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Toby Gets Tough
Season 1, Episode 12
Air date June 14, 2017
Written by Semaj5nodrog4
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Toby Gets Tough is the twelfth episode of the first season of the Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.


Many engines on the Island of Sodor have different personalities. Some engines are nice and friendly, while others are tough and mean, but the engines are happy to be who they are, even if not everyone behaves the same. Toby, the tram engine, is one of the these engines as he is one of the most friendliest and nicest engines on the Island of Sodor and is proud to be so as well. Some of the more unkindly engines and trucks tease him for being a small, weak, tram engine, but Toby doesn't mind. He's just happy to be a kind and friendly engine and to be a really useful one working on Sir Topham Hatt's Railway.

One morning, after delivering workmen up to Ffarquhar Quarry, Toby was resting at Ffarquhar Station with Henrietta and was taking on more water. He was just humming quietly when the station master came up.

"Good morning, Toby," he said. "I have received a message from Sir Topham Hatt. He needs you to go to Knapford Station. He says he has a job for you."

"Oh, yes, of course sir," replied Toby. "I'm on my way." And once he was done with his drink, Toby headed for Knapford with Henrietta.

On their way there, Toby and Henrietta were thinking about what the job was.

"What do you think he'll have for you, Toby?" asked Henrietta.

"I'm not sure," puffed Toby. "Maybe he needs me to take vacationers to the seaside, or scrap to the scrapyard, or maybe shoo a cow off the line for Daisy again."

Henrietta chuckled. "I'm pretty sure Daisy can do that now, Toby," she chuckled. "Besides, I think Sir Topham Hatt would not need you just for that."

"Oh ho, I know Henrietta," chuckled Toby. "I'm just teasing. I am curious to see what he has in mind." And they continued on their way.

Soon they arrived at Knapford Station where Sir Topham Hatt was waiting for them.

"Ah there you are, Toby," he said. "Glad you could make it. For your next job, you won't be needing Henrietta. Instead, I need you to help Stafford and Stanley with shunting over in the yards beside the station. There are a lot of trucks that need to be shunted and since you don't have any other jobs right now, I thought you could be a big help."

"Yes sir, I would be happy to help," replied Toby.

"Excellent," said Sir Topham Hatt. "I knew you would. Now run along now and get started please. Stafford and Stanley have already begun and will be pleased to see you."

"Yes sir, I'll get started right away," replied Toby proudly, and he went over to the yards.

When he arrived, he shunted Henrietta into one of the engine sheds so that she would be out of the way.

"There you go, Henrietta," he puffed. "Now you won't be in the way and won't be confused with a truck."

"Thank you, Toby," Henrietta smiled. "That would not suit me at all." And they chuckled.

Just then Stafford and Stanley came up.

"Ah hello, Toby," puffed Stafford. "Came to help us, I see?"

"Yes I have," replied Toby proudly. "Seems like you two will need it as well after seeing this yard."

"Ha, ha, well you're right about that," chuckled Stanley. "We can't shunt all the trucks ourselves, you know, and we know how good you are with that."

"Well I don't know about that," puffed Toby modestly.

"Oh, don't be so modest," smiled Henrietta. "You are a good shunter, but I think it's time you got started as well."

"Ha, she is right," puffed Stafford. "We're not getting any younger and the yard is not going to tidy itself up, you know."

"That is true," added Stanley. "We should probably get back to work so there won't be any confusion or delay."

"Indeed," agreed Toby. "That would never do." And with that, the engines set to work.

"Good luck, you all," called Henrietta as she watched from her shed as the three engines went back to work.

Soon they were all hard at work, pushing and pulling the trucks into their proper places. It took a while, but thanks to Toby's help, the job was getting done sooner than expected. Stanley and Stafford were pleased. At last, after some time, the yard was in order once again. Toby felt pleased.

"Well done, Toby," puffed Stafford. "You were a great help today."

"Yes indeed," added Stanley. "A very big help. We probably would not have gotten this job done without you. You really are a kind and helpful engine."

Toby couldn't help blushing. "Oh it was nothing really," he puffed. Just then Thomas arrived with a train of stone from the quarry.

