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Tinsel on the Tracks
Season 1, Episode 26
Air date September 26, 2017
Written by OliverDuckandToad11
Directed by OliverDuckandToad11
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Tinsel on the Tracks is the twenty-sixth episode of the first season of The Adventures on Sodor.


It was Christmas on the Island of Sodor, and the Fat Controller's engines were working hard, hauling goods and passengers to their destinations, Thomas and Percy always delivered letters and parcels around this time of the year to villages to stations to far-away towns, stations were decorated with lights and tinsel and every Christmas Eve, the Earl would hold a Christmas party up at Ulfstead Castle, the engines loved listening to the choir and the lovely music played.

One Christmas morning, Thomas woke up from Ffarquhar Sheds, Toby and Percy were still asleep. Thomas thought of a cheeky idea, he blew his whistle to get their attention. Percy jumped.

"Woah, what was that for Thomas?" he scowled.

"Don't you know it's Christmas Eve, Percy?" Thomas quipped.

"Uh, not really, I thought Christmas had only just started." puffed Percy.

"No, it's Christmas Eve and the Earl will be holding a party up at Ulfstead remember?"

"Oh yes, the Earl's Christmas party!" said Percy excitedly. "I love listening to the choir."

"Same here, Percy." chuckled Thomas.

Toby had just woken up. "Morning you two." he said sleepily.

"Good morning, Toby!" chirped the two best friends together.

"It's Christmas Eve." spluttered Thomas.

"I know," replied Toby, "it is exciting."

"What's the best part about Christmas to you Toby?" asked Percy curiously.

"I'd say probably the Christmas party that the Earl holds up at Ulfstead Castle." replied the brown tram.

"We all agree." chuckled Thomas.

"Don't you two have to deliver letters and parcels to the villages?" asked Toby suddenly.

"Um, I don't think we are to do that yet." puffed Thomas.

"I think Toby's right Thomas," said Percy, "we usually start work once we wake up on a Christmas morning."

"Indeed Percy," replied Thomas, "I'd say we should get going."

"Me too," agreed Percy, then he remembered. "Oh, but our crews haven't arrived yet."

"What, then where are they?" exclaimed Thomas. "They should be here by now."

"Probably because of all this snow, they're struggling to get here." suggested Toby.

"Oh, I do hope they arrive soon." said Thomas, feeling quite impatient. Then his crew arrived, and so did Toby's crew along with Percy's fireman.

"Sorry we're late Thomas," sighed his driver, "but me and your fireman kept getting our legs stuck in the deep snow."

"Oh, that's okay," soothed Thomas, "I need to get ready for work."

Percy was confused to see only his fireman there. "Um fireman, where's my driver?" asked the Avonside saddle tank.

The fireman scratched his head frowning. "I'm sorry to say Percy, but your driver has been snowed in, in his house and there's a fire brigade over there trying to break him free."

"Ohh, that means I'll have to stay in the shed." moaned Percy.

"I'm afraid so." sighed his fireman.

"You should be lucky anyway Percy," smiled Thomas, "you can stay here in the lovely warm sheds, but me and Toby have to go out in the freezing cold snow. Besides, I have to wear my uncomfortable snowplough anyhow."

"But Thomas, I like working hard," protested Percy, "I don't want to stay here and do nothing."

"Well, I'm sure your driver will come later on," chuffed Thomas. Thomas' driver and fireman placed the snowplough in front of him. "So uncomfortable, as usual." grumbled the blue tank engine.

"Uh Thomas, you always say that." scoffed his fireman.

"You need to use it in case there's heavy snowdrifts," added his driver, "which snowplough would you prefer? Your usual blue one, or that metal grey one that you ended up destroying when you crashed into a water tower?"

"Uh…" Thomas thought carefully. "Probably none."

"We all know you're a hater of snowploughs." laughed his driver.

"I'm not a hater, I just don't like them."

"Anyway, you should be getting to work."

"Yes, I know," huffed Thomas while his fireman lighted his fire. "Sorry Percy, but I can't stop to talk now. I'll see you later!" and Thomas chuffed away.

"Bye Thomas." muttered Percy sadly.

Thomas arrived at Knapford station where the Fat Controller was waiting. "Thomas, today you won't be delivering letters and parcels, you'll be doing something much more special."

"What is it, sir?" asked Thomas.

