Warning: This game is not for kids.


Thomas the Slender Engine 3D Edition is a Thomas & Friends horror game and the final installment in Thomas the Slender Engine. The story mode is inspired by Slender: The Arrival and the collection mode is inspired by Slender: The Eight Pages. It is a 3D reboot of the second game. This game was the only one not deleted.


Spencer turned Thomas and all of his friends into monstrous beings with special coal/oil. You play as Emily’s Engine Driver and you must go on a journey to collect oil cans to turn everyone back to normal.

Game Modes

  • Story: Play as Emily’s Engine Driver and go on a journey to save Sodor and Teletubby Land.
  • Collect: Explore a wide variety of Maps to find eight oil cans and avoid the monster(s).
  • Versus: Play as an engine driver and collect oil cans or play as a monster and protect your oil cans.
  • Survival: Face off against nine waves of enemies and then the final boss.

Collect, Versus, and Survival Maps and Threats


  • Even though Spencer was the one that caused the disaster, he framed Diesel 10 for it.
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