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Thomas and the Lighthouse is the eighteenth story of the second volume.

Thomas and the Lighthouse
Season X, Episode 44
Air date 13 September 2020
Written by Abi Grant (original)

MainLineEngines (adapted)

Directed by MainLineEngines
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Thomas had been to the Works to be mended. It took a while but finally he was ready to head back to his branch line. He was just about to leave when Molly came in shunting Emily.

"My safety-valve burst," said Emily.

"I have to take her passenger train to Norramby. But that means I can't take the goods," said Molly.

"I'm ready to go," said Thomas. "I can take the goods train for you."

"Are you sure you're ready?" asked Molly.

"Of course," answered Thomas.

Then Victor came up.

"I'd take care though," he warned. "Your brakes may be stiff."

"I'm sure I'll be all right," said Thomas, firmly.

Molly was worried too.

"Just in case, I'll help you to Vicarstown," she said.

So the two engines headed to Vicarstown.

"Before I forget," said Molly."The Lighthouse needs a new light-bulb. It's secure on the flat-truck but you still have to take care."

"All right. I'll be careful," replied Thomas.

"And don't go too fast," said Molly. "Your brakes may still be stiff as Victor said."

"Don't worry, Molly. I'll be all right," said Thomas.

"If you say so," murmured Molly and she puffed over to her coaches.

Not long after Molly left, Thomas was on his way. He was running well. As he approached the station, the signal showed clear so Thomas passed through safely.

"We're making good time," said Thomas. "Then after this, I can go back to my Branch Line."

"I can't wait to see Annie and Clarabel again," he thought to himself.

Thomas was eager to get back home and he began to go faster.

"Steady Thomas," called the Driver.

"Not long now. Not long now," chuffed Thomas.

The Driver was worried however.

"I think it's best we slow down," he said.

"Nonsense. We're running fine," said Thomas.

"We'll be reaching Norramby any minute now," replied the Driver.

The Driver started to slow Thomas down but it was too late.

The yellow signal appeared warning them that the station was near.

"Brakes, Guard!" called Thomas.

The van's brakes came on. The Driver turned Thomas's brake handle but nothing happened.

Thomas had to stop but he was still going too fast!

"Help!" cried Thomas.

He passed right through the station and into the yard.

The Signalman saw what was happening and diverted Thomas into a siding. He hit the buffers with a bump!

"Oh dear. I think I heard some glass shatter," groaned Thomas.

The Fireman found that the bulb was broken.

"We'll have to go back to Vicarstown to get a new one from the warehouse," said the Fireman.

Thomas backed out of the siding and shunted all the trucks into the place but he still needed to go back to Vicarstown to collect a new bulb.

Just then, Molly puffed up. She had seen everything.

"Hey Molly."

"Hey Thomas. I saw what happened," she said.

"You did?"


"Well, you were right. I should have been more careful. My brake handle was rather stiff so I couldn't stop in time."

"Well, I just want to look out for you."

"I know. But now I need to get back to Vicarstown, collect a new bulb and bring back here before sunset."

"Don't worry," said Molly. "I have a train due in a few minutes. You can double-head with me and as long as there's a new bulb ready and waiting at Vicarstown, you can head straight back. But be careful."

"Sounds like a plan," agreed Thomas.

So it was arranged. Thomas and Molly pulled the passenger train to Vicarstown. They arrived safely. By now, a new light bulb was waiting for Thomas. He was soon coupled up to the flat-truck.

"Off you go then," said Molly.

"I promise I'll be careful," said Thomas.

Thomas puffed away. The sun was starting to go down now.

"The Lighthouse needs to shine its light in the dark," thought Thomas.

As Thomas puffed along, he wanted to go faster but he knew he had to take care.

"Not too fast Thomas," reminded the Driver.

"We have to get there safely," agreed Thomas. "And hopefully before it gets dark."

"Don't worry. We'll make it," replied the Driver.

It was nearly dark when Thomas made it to the Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse Keeper was glad to see him.

"We'll get the new bulb installed immediately."

Soon it was installed and the light shone brightly across the sea. The light could be seen for miles. Thomas puffed over to the station where he met Molly. From there, they could see the light shining across the sea. It made the sea sparkle and in the distance, they could lights coming from boats.

"What a marvellous sight," said Thomas.

"It certainly is," said Molly. "Thanks for delivering the bulb."

"No problem. But now, I have to head back to my Branch Line."

"Take care then."

"I will," said Thomas, and he puffed slowly home.




  • This story is based of the series eleven episode of the same name. Thomas being at the Works for repairs is taken from Thomas in Trouble, from the same series.
  • Emily appears to be working on the Norramby Branch Line. However, it would not be until Emily's New Route later on that would officially establish Emily running on the Norramby Branch. Because of that, this episode takes place after Molly's Idea and the aforementioned story.