"Edward was originally assigned for this job, but sadly couldn't make it because of the weather, so you Thomas will have to go to the Mainland and collect some Christmas decorations needed and a Christmas Tree for the Earl's Christmas party." said the Fat Controller.

Thomas beamed with excitement, he was going to the Mainland. "Oh thank you sir, but I forgot to tell you sir. Percy may not be able to deliver letters and parcels yet."

"Why on earth not?" demanded the Fat Controller.

"Apparently, his driver has been snowed in, in his house and there's currently a fire brigade trying to break him free." Thomas explained.

"Ah, I see," muttered the Fat Controller. "Anyhow Thomas, Duck will be helping Percy deliver the letters and parcels once the latter can get working and Rosie will work on your branch line until you get back, you must get going immediately."

"Yes sir, right away." and Thomas puffed off to the Mainland while Rosie pulled into the station and blew her whistle. Thomas couldn't wait to get there. "This'll be exciting," chirped the blue engine, "I can't wait to see what the Mainland looks like."

"Probably full of diesels, I can tell you." scoffed his driver.

Thomas agreed with his driver's statement, but a question struck into his funnel. "Driver, where are we going on the Mainland anyway?"

"To a harbour or something." came the reply.

"A harbour, full of diesels?"

"How should I know?" muttered his driver.

Thomas was chuffing through Wellsworth, where he saw Edward there, the cold weather had made him break down. "Edward, Edward!" Thomas chuffed.

"Yes, what is it Thomas?" asked Edward glumly.

"I'm going to the Mainland to collect some Christmas decorations and a Christmas Tree for the Earl's Christmas party tonight."

"Ah, so you're doing my job then?" chuckled Edward, who felt much better now. "I'd say you'd be careful over on the Mainland, the rails are slippery and there may be some very rude engines over there."

"Oh, don't worry Edward," scoffed Thomas, "I don't think they'll be any out in this type of cold weather."

"Just be careful anyway." advised the old engine.

"I will Edward, don't worry," called Thomas as he continued on his way. "Oh, by the way, Merry Christmas!"

"Merry Christmas to you, Thomas!" replied Edward.

Thomas puffed through Vicarstown, there were no engines or people about. "All the Mainland engines are probably in their sheds." Thomas chuffed to himself.

"It's too cold to be out in this weather, so I quite agree." said the driver.

Thomas was now approaching the Vicarstown bridge, but he had to stop to let the ship pass, he was starting to become impatient. "Hurry up, I'm going to be late!" grumbled Thomas. Finally, the ship had passed. "About time."

"No need to be too impatient." cautioned his driver.

"Yes, I know already," Thomas retorted, albeit quietly. As Thomas was chuffing through the Mainland countryside, he sang to himself… "I'm going to the Mainland to get a Christmas Tree, and some Christmas decorations as well, it'll be exciting, it'll be intense, it'll be very astonishing once I've delivered it up to Ulfstead Castle." Thomas chuckled to himself. "I wander where these Christmas decorations are then at the harbour."

"I'm not sure either," said his driver, "but all I know is that the decorations are at a big harbour." Thomas puffed across a large viaduct and up ahead, he could see what looked to be a harbour.

"I think we're almost there." said Thomas.

"Not long to go, now!" observed his driver.

After a few minutes of puffing, Thomas pulled into the harbour, he was amazed by all the hustle and bustle, and diesels rolling back and forth. "Bust my buffers, this is huge!" cried Thomas. "This is the biggest harbour I've ever seen, it looks bigger then Brendam Docks and Arlesburgh Harbour." One diesel, however, gave Thomas a scowling expression as he was shunting nearby. "Well, wasn't he rude?" Thomas pouted. "Besides, where's the Christmas train?"

"I can see it, over there." chuckled his driver as Thomas looked forward and saw the Christmas train, the flatbeds were filled with tinsel, baubles and a huge Christmas tree, Thomas' jaw dropped in astonishment.

"Cinders and ashes, look at all those decorations!" The blue engine gasped.

"I know, but come along now, we have to take this train back to Sodor." demanded Thomas' driver.

"Yes, of course." chuffed Thomas and he was coupled up to the Christmas train. After he was coupled up, the blue tank engine set off back to Sodor.

Thomas was heading back down the line, he chuffed right through the junction he was at before and then chuffed right across the viaduct he had also came from, he was now approaching the Vicarstown Bridge and back to Sodor. "I'm nearly home now." tooted Thomas.

