Thomas and the Trucks is the third episode of The Dark Days of Thomas the Tank Engine.


"What happened after you came back from the Works?" asked Percy.

Thomas looked over to see Toby snoring happily.

"Well, why don't I tell you now?"

And he began

(from here, Thomas narrates)

I came back from Brighton Works as goods as new, despite it only being my third day.

"So unscratched," observed No. 102.

"Full abrevation of the railway," No. 103 observed.

"No dents, bumps," added No. 100.

"Oh, he'll soon have some scratches," No. 101 said.

Just then, the Dock Manager arrived.

"An engine is coming with some coal trucks. Nos 101 and 104, I want you two to move them to the coal bunker. No. 100 you shall arrange trucks, and you two shall load trucks. Got it?"

"Yes, Sir," we replied and set off.

Later, the engine came as No. 102 and No. 103 set off with a goods train.

"Hullo," I said

"Oh, hullo. You must be the new E2."

"He is," No. 101 replied. "Now let's move these trucks."

The engine was uncoupled and I pulled them to the coal bunker.

"Remember what we told you with trucks," No. 101 said.

"Every day, engines try, to move us around, but we won't, we won't go," the trucks sang and indeed they didn't move.

"Move along you stupid trucks," I yelled crossly, but No. 101 could see I was getting red in the face.

"No, no! We don't want to!" they yelled as I moved them towards the coal bunker.

"You're doing good, keep it up," No. 101 yelled.

There was now sand on the rails, so I had a good grip, but suddenly a coupling snapped!

"Don't pull too hard!" 

The trucks laughed as I recovered.

"You trucks will pay!" and I biffed them, and they rolled to another siding and broke the buffers and were in pieces.

"Oops," I said weakly.

No. 100 and No. 101 helped clear the mess and we had the coal loaded by lunchtime.

(Thomas narration ends here)

"Wow, the only other engines I've known to smash trucks to pieces are Diesel 10 and Diesel."

"Well, Percy. I was young back then, freshly built, ready to smash trucks."

The two engines laughed and went to sleep.


  • Thomas
  • No. 100
  • No. 101
  • No. 102
  • No. 103
  • Percy
  • Toby (non-speaking role)
  • Diesel 10 (mentioned)
  • Diesel (mentioned)
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