"Hello everyone," he said. "I see the yard has been tidied up quite a bit."

"Yep, it certainly has," puffed Stanley. "Thanks to Toby here. He was a big help with putting the trucks into their proper places and it would have taken us a while if it weren't for him."

"Well that's Toby," smiled Thomas. "Always there for you when you need help. Oh, by the way, speaking of putting trucks into their proper places, where should I leave my train?"

"Oh, good question, Thomas," puffed Stafford. "All the sidings have been taken up, I'm afraid. You might have to wait a while for one to open up."

But as he was talking, Toby looked around the yard for an open siding. Then he saw one in the corner of the yards, though it had three utility wagons sitting there.

"Don't worry, Thomas," Toby chuffed. "There's a siding right over here. I'll just move these wagons out of the way for you." And he started heading for the siding.

"Oh wait, Toby. Toby! Hold on!" called Stafford, but Toby kept puffing.

"Wait, Toby, seriously!" Stanley yelled. "Don't go into that siding!"

"What? Why not?" asked Toby. "It's just a couple of wagons. What's so bad about…"

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?!" barked one of the wagons as it woke up.

Toby jumped. "Oh, I-I'm sorry. I was just going to move you all so Thomas could shunt his train here, that's all."

"Well we didn't say you could, now did we?" hissed another wagon.

Toby was confused. "Huh? Well, uh, no, but…"

"How about this," said the first wagon. "Why don't you go back with your little friends over there and never come near us again, okay?"

Toby was surprised. "I beg your pardon," he puffed. "I don't see what's so bad about moving you all just for a quick minute."

"Well it's bad because we like where we are and you really do not want to see what happens when we don't get our way, so be off with you!" snarled the first wagon again.

Now Toby was cross. "Now see here you…" he began.

"Hey! What did he just tell you?" hissed the last wagon. "Go away and there won't be any trouble, got it, you little wooden box on wheels?"

Toby was furious, but Stafford quickly stopped him. "Toby! Come over here for a minute!" called Stafford. "We need to talk to you." Toby looked back at the wagons and silently puffed away.

"Yeah that's what we thought," sniggered the first wagon, as he and the others sniggered quietly.

Once he was on the other side of the yard away from them, Toby spoke to the engines. "I say, I have never met such ruthless, horrible trucks in my life," he spluttered. "Who do they think they are?"

"Well, that's something Stanley and I should have told you earlier," said Stafford. "Those trucks are never to be touched, and as you just witnessed, you can see why."

"Yes," agreed Stanley. "They are meant to stay there for now."

"But why?" asked Toby. "Is there some rule saying they have to or are they just saying that?"

"Actually it's Sir Topham Hatt's rule," replied Stafford, "and there's a story behind them. Stanley, why don't you take care of Thomas' train first then we'll tell him?"

"Oh yes, of course, right away," said Stanley, and so once Stanley found a place to put Thomas' train, he and Stafford spoke to Toby. Thomas listened in as well.

"Those three utility wagons are known to be the worst trucks ever on the Island of Sodor," began Stafford, "because they are extremely mean and rude and tend to be very difficult to us engines. They liked to insult us, make us late, and try to cause accidents almost every time they go out."

"Well, that sounds like every truck we know," puffed Toby. "How can they be the worst of all?"

"Because," continued Stanley, "they say some of the meanest things to everyone and tend to be really strong too. In fact, even the bigger engines like Henry have had difficulty with them."

"Really?" asked Toby. "They're that strong?"

"Yes," replied Stanley.

Thomas cut in. "You know, now that you two mentioned it," he puffed, "I think I've heard of those three before. Aren't they also known as the Trio of Trouble?"

"They're the ones all right," agreed Stafford.

"Oh yes, I definitely know who they are now," chuffed Thomas. "They really are despicable and should not be allowed on any train."

"You're right about that Thomas," puffed Stanley, "and that's why Sir Topham Hatt had them placed there as well, but even then, they still insult anyone who comes near them."

"Well now, I have a question," Henrietta cut in. "If they are still insulting others, why are they still here? Isn't that the siding where Judy and Jerome are supposed to be?"