"Indeed we are." chuckled his driver. "Just keep on going and we'll be there."

"Yes of course." steamed Thomas, but then up ahead was a large snowdrift in the middle of the line. "Oh no!" Thomas cried. "Driver, stop!"

"What, oh yes of course!" said his driver and he put on Thomas' brakes, Thomas applied his brakes, but it was too late, Thomas crashed right into the large snowdrift.

"Hulp..." cried Thomas, but his voice was muffled by the snow and nobody could hear him, as there was no one around, so Thomas tried to whistle instead, but this just caused snow from the trees nearby to fell off of them and onto Thomas, now the blue tank engine was buried right under the heaving snow, where there was no one to hear him, Thomas' driver and fireman were also stuck.

"What do you say we should do, Bob?" asked Thomas' fireman.

"I'd say we should just dig him out." replied his driver.

"But haven't we got any shovels." The fireman asked.

"Well, we could use the shovel to shove coal into Thomas' firebox." his driver suggested.

"I'd say we should." agreed his fireman, so Thomas' driver dug up quarters of the snow beside Thomas' cab.

"Wow, this is hard work." his driver said. "My arms are aching!"

"Do you want me to take over?" asked the fireman.

"Yeah, go on." said his driver giving the shovel to the fireman, the fireman tried to dig the snow with a great heave, and then suddenly, he managed to catch a piece and throw it up causing a whole to appear.

"There's a way out." said the fireman, but some more snow came down and blocked the whole.

"Ohh." The driver sighed.

"We could carry on digging." said his fireman. "But we need more help."

"Don't worry, I've got a cell-phone here." said the driver. "I'll phone for help." And he rang for help.

Meanwhile up at Ulfstead Castle, the engines were getting everything prepared for the castle that night. Toby brought in some candy canes. "Ah, there you are Toby." said the Earl. "Thank you for delivering the candy canes over."

"Your welcome sir." steamed Toby ringing his bell. Stephen pulled up beside the castle platform.

"Are you looking forward for this party, Toby?" he asked. "I'm guaranteeing you are."

Toby laughed. "Of course I am, Stephen." he said. "Always am!"

"Good to hear." remarked Stephen. "I think the Earl wants more decorations for this Christmas party."

"He wants candy canes this year." said Millie.

"And garland too." added Glynn as he pulled up alongside Stephen.

"Interesting." said Toby.

Then the Earl came outside the castle, he was worried. "Where's Thomas?" he asked. "He was supposed to deliver a flatbed of Christmas decorations and a Christmas tree from the Mainland to here." he said. "And he hasn't turned up yet."

"Do you think he's lost Stephen?" asked Toby.

"I do hope not." worried Stephen.

"We need decorations to make this a good party." said Sir Robert. "And now it looks as if this Christmas party will have to be cancelled." he sighed.

The engines gasped. "No don't please sir." pleaded Stephen.

"We like Christmas parties, especially the ones you hold." added Toby.

"Oh it's not just that, but we need Thomas to come." worried the Earl. "I'm going to call the Fat Controller to find out." So he went inside the castle and phoned the Fat Controller immediately.

The Fat Controller was in his office at Knapford, looking at his timetable. "So, Edward's at the steamworks and Percy is currently still at Ffarquhar waiting for his driver. Duck will be rested off his wheels once he finishes delivering letters and mails." The Fat Controller sighed, then the telephone rang. "Bother that telephone!" muttered the Fat Controller and he picked it up. "Hello, oh hi Sir Robert, what is that? Thomas has not turned up yet? I better find out about this immediately." He put the phone down. "Oh I do hope what's got into Thomas." wondered the Fat Controller, feeling quite worried. Then he received another phone call. "Another phone call?" The Fat Controller exclaimed. "What is it now?" He picked up the phone. "Hello, what? Thomas is trapped in a snowdrift on the Mainland, really? I'll get Harold to look for him right away." And he put the phone down. The Fat Controller worried even more. "Oh, Thomas." he sighed looking at a portrait of his number 1 blue engine.

Meanwhile at Dryaw airfield, Harold was resting his blades when his pilot got a very important call. "Harold, Thomas is lost on the Mainland and you must go and find him." he said.

Harold woke up. "Huh, oh yes of course." said Harold trying to wake up. "I'm always inspecting the island every time it's winter."

