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Thomas Made up Characters and Episodes Wiki

We let users create series, episodes, and engines but read this page first before you do anything.

Major Rules

  1. As per Wikia's guidelines, you must be 13 or over to join. Anyone found out will be blocked until the age of 13.
  2. No cussing, swearing, or bad language (even if it's abbreviated!).
  3. No spamming
  4. No dissing anyone (including yourself).
  5. No saying "Thomas is for babies" or anything because it's completely useless, and a waste of time for everyone.
  6. Only edit your user page.
  7. Please do not backseat moderate. If you see a user breaking a rule, please tell an admin or moderator and they will take care of it. 
  8. Multiple accounts are not allowed. If found to have multiple accounts, all except original will be blocked.
  9. Absolutely no vandalism!
  10. Please sign in before making an edit. Making it as an anonymous user is considered spam as doing so, we do not know who the person is. 
  11. Be kind and respect all users, especially admins who have the authority to block anyone.
  12. Don't advertise other peoples' series.

Fan Fiction Rules

This is a fan-fiction wiki, so you are allowed to begin contributing when you join. Please consider these rules when creating your fanfics.

  1. You must have permission to use another user's character. However characters that have been introduced in either the Railway Series or the Television Series don't need permission to use.
  2. You must not directly ripoff other creators' exact stories and pass them off as your own. Having similar ideas is alright though, as long as it isn't too similar.
  3. Keep the foul language to a limit on you fan works and please use this warning if your episode is to use a lot of foul language. Warning: This episode may contain strong language which may not be suitable for some audiences! Viewers discretion is advised. 
  4. No cross overs with other source materials.
  5. Keep your topic Thomas related.
  6. Keep it clean! No mature references such as swearing, shipping or bathroom talk will be tolerated.

Picture Rules

  • Do not upload really small images
  • No violent pictures.
  • Pictures with title cards edited into them are fine, as long as they are clear and appropriate.
  • Please make sure to ask an admin when uploading engine prototypes, as they may be copyrighted.

Comment Rules

  1. Please keep comments related to the page.
  2. Comments can be used for reviewing an episode, leaving feedback and ratings as well as questions, brief discussions or things you think might be worth adding to the page.
  3. When giving feedback to another user, please try give constructive critisim. In other words, do not be rude, blunt or impolite. Simply, explain what you think could be improved.
  4. Please respect others' opinions. No two people have to agree on something, but it is best to be respectful rather than get into arguements.

Admin/Chat Moderator

If you want to become one then follow the rules. If the founder thinks you are a good user, he will give you rights.


Please obey and follow these rules, failure will lead to a scolding. If it persists, expect blockage.

Your founder- MainLineEngines Admins; Mays, Rawrlego, Thomas Sir Handel, Brandon10002 and DonaldDouglasandToby6