"Well, yes it was," explained Stafford, "but ever since that one accident Daisy had on the Harwick Branch Line, they have been relocated to Arlesburgh Yard and have stayed there since."

"And ever since then," added Stanley, "Sir Topham Hatt had the Trio of Trouble placed in Judy and Jerome's siding for now and he said he was going to do something with them, but they've been there for so long, we're not sure if anything is going to happen to them."

"So since they are not in service, but still insult everyone," continued Stafford, "we just try and stay away from them as much as possible."

"And you should too, Toby," said Stanley. "We're sorry you had to find out the way you did earlier."

"Well, I'm glad you told me about them," said Toby, "and don't worry. After seeing how they behaved I'll stay away from them as much as possible."

"Good for you, Toby," smiled Thomas. "The more you avoid them, the better it'll be. Besides, you're nice and they're just mean and everyone would much rather talk to you any day."

"Thank you, Thomas," smiled Toby, who was beginning to feel better. "I don't know how well it will work, but I'll do my best to avoid them."

"That's my Toby," smiled Henrietta. "You do know what's best and everything will be alright as long as you make the best decisions."

"Speaking of which, we should probably get back to work," puffed Stanley. "We've been talking for a while." The others agreed, and set went back to work immediately.

As they were working, Toby did what he said and tried to avoid the Trio of Trouble as best as he could. However, every time he got close to them as he shunted, they would shout at him.

"Hey look," said the first one. "There's the little sissy from earlier coming back for more."

"Well if he gets any closer, we'll give it to him," sneered the second one.

Toby backed away nervously.

"Hey you know what would be fun?" said the first wagon a little later.

"What?" replied the others.

"Seeing a fire engine on rails," said the first wagon. "You know, meaning an engine on fire! And you know who would be perfect?"

"This little pile of wood on wheels?" sniggered the third wagon.

"Exactly!" chuckled the first wagon. "All you need to do is light a match and watch him go!" And they laughed rudely at Toby, who was most offended.

"How about a little fire there, pal?" laughed the second wagon. "You would be glowing, you know." And they laughed even harder. Toby just puffed away, now beginning to feel cross.

Toby tried hard to stay away from the Trio of Trouble, but they still got him anyway. Every time he got near them, it was one insult after another and it made Toby crosser and crosser.

"Ooh, I've just about had it with those three !" Toby hissed when he came up to Henrietta at her shed. "They just won't stop! They really are the Trio of Trouble. They even had the nerve to say I'm a wimp just because I take orders from a female coach like you, Henrietta."

"Well that's definitely not true!" objected Henrietta. "You most certainly are not a wimp, Toby, and should not feel that way ever. Though I do have to admit, those three have become quite a nuisance after the past few hours and it is unacceptable. Sir Topham Hatt really should do something about them."

"I couldn't agree more," agreed Toby.

"Well he may not, but you possible could," said a voice. Toby and Henrietta were startled.

"W-who said that?" asked Toby.

"Psst, over here," said the voice again, and a train moved to reveal a familiar truck. It was Scruffey.

"Who are you?" asked Henrietta.

"I'm Scruffey," he replied, "and I think I know how to solve you're problem."

"Wait…Scruffey?" pondered Toby. "Aren't you that troublesome truck that Oliver pulled a…"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's me," interrupted Scruffey hastily, as he did not want to hear the rest of the question, "but that's not important right now. What's more important is solving your problem with that Trio of Trouble over there."

Toby was exasperated. "Look Scruffey, I'm in enough trouble as it is now. So the last thing I need is advice from a troublesome truck, especially one who , from what I've heard, was just as troublesome as…"

"But Toby, really," interrupted Scruffey again. "I have an idea that could put those three in their place. Believe it or not, we trucks despise those three too and we're fed up with them as well. Isn't that right, fellas?"

"Yeah, we hate them too," agreed the other trucks.

"They're rude, mean, and rough," said one.

"They even bully us as well!" added another. Toby and Henrietta were surprised. They never expected trucks to dislike one another.