"I know that Harold." said his pilot. "But you should know this is urgent."

"I do know." said Harold. "Anyway, duty call!" Harold announced as he flew into the sky. Harold was soon hovering across the island, he looked down into every countryside and every location, but Thomas was nowhere to be seen. "Wait, my pilot said he's on the Mainland." Harold thought. "Uh, do I have to search the entire of there too?"

"Not entirely." said his pilot. "Perhaps just a small part." he suggested. Harold thought of this.

"Yes of course, right away!" He said as he flew faster. Harold flew across the Vicarstown Bridge where he saw Hiro crossing the bridge while taking a goods train to Sodor. "Hiro, have you seen Thomas anywhere?" Harold asked.

Hiro thought. "Sorry Harold, I haven't." he replied back.

"Oh, thank you anyway Hiro." said Harold as he flew further into the distance.

Hiro was confused. "Where could've Thomas got to?" he wondered.

Harold flew across the Mainland looking everywhere for Thomas, but everywhere he went, he just could not find Thomas anywhere. "Pilot, there's no sign of Thomas." Harold explained.

"Okay Harold." his pilot replied. "Let's head back to Sodor."

"Right away." said Harold as he flew back to Sodor, Harold flew a long way and soon he finally came back to Dryaw where he landed in the airfield nearby. The Fat Controller was there waiting.

"Any sign of Thomas?" he asked.

"Sorry sir, but Thomas was nowhere on the Mainland." explained Harold's pilot.

"Oh, thanks anyway." said the Fat Controller and he sadly got into his car and drove away.

Harold felt sorry for the Fat Controller. "Where else could Thomas be?" he thought. "He'll miss the Christmas party at Ulfstead Castle."

"And wasn't he the one who was sent to bring the decorations from there to Ulfstead?" thought Harold's pilot.

Harold gasped. "I think he was." he said.

"Do you think we could check again?" The pilot thought.

"Well, I don't see the point now considering we've only just came back to Sodor after a whole hour of searching for Thomas on the Mainland." said Harold.

"Okay, I'll call someone else." said Harold's pilot, he thought carefully. Then he had the answer. "I know," he said, "we'll call Donald and Douglas."

"Those two?" exclaimed Harold. "But why?"

"Well, Donald and Douglas always help when it's a snowy day, so perhaps they could search the Mainland on the ground for Thomas." thought Harold's pilot.

"Well, sounds like a great idea to me." said Harold.

"We'll do it!" said the pilot as he went to call Donald's driver.

However, Donald and Douglas were at Tidmouth waiting to hear if there were any more snow that needed clearing off the tracks or any rescues. "Ugh, we've been sat 'ere in the yard for ages." moaned Donald.

"Aye, I like workin' in the snow." agreed Douglas. Then Donald's driver received a call. "Oh, hello Dan, yes..."

"Who do ye think he's talkin' to?" asked Douglas.

"Search me." replied Donald.

"Oh, I'd thought ye know 'cos it's your driver." admitted Douglas.

"...yes, thank you, bye!" Donald's driver put the phone down and ran over to the two twins. "Donald and Douglas, we need your help!" he said. Donald and Douglas were glad to be doing something.

"Finally, a chance to help in the snow." said Donald.

"Aye." agreed Douglas. "But wait, who was that on the phone?" he asked.

"That was Harold's pilot." said Donald's driver.

"Anyway, what's the emergency?" asked Donald.

"Thomas is stuck in a snowdrift on the Mainland." The driver explained. "You must go and help him." he said.

"Isn't Harold doin' that, because his pilot rang you on the phone?" thought Douglas.

"Well, he said Harold has searched the whole of Sodor and the Mainland for Thomas and there is no sign of him, and he's too tired to fly any further, so you two have to search the ground to look for Thomas.

"Of course." said Donald as his driver ran back into his cab. "We'll have to help Thomas."

"And save Christmas once again." added Douglas, then the Scottish twins chuffed quickly away to find Thomas.

Meanwhile back at Ulfstead, the engines waited for Thomas to come.

"Where is he?" thought Millie.

"I don't know Millie." said Stephen.

"Thomas must be in trouble." thought Toby.

"I did warn him to be careful over at the Mainland." said Edward. "I just hope no diesels have captured him."

"I do hope not Edward." muttered Toby.

