ‘clear’. Tornado didn’t hurry anymore he knew that his chance to break the record.

He was sulky for the rest of the day and complained to other engines in the shed that night.

“That Bear is too slow!” he complained. “He makes me late and ruins my chances of breaking Gordon’s record!”

“Bear is one of if not the nicest diesel I’ve ever met.” Said Henry

“Pah!” exclaimed Tornado “It is impossible for a diesel to be nice.”

Even James was shocked by such a statement

“Some of my best friends are diesels” said Edward

“How can you be friends with a diesel?” said Tornado “When they replaced us and sent us to dingy scrapyards to be broken up.”

“The way I see it,” said James “you were only built because all of the original members of your class were scrapped. So if diesels didn’t send them to the scrapyard then you would’ve never been built. So shut up and let us sleep!”

The next day Tornado was still determined to beat Gordon’s record. He hurried along the line as fast as he could.

“Hurry, hurry, hurry!” he panted as he raced along the track. Presently they reached a section where the hot sun had warped the rails and signs had been put up telling all engines to go slow.

“Better slow down.” Urged Tornado’s driver

“I’m not letting something else stop me from breaking Gordon’s record” replied Tornado. Then there was trouble! Because Tornado was travelling at such high speeds when he ran onto the warped rails he shuddered violently and derailed. He rode along the sleepers for a short distance, some of coaches coming of the rails as well, before stopping. No one was hurt (or at least had only minor brain damage) but Tornado was feeling more silly than ever.

“You’re a very naughty engine!”

Tornado knew that voice. It was the Fat Controller.

“Tornado insulting my engines is one thing but derailing the express and causing massive delays is another altogether. I brought you to the island as treat for the over engines as I thought they would like you better than a diesel, however now looks as if I shall need to get a diesel any way. You clearly can’t be trusted to pull coaches and as such I am relegating you to goods duty.”

“But sir who will pull the express?”

“Henry, James, Bear and Murdoch are all qualified to do it. In fact, you and Murdoch shall swap duties.”

“But sir, Murdoch’s a goods engine.”

“I know, but his class are extremely versatile and can work passenger trains just as well as they can trucks.”

Then the breakdown gang lifted Tornado back onto the rails and he puffed sadly away to the sheds.




  • Going by production order this is sixth episode of the first series
  • Top Gear's Race to the North is referenced