• Hey, thanks for leaving feedback for Christmas with Friends. Sometimes I can't leave comments for whatever reason, so I thought I'd just reply back here, 'cause I do appreciate it.

    So once again, thanks for the comments, they really help. I just want to say that these episodes have been fun, and I very much look forward to continuing them in future. Still not sure what to do, but at least I've a page listing them all at least. And yeah, I like to ask for feedback 'cause I never know if it might trigger more story ideas. Everyone has different ways to come up with story ideas. For me, it can be a comment from you or even my friends and family. Story ideas have come from many places is all I can say! So, after thinking about it, I figured it would be nice to see Thomas a bit more on Edward's line. It was a nice opportunity to see Thomas in a different environment, new sights and such. Plus, it is also nice to have episodes arcs as was very common in series one and two. It was a good idea and I went along with it. Heed my words, never let a good idea go to waste. I almost did for Thomas and the Avalanche. Now I can't believe I held the update back. And its not that the original was bad, I quite liked it, but the new idea if you've seen, for me is just even better.

    I'm glad you enjoyed this episode that ties this arc together. Looking back, it does lack action, but there is humour as you pointed out and it does have some sweet moments. Once again I want to stress Thomas-Edward dynamic. It was really shown in TAB and just wish could be shown more. Personally I like it. It is beneficial for both characters. Edward is almost perfect. So what? His mentor role creates plenty of story opporunities. Repeated. Maybe. But some lessons are worth repeating. I think many people have someone they rely on for help or advice or such. And I'm sure I've explained the importance and lasting of the moral in many of Edward's story which is why he's so memorable and I've related it to real-life so I won't bother here. Basically, by continuing the saga, I was once again able to showcase Thomas and Edward and that was great.

    Once again, thanks for reading through. I hope you enjoyed Christmas and are having a great start to the year. 75th anniversary of the brand and it's glad I'll be to celebrate it with this community.

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    • Hey MainLineEngines! Sorry for the late response (been busy with my own series and other things), but your very welcome for my feedback. I’m glad that they were helpful and I really did think your episodes regarding Edward and Thomas on his branchline were written pretty well.

      Also, I completely agree with you about never letting a good idea go to waste: even if you think it might be bad, just go fir it and see what happens. Believe me, there were a few my episodes that I thought they were not going to be good (i.e. A Friend in Ferdinand), but then they turned out to be just fine and people liked them. So good for you for trying out your episodes with Thomas on Edward's Branchline.

      By the way, I like how you’re adding screenshots from the television series to your episodes lately. Kind of gives us a better idea of what’s happening in your episodes, so good idea there too.

      Lastly, I hope you had a Merry Christmas too and your New Year is going well too and here’s to 75 years of our favorite blue tank engine and (hopefully) many more years to come :)

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