"This party can't start without him." groaned Glynn. Then Percy pulled into the estate, his driver was finally free from his house and he was back at work, he had just finished delivering letters and parcels to the many people of Sodor.

"Did I miss anything?" he asked.

"Perhaps something." muttered Duck.

"What do you mean?" asked Percy.

"Thomas has gone missing." Edward explained.

"He hasn't come with the decorations needed for the party." explained Stephen.

Percy gasped, he was worried about his friend. "Oh no, Thomas is in yet danger again?!" he exclaimed. "Why is it always him?"

"I don't know Percy." sighed Toby. "But once he finally arrives, the party can succeed."

The Earl was not very happy. "Has Thomas arrived yet?" he asked.

"Well, I'm sorry to say sir, but... no." Stephen sighed.

The Earl was upset. "If he doesn't come, then the party will have to be cancelled." he worried.

The Fat Controller was there also, he was worried then ever. "Oh, do please be safe Thomas." The Fat Controller groaned.

The other engines were all sad, especially Percy who was worried about his friend. "Oh do please be okay Thomas." he worried.

"I hope he is." sighed Edward.

Meanwhile, Donald and Douglas raced along the line towards the Mainland. "Hey Donal', why do ye think Thomas went to the Mainland?" asked Douglas.

"I'm not sure Douggie." replied Donald. "But... Oh, I remember now, Edward was meant to deliver a train of Christmas decorations from the Mainland to Ulfstead, but he broke down, so I think Thomas is doing the job instead." he puffed.

"I agree with ye there." said Douglas, they passed through Vicarstown and across the bridge.

"He must be around here somewhere." thought Donald, then he saw a large snowdrift up ahead. "Hey Douggie, see that snowdrift up ahead?"

"Yes I can Donal'." said Douglas. "Do ye think that's Thomas?"

"Maybe." wondered Donald, the two stopped right in front of the snowdrift, there was Thomas' driver and fireman who looked very red in the face after all the digging they did.

"Aah, glad you finally came." said Thomas' driver. "Thomas is stuck in this snowdrift." he explained.

"Yes, we heard." said Donald's driver. "I received a call from the Fat Controller earlier on." he said.

"Anyway, shall we just get Thomas out of that snowdrift or do nothing?" asked Douglas' driver.

"Dig him out of course." laughed his driver. "Well should I say... Donald and Douglas dig him out?" he chuckled.

"Of course." wheeshed Donald.

"We love snow, unlike most engines." added Douglas.

"Right shall we push Thomas or pull him oout?" asked Donald.

"I dunno." thought Douglas. "We can't pull 'im oout because of our snowploughs in the way of our couplings." he said,

"So we'll just have to push 'im oout instead then." said Donald and he switched tracks onto Thomas' line, with Douglas located behind him. "Now then Douggie." said Donald. "On the count of three."

"Hey, I'm not ready yet." moaned Douglas.

"Then hurry up then." said Donald impatiently.

"That's enough you two." interrupted Donald's driver.

"Sorry aboot that." said Donald innocently. "Anyway, as I said before, on the count of three; three, two, one, NOW!" The Scottish twins moved backwards and then started moving before very quickly and with a loud bash, they hit the snowdrift was in Thomas.

"Ow! That hurt!" moaned Douglas. "And my snowplough's broken because I bashed into you."

"Mine's still intact." said Donald. "Did we do it?"

"Sadly no, we just got things worst." sighed Thomas' driver. "Even more snow has just toppled on top of him."

"Do you think we could get more help Bob?" thought Douglas' driver.

"I think we could Alan." said Thomas' driver. "I'll call for Terence the Tractor." he said.

"Terence, why him?" asked Donald.

"He only just smoothens the snow with 'is caterpillar wheels." added Douglas.

"Yes, but he can still help, besides we need more then just the two of you to help Thomas." Donald's driver said.

"I'll call for Farmer Finney right now." said Thomas' driver and he phoned Farmer Finney.

Meanwhile, Terence was ploughing in a field when his farmer received a call. "Hang on a minute Terence." said Farmer Finney. "Somebody's calling me." And he picked up his cell-phone and put it towards his ear. "Hello, oh hi Lawrence, what's that? Don't worry, I'll be right there." And he put the phone down. "Terence, you're needed urgently." said Farmer Finney.

"Urgent?!" exclaimed Terence. "Yes of course, but where?"

