Tidmouth Sheds are the main sheds on the North Western Railway.


When the headquarters were moved from Vicarstown to Tidmouth in 1925, a four road shed was built.

In Adventures on Rails it was originally a five road shed, and later somewhere in the late 1960s, it was rebuilt into a massive shed with a turntable with eleven berth saround it for the engines, a small kitchen and a fire place. It also has a repair line where broken engines can be repaired. Outside, there is a small siding then, a coal bunker and a water tower further on. Apart from the sixteenth season, there was graffiti on the sides of the shed, and an old van stating "Diesel 10 wuz here" on the other side of the water tower and coal bunker.

In Sodor Adventures, it's an eight-berth shed, where Henry, Gordon, James, Emily, Bear, and Duck usually sleep. Thomas, Percy, Toby, Donald, Douglas, and Oliver have slept here on occasion as well.

In Thomas the Slender Engine

Tidmouth Sheds is wandered by Tiny Gordon at Day and Tank Gordon at Night. Paul‘s dead body can be seen hanging from one of the trees.


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