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Toad  is a Great Western brakevan belonging to Oliver .



GW 56831


GWR 16-ton brakevan


Toad was rescued from scrap along with Oliver and Alice in 1968 by Douglas. He was restored and asked to be Douglas' brake van in return for helping him survive scrap. Toad helped Oliver recieve the respect of trucks after the Great Western engine fell into the turntable well. He has had several adventures, such as one time, he was tired of going backwards, so the trucks broke away from Oliver and made his wish come true, but not in the way he had hoped! Later on, he was getting bored of Oliver's same boring stories, and wanted an adventure of his own. Soon he got when James took him out, and the trucks broke away from James, but Toad managed to stop the train before he hit Thomas with the Fat Controller and Dowager Hatt on board. Later, he told Oliver and all the other engines about this, becoming the center of attention.


Toad is a polite, gentlemanly brakevan. He is also somewhat imaginative and a bit of an optimist. Toad minds his manners well and always quick to refer to engines as "Mr" or "Miss". He escaped from scrap with Oliver, with some help from Douglas. Toad is very loyal, keeps Oliver's trucks in order, and has his best interests at heart. He has a cunning streak within him should the trucks cause any particular bother and does like fun when it comes his way, but he is typically calm, obedient, and content in his work.


Toad is painted grey with "GW 56831" written on his side in white.


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