"So you see," said Scruffey. "We're as cross with the Trio of Trouble as you engines are and we would like you to do something about them."

"But I can't do anything to them," replied Toby. "If they're too strong for even engines like Henry to handle, then what makes you think I could handle them instead?"

"Because we know a little secret about those three that could make them behave," whispered Scruffey.

"Oh really?" puffed Toby curiously. "What is it?"

"Now wait, Toby," interrupted Henrietta. "I know we wish the Trio of Trouble would stop, but I highly doubt getting advice from a truck is going to make everything better."

"Well, I'm don't know Henrietta," chuffed Toby. "Scruffey sounds like he's trying to help us with our problem and considering that those three have been causing enough trouble all day, I think we should listen and find out what he has to say."

Henrietta was not sure, but she did want the Trio of Trouble to behave, so reluctantly, she agreed. "Very well, Toby. We'll listen to what he has to say."

"Great!" said Scruffey. "Now here's the plan." And he whispered it to Toby.

"So you want me to try and pull the Trio of Trouble out of the siding," said Toby, after Scruffey was finished, "and if they plan on pulling me back, I should let them so that they will bump into the buffers hard and then that will stop them?"

"Exactly!" exclaimed Scruffey. "Almost no engine realizes that they jerk backwards all the time and because of that, there are always accidents, but that will backfire on them this time because you know their secret, Toby."

"Well, I don't know," said Toby unsurely. "I don't usually bump trucks and I don't think I could bump them hard enough to hit the buffers."

"And also," added Henrietta, "my Toby's too nice to do that to anyone."

"Oh come on!" scoffed Scruffey. "You want them to stop don't you? So go ahead and give it a try."

"Well, I just don't think it's a good idea," protested Toby.

"Give what a try?" asked Thomas, who just puffed up.

"Scruffey here is suggesting that Toby should try and bump that disgraceful Trio of Trouble so that they will behave," explained Henrietta.

"What?" exclaimed Thomas. "Is that actually going to work? I mean, no offense, Toby, but even if a big engine like Henry can't even make them behave, I doubt you could."

"None taken, Thomas," replied Toby, "and besides, Scruffey, what if I…"

"Oh, please Toby," pleaded Scruffey. "Just do it. I promise if you do this, life in this yard will be so much better."

Toby was still unsure and so was Thomas. "Toby, if you don't feel like doing that, then you don't have to," he soothed. "I understand those three are rude and annoying, but doing this will only encourage…"

But then the Trio of Trouble burst out. "Hey! What are you telling that little wooden puppet of yours, you little blue cupcake?" they shouted. "Is it about us? Because we can tell you right now if it's something bad, you will regret it!"

"It isn't, first of all," shouted Thomas back, "and second of all, I'm just protecting my friend from you horrible bullies, that's all."

"Ooh, horrible bullies! How hurtful," mocked the first wagon. "You know what? You're sounding just as wimpy as you little friend there, so why don't you save it for someone who cares."

"I can talk whenever I want to," snapped Thomas, "and also, leave my friend alone. He's done nothing to you and he is twice as useful as you three will ever be, especially since he's still in service and hasn't been left on a siding for months."

The Trio were cross. "You want to come over here and say that to our face?" the first one snarled.

"No I'm staying right here away from you," said Thomas, "and so will my friend here…" But when Thomas looked beside him, Toby wasn't there: instead, there was Toby puffing towards the Trio of Trouble.

Thomas gasped. "Toby! What are you doing?" But Toby didn't answered. He had had enough and decided it was time to take care of the trio. Stanley and Stafford noticed this.

"Toby? Toby?!" called Stafford. "Wait, stop! Where are you going?" But Toby still didn't answer.

"Toby! Whatever you're planning, it's probably a bad idea!" added Stanley, but it was too late. Toby bumped into the trio and coupled up to them.

"Oh ho, getting a little brave, are we?" glared the first wagon.

"Yes," replied Toby, eyeing him intensely. "I have had enough of all of your insults and it is time to put you in your place."

"Ha!!! Go ahead and try!" mocked the second truck.

"Yeah," added the third wagon. "We're ready when you are."

