• Hi Semaj5nodrog4, but I was wondering, if you were to make a special in your series The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor, what would it be called and what would the plot be about?

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    • Hey there OliverDuckandToad11, thanks for asking. I’ve actually been thinking about doing a special for my series for a while and this year, I’m planning on doing it.

      The special I had in mind would be similar to the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” and Thomas would be the main character. I don’t want to spoil too much, but let’s just say a few surprise characters would make an appearance that don’t appear in Thomas, are related to the series in a way.

      It would also be a Christmas special as well, so it would be released in December, so we’re going to have to wait a while. I want to finish my first season before I do the special as well, but I promise when the time comes, the special will be good and I’m sure you’ll like it :)

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    • Okay, can't wait to see the special if it does air.

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