"Thomas is stuck under a snowdrift on the Mainland and he needs your help Terence." Farmer Finney explained.

"The Mainland?" Terence exclaimed. "But how can I make it all the way there, I'm not fast enough?"

"Oh, that's the real problem." sighed Farmer Finney. "I'll see if a spare engine can come and pick you up." And he got out his cell-phone. "Hello!" he said, but he didn't get an answer. "I didn't get an answer that time." he said, and he tried again. "Hello, ahh, hello Charlie Sands, how are you? That's great, anyway Thomas is in trouble on the Mainland and someone needs to bring Terence over to the accident, you wouldn't mind if Edward did it would you? Oh, great, thanks Charlie, bye!" And Farmer Finney once again put his phone down. "Terence, Edward is coming to get you." Farmer Finney said.

"Of course sir." said Terence eagerly, he waited for Edward to arrive, but he took quite a while, Terence suddenly grew bored. "Oh hurry up." he said impatiently. "I love daring rescues."

"Just be patient please." Farmer Finney sighed. "Edward's an old engine you know."

"I know." replied Terence. "I just love rescuing, specially if it's in the snow." Then at long last, Edward arrived with a flatbed.

"Hello Terence." Edward whistled.

"Oh, hi Edward." said Terence. "So Thomas has had an accident I hear."

"My driver said." Edward explained. "But now I've come so I can bring you to the Mainland."

"Great." said Terence. "But, how am I supposed to get on the flatbed without a breakdown crane?" he asked.

"Oh, well..." Edward thought, then he had an idea. "I know," he said, "we can get Butch to come and lift you onto the flatbed."

"Butch?" exclaimed Terence. "But Butch is not exactly for putting engines/vehicles back on the rails, he usually just tows them, that's simply it."

"Yes I know Terence, but we haven't got much time." Edward wheeshed.

"Alright." muttered Terence. "Make this quick."

"I'll call for Butch." Farmer Finney said and he once again got his phone out. Soon, Butch arrived to put Terence onto the flatbed, it took him a while to get there because of the snow, and he panted swiftly.

"Sorry I'm late Terence." said Butch. "But all this snow is getting in the way, I just can't grip it at all." he said.

"That's alright, Butch." said Terence. "But I want lifting on this flatbed."

"No problem." said Butch and he towed Terence out of the field he was in, and found a crossing nearby, and towed him across it and onto the tracks, Terence's caterpillars tripped and tapped along the rails.

"Uh Butch, this is dangerous." Terence warned.

"I know it is." said Butch. "But that's the only way I can get you on this flatbed."

"Okay." said Terence, and slowly and carefully, Butch tried to lift Terence onto the flatbed, his crane arm ached him, but he was determined.

"Wow Terence, you're heavy." Butch commented.

"But you can still do it, right?" asked Terence.

"Sure thing." panted Butch and at last, he got Terence on the flatbed.

"Ah, thanks Butch." said Terence.

"Any time." chuckled Butch. "Now I must go all the way through this thick snow back to the search and rescue centre, I'll see yous all later!" And Butch raced away.

"See you, Butch." Edward whistled and he chuffed off immediately.

Donald and Douglas waited by the snowdrift Thomas was buried under for Terence to arrive. "Och, where is that Terence?" thought Donald.

"He surely does take a long time 'ta get 'ere, 'cos he's a tractor of course." remarked Douglas.

"He'll be here soon... I hope." said Donald's driver, then Edward pulled in with Terence.

"I'm here now." said Terence. "Right, now where's Thomas?"

"Under that big snowdrift." Donald told him.

Terence got his caterpillars running immediately. "I'm on it!" he said. Terence pulled and pulled, with all his might, Thomas was very heavy indeed. "Wow, Thomas is heavier then last time I pulled him out of a snowdrift." Terence commented, he was struggling to pull both Thomas and his flatbed. "Can... I get... some *pants* help here... please?!" Terence asked quite gruff and red in the face.

"'Dinna worry Terence," said Donald, "we'll come and help ye."

"Thanks you two." said Terence, who felt like he was going to give up.

"We'll have 'ta help the poor tractor." said Douglas. "Have ye seen his face?"

"Aye, I have." replied Donald. "Then go and help him then. Come on!" And the two twins were coupled up behind Thomas' flatbed.