So Toby built his fire up until his boiler was hot and he dropped sand on the rails so he could grip the rails. Thomas, Stanley, Stafford, Henrietta, and Scruffey watched intently, and even some of the passengers from the station were watching.

"Well, you going to try or not, oak tree?" hissed the first wagon.

"Yes I am," replied Toby firmly. "Right…NOW!!!" And Toby gave a mighty heave.

The trio jerked forward, but quickly held back. They were surprised.

"Ooh, nice try," teased the third wagon, "but it wasn't enough!" And they continued to hold back as Toby tugged and tugged.

But surprisingly, the harder Toby pulled, the more the trio were actually starting to move. The trio couldn't believe it, but everyone who was watching cheered for Toby.

"Go it Toby!" called Stanley.

"Yes indeed!" called Stafford. "Keep on going!"

"You can do it, Toby!" cheered Thomas.

"Show them who's boss!" called Scruffey, who was the most excited of all.

Toby felt pleased as he tugged on, but the trio were getting cross. "Ooh, you think you're winning, huh?" hissed the first wagon. "Well guess what? We're about to win this match. Ready guys?"

"Ready!" shouted the other wagons.

"Right! On the count of three!" announced the first wagon. "One! Two! Three!!!" And they jerked backwards, but they were surprised when Toby suddenly stopped pulling and gave way. All four of them shot backwards towards the buffers and then it happened: one second the trio were intact, but then the next, there was a loud crash and everyone looked to see the Trio of Trouble were all to pieces. The impact of Toby and buffers were so strong that it totaled the three wagons.

Everyone was shocked and surprised, and Toby couldn't believe it. "Oh no! This wasn't supposed to happen!"

The trio were dazed and surprised. They were trying to figure out what just happened.

"Oh my head!" groaned the first wagon.

"I don't feel well," moaned the second one.

"Where am I?" asked the third one feeling befuddled.

Toby was nervous. Everyone else couldn't believe it, but Scruffey was delighted. "Ha, ha! Who's the giant of pile of wood now!" he shouted at the trio.

"Ahem!" came a stern sounding voice.: it was Sir Topham Hatt. He saw everything from his office. Now Toby was even more nervous.

"Sir I am so sorry," he apologized. "I didn't mean to smash them apart. I-I-I was just trying to…"

"Nevermind, Toby," soothed Sir Topham Hatt. "I'm not mad at you at all. If anything, I'm glad you did this."

Toby was puzzled. "Um, begging your pardon sir, but what do you mean?"

"Oh I mean I almost forgot about these three wagons," explained Sir Topham Hatt. "I've been meaning to take care of them months ago. I got sidetracked with other duties and now you reminded me of what I was originally going to do with them."

Toby was nervous. "D-did I ruin your plans sir?"

"Well a little bit," admitted Sir Topham Hatt. "I was going to send them over to the Mainland and have them stay there, but now, since I can see they were old and weak from being on that siding for so long, I think they will be rebuilt and hopefully be better trucks on this island." He glared at the trio.

"So I'm not in trouble, sir?" asked Toby.

"No not at all," smiled Sir Topham Hatt. "I know they were being a massive nuisance in this yard to you and the other engines and I'm sorry for forgetting about them. Though I have to admit, for someone who tried to move the most troublesome trucks on this island and managed to break them apart, you may be stronger and tougher than I thought, Toby."

Toby blushed. "Well, I…I…I."

Sir Topham Hatt chuckled. "Don't worry Toby. I know you're a very kind and useful tram engine and you were just frustrated today. I'm not mad at you whatsoever, but next time this sort of thing happens, please come to me first and I'll take care of it. Alright?"

"Yes sir," replied Toby, feeling relieved. "I promise I'll do that next time."

"Good," said Sir Topham Hatt proudly, then he turned to the trio. "And as for you three, you will be repaired at the Steamworks and remain on my railway, but if I hear one more complaint about you three, you will go back to the Mainland and stay there permanently. Understand?"

"Yes sir," replied the Trio of Trouble. They felt really embarrassed, and secretly a little afraid of Toby.

