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Thomas and Oliver is the first episode of the first season of Adventures on Sodor.


Thomas lover his friends, and helping them too, and when he saw Duck pulling a train of fruit, Thomas came over. "Where's that fruit going?" Thomas asked. "To the Mainland, there's a festival." Duck explained. "The Fat Controller wanted me to get somebody to run my branch line when I'm gone for a few hours." Duck told Thomas. "Can I?" Thomas politely asked, and Duck agreed and went to the Mainland.

Thomas arrived at the Little Western, and Oliver and Toad were both there. "Hello!" They both said, and Thomas smiled. "Hi, Oliver and Toad. Anyways, what do I do?" He said after. Oliver chuckled. "Do you think you can handle the private trucks?" He asked. Thomas thought. "I'll try! As I'm really useful!" Thomas said loudly, and Oliver and Toad smiled. So, Thomas coupled to a train of trucks, and Oliver did too. Both of the trains were all private trucks. So, when they arrived at Knapford, Thomas was tired out. So, Oliver pushed him to the Little Western. But, they were confused to see Sir Topham Hatt there.

"Thomas, Oliver, you must pull a long train." "Yes sir." Oliver said. So, the two coupled up. And, Toad was at the end. So, the two went everywhere they needed to be. Thomas kept moving faster and faster, and Oliver trailed behind, keeping the trucks in order. Engines were impressed. So, when they got to Blue Mountain Quarry, the engines whistled their whistles and blew their horns. When they returned, Sir Topham Hatt and Duck were there. "You two did amazing!" Duck happily said, and Sir Topham Hatt agreed. "You may return to your branch line now, Thomas." Sir Topham Hatt told Thomas, and with that, Thomas whistled goodbye, and couldn't wait to go to his branch line.


Various engines and diesels are also anonymously mentioned.