"Okay." said Thomas' driver. "On the count of three; three, two, one, PULL!!!" he shouted and Donald, Douglas and Terence pulled Thomas with all of their might, the flatbed with the Christmas decorations was beginning to move.

"We've got this!" cried Donald.

"The flatbed's movin'" added Douglas.

"We've nearly got the hang of it." chuckled Terence as the flatbed was finally out of the snowdrift. Now it was only Thomas left.

"Thomas is quite heavy." said Terence. "But we mustn't give up."

"Aye, whut 'e said." agreed Donald.

"Let's get pullin' already." added Douglas and the Scottish twins and Terence began to pull Thomas out the thick snow, Thomas was heavy, but they used all their might and strength to rescue the trapped tank engine from the snow.

"We must NOT! give up." struggled Terence.

"We aren't givin' up!" said Donald.

"I know." said Terence. Suddenly, some of the snow tumbled off of Thomas' boiler.

"You see that Donal'?" said Douglas.

"I sure did, Douggie." replied Donald.

"We're getting it!" cried Terence.

"Carry on!" shouted Thomas' driver, and they continued to pull, Thomas' wheels were moving slightly along the rails.

"We're pulling him!" burst out Terence.

"N-Nearly there!" said Donald starting to struggle. Finally, Thomas was rescued from the snow. Everyone cheered.

"HOORAY!" cheered Terence. "Thomas is free."

"Thank you all!" congratulated Thomas' driver. "I thought we'd be stuck in that snowdrift for ever."

"Aye, but you dinna hav' to worry when we're along." said Donald.

"Indeed." agreed Douglas, Thomas breathed heavily, he had snow covering his whole face and he lacked the ability to breath.

"Th-Thank you!" he said while breathing out. "I need t-to take this Christmas tree now."

"Yes indeed Thomas." said his driver. "We mustn't delay."

"Let's get on our way." added the fireman.

"Haha, you made a rhyme there John." chuckled Thomas' driver.

"So I did." said the fireman back.

Thomas could breath again. "Right!" he said. "I am extremely late to bring all these decorations to the Earl's Christmas Party, and it's nearly dusk."

"Dinna worry Thomas, we'll help ye out." said Donald.

"We helped you, so no bother helpin' you again." added Douglas.

"Thanks everyone." said Thomas.

Terence wouldn't be able to get all the way back to Sodor because of how slow he was. "Um, excuse me." he said. "You wouldn't mind saving some space for me to go on that flatbed would you?" Terence asked.

"Of course not." said Thomas. "But we'll have to be quick now." So Terence was loaded onto the flatbed with the Christmas decorations, which were all moved aside.

"Okay, are we ready now?" asked Thomas.

"More than ready." replied Donald.

"We better get goin' immediately." said Douglas.

"Let's go!" tooted Thomas and the three engines chuffed back to Sodor.

Up at the Ulfstead Castle, everyone was waiting, they had waited for hours for Thomas to come and he hadn't shown up once, it was already dark and the engines worried, but the Earl was more worried then ever, he decided to make an announcement. "Okay everyone." he said. "Thomas has not come with the decorations yet, so it looks like..." He didn't speak for a few seconds. Everyone waited for him to continue, the Earl spoke up again. "...we'll have to cancel the Christmas party." he finished. The engines felt miserable and dispirited, they knew this would be the worst Christmas ever. Then suddenly, rattling of wheels could be heard. Everyone stopped, they all listened carefully.

"Is that an engine?" wondered Duck.

"I'm not sure." muttered Toby.

"Shhh, I can hear it again." noted Glynn.

"Who do you think it will be?" asked Percy curiously. "I do hope it's Thomas."

"We all do Percy." said Edward.

"It's bound to me." added Stephen. The engines could now hear whistling too.

"Wait, I just heard Donald and Douglas' whistles." said Duck.

"Didn't they go to rescue Thomas?" Stephen asked.

"I think so." said Glynn.

Then another whistle blew which brightened the engines' faces. "Hear that whistle?!" cried out Stephen. "It's Thomas!"

"Thomas?" Percy exclaimed. "He's here, hoorah!" The engines whistled happily, the Fat Controller also heard Thomas' whistle.

"Hear that Sir Robert?" he asked.

"What, I didn't hear anything." Sir Robert Norramby muttered sadly.

"I heard Thomas' whistle." The Fat Controller said.

"Did you really?" asked the Earl curiously.

"Yes of course." The Fat Controller replied.

The Earl was excited. "Hoorah!!" he cheered. "Thomas is here." Then through the castle gates came Thomas, Donald and Douglas with the Christmas decorations, everyone noticed them.

"It's Thomas!!" shouted Percy and the whole estate was surrounded with whistles and cheers. "Oh Thomas, I'm so glad you're back." Percy peeped.

"So am I." chuckled Thomas. "But I wouldn't have done it without Donald, Douglas and Terence." he said.

"Aye, we're responsible." admitted Donald.

"We saved yet another Christmas." said Douglas.

"And my first Christmas of saving." added Terence.

The Earl was eager to take the decorations to Thomas' flatbed, he ordered his workmen to get to work at once. Soon, the entire castle was decorated with lights, tinsel and a large Christmas tree with a star on top. The Earl loved his castle now. "Such decorated and beautiful." he said. "Don't you think Sir Topham?"

"I sure do myself." said the Fat Controller. "I'm so glad that my number 1 engine is still safe."

"Haha, I wonder what it would be like without a number 1 engine Sir Topham." said the Earl.

"Well, Glynn was my number 1 engine until Thomas arrived." said the Fat Controller.

"And then I decided he could work here at the castle, so he's now my owner." The Earl finished off.

"Indeed he is." chuckled the Fat Controller.

Percy was curious to know what Thomas had been doing. "Please tell me all about your day." said Percy.

"Well Percy." said Thomas. "There's too much to explain really, but it all started when I headed over to the Mainland to collect the Christmas decorations and I was getting ready to come back until I hit a snowdrift and got trapped." he explained.

Percy was amazed. "Wow!" he said. "How exciting!"

"That's all really." said Thomas. "And yes of course, Donald, Douglas and Terence came to the rescue."

"We all know now." peeped Percy.

Then Sir Robert Norramby stood on top of a crate and took out his microphone. "Quiet everybody!!!" he said as all the engines stopped and turned silent. The Earl began his speech. "Ladies and gentlemen!" he announced. "Welcome to this year's Christmas party!" And the engines blew their whistles again. "Silence!" The Earl shouted. "But this Christmas felt like it wouldn't have had a party at all." said the Earl continuing his speech. "And that is because Thomas had a little accident on the Mainland while collecting the Christmas decorations needed for the party and because of this, the Christmas Party would've been cancelled completely, but with the help of our friends here; Donald, Douglas and Terence, Thomas was able to come here on time, and I wanted to say; three cheers for our Christmas heroes!" The Earl announced and the engines whistled with delight. Then the brass band began to play Christmas party, while everyone danced to the tune as the engines watched the people dancing with their loved-ones and children, even the Fat Controller danced along with his wife Lady Hatt.

"This is wonderful isn't it dear?" said the Fat Controller.

"It sure is." chuckled Lady Hatt. "Dancing together, something we haven't done in a long time."

"I know." said the Fat Controller. The other engines, however were really wanting to know what happened to Thomas that day.

"What happened over at the Mainland?" quipped Duck.

"Did a Mainland Diesel catch you?" asked Stephen.

"Were you held up at a junction?" asked Glynn.

The engines had so many questions to ask Thomas, that he didn't know which question to answer first, until Edward told them: "Okay that's enough, let's just leave Thomas to have a couple seconds of peace and enjoy the party." he said.

"Oh uh, okay." chuckled Glynn sheepishly.

"Thanks Edward." whispered Thomas.

"It's alright." said Edward. "You should be happy that you're safe at home with us."

"And indeed I am." replied Thomas.

"Oh, by the way Thomas, just one question, you were careful at the Mainland right?" Edward asked.

"Yes indeed." said Thomas. "Nobody was around, nor any diesel."

"Well, that's glad to hear." said Edward. "Now I'd say we should just sit and enjoy the party."

"Indeed!" agreed Thomas as he and Edward watched people dancing while listening to the music as well. Thomas was glad to be back on Sodor and hoped next time, he wouldn't run into any danger, beyond Sodor.




  • References to the first season television episode, Thomas, Terence and the Snow, the sixth season television episode It's Only Snow and the 2015 television special The Adventure Begins are made.
  • The song There's Snow Place Like Home plays at the Christmas party at Ulfstead.
  • This episode shares the same name as a Thomas & Friends DVD which contained five Christmas episodes from the twentieth season of the television series.