Soon Harvey arrived to clear the mess and take the wagons to the Steamworks to be repaired. As he did, everyone spoke to Toby.

"Well Toby," puffed Thomas. "Seems like you are stronger than you thought."

"Oh I didn't really mean to break them Thomas," muttered Toby. "They were old and worn out, that's why they broke so easily."

"But thanks to that," added Stanley, "you made them be quiet and actually save this yard from any more harassment from them."

"Indeed," agreed Stafford, "and the fact that you were brave enough to do that shows that you are tough and can stand up for yourself, Toby."

Toby smiled a little bit. "Well, I do want people to know that I can stand up for myself," he admitted cheerfully.

"And you certainly have done that today," smiled Henrietta, "although I don't think it was necessary to break them apart."

"Oh you know I wasn't trying to do that, Henrietta," chuckled Toby. "I was just doing what Scruffey suggested, which reminds me. Scruffey, I never thought I would say this to a truck, but thank you for your advice. Even though I didn't intend to break those wagons, it certainly put them in their place and made things better around here."

"Eh you're welcome, Toby," puffed Scruffey. "Secretly, I kind of knew that was going to happen because they have been sitting in that siding for quite a while. Sorry I didn't tell you before--" Toby frowned "--but even if they were weak and old, I have to admit you proved that you were stronger and braver than they will ever be. Now I can't believe I'm saying this to an engine, but you're a really brave and strong engine, Toby, and you should stay like that."

Toby smiled. "Thank you Scruffey. I actually didn't expect you to say that."

"But how about the next time there's a conflict like this," puffed Thomas to Scruffey, "you give someone advice that does not involve an accident like this, okay?"

Scruffey smiled cheekily. "Well, I can't guarantee that," he smirked, and everyone couldn't help but laugh.

Just then, Henry arrived with a goods train. "Hello everyone," he puffed. "I've brought a…" But he stopped when he looked forward and saw Harvey cleaning up the mess. "What happened over there?" he asked. "Is that the Trio of Trouble that Harvey's picking up?"

"Yes it is," replied Stanley. "Toby here taught them a lesson."

Henry was surprised. "Toby? You did that?"

"Well, yes, but it was an accident. I didn't mean to smash them apart," explained Toby.

"Wow," admired Henry. "Even I wasn't able to do that."

"Well, those three were old too, Henry," added Thomas. "So that's why it was rather easy for Toby to break them."

"Even so," puffed Henry. "The fact that Toby was able to break them apart is amazing. Are you stronger and tougher than you look, Toby?"

"No Henry," chuckled Toby modestly. "It was just a mistake, that's all. It won't happen again."

Then Henry smiled. "Well, you know, unless you're hiding something, you could always take the Flying Kipper for me. It is heavy and could use strong engines like you."

Toby jumped. "No thank you! I am quite fine with taking Henrietta on Thomas' Branch Line and I really do not want to take that smelly train!"

Everyone burst out laughing. "I'm just teasing you, Toby!" laughed Henry. "I know you're happy with your work and you don't have to take the Flying Kipper."

"O-oh right. I see," puffed Toby, who went to a deep shade of red.

"Though I have to say," continued Henry. "Although I did not see what happened earlier, I can see that you are a lot braver than I thought Toby and you know what? That's something you should be proud of." Everyone agreed.

"Indeed, Henry," agreed Henrietta. "My Toby is certainly a very kind, brave, and useful engine and everyone should know that."

"Thanks Henrietta," smiled Toby.

"Especially trucks if they try to pull anything on him again," chuckled Thomas.

"Well…perhaps!" laughed Toby, and everyone couldn't help but laugh again, and they all had to agree that Toby is a really kind, brave and useful engine indeed, as well as a rather strong one too!




  • References to the television series episodes, Toad Stands By, Bulls Eyes, and The Missing Breakdown Train are made in this episode.
    • Toby's encounter with the Trio of Trouble is similar to Oliver's encounter with Scruffey from the former episode as well.
  • Going canonically by the television series, this episode marks Scruffey's first appearance since Toad Stands By.
  • This episode also marks Scruffrey's only appearance and Stanley's only speaking role in this season of The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor.