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Thomas, Percy and the Mail Train is the seventh episode of the eighteenth season.

Thomas, Percy and the Mail Train
Season 18, Episode 7
Air date 11 November 2014
Written by Britt Allcroft and David Mitton (original)

MainLineEngines (adapted)

Directed by MainLineEngines
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Everyday, after all the engines are tucked away into the night, you can still hear the sound of two engines' wheels bustling through the night.

This is the sound of the Mail Train, usually pulled by Thomas and Percy.

The two engines puff all across Sodor delivering mail to the stations making the mail system flow much faster.

The loads are split due to vast amount of track being covered.

But one night, the international mail was late.

"We're going to have to make up time," complained Percy.

"We'll have to do it quicker than ever before," agreed Thomas.

At last, their loads were loaded and they set off into the moonlit night.

But it was late, when Percy reached the last station.

Percy arrived back at the Sheds, very tired indeed.

"Hullo, Percy. Why are you awake so early?" asked Daisy.

"No, I'm back tired," he sighed, and fell asleep before his Driver parked him into place.

He had a rest, and then continued his daily routine.

Later, he met Thomas at Dryaw, when Harold landed next to them.

"Have you heard the news, chaps?" announced Harold.

"What news?" they asked.

"They're going to scrap the Mail Train and put me instead after the delays last night. Wings work wonders you know, always."

"But that wasn't our fault!" protested Percy.

"I know. The Fat Controller tried to explain that to this Mail person, but he wouldn't listen. We'll just have to do it quicker than we've ever done before," replied Thomas.

Their crews set off earlier that night, their loads were soon loaded, and they set off eagerly into the night.

(montage footage of engines delivering their loads whilst 'Night Train' theme plays in background)

Presently, Thomas reached a station.

There was a man, he was cold, he had missed his train home.

"We can give you a lift in the brake van, though it might be a bit uncomfortable," said his Driver.

"Oh, thanks. Anything's better than being here in the cold," he replied.

The next day, Percy puffed cheerfully into Dryaw and saw Harold.

"What's wrong, lazywings? Are you too tired to fly today?" teased Percy.

"The wind's too strong. I've been grounded," moaned Harold.

"You need rails!" laughed Percy. "Rails work wonders you know, always."

Percy left with The Truck laughing and chortling behind him.

That night, the Fat Controller had a message. It was from the man who missed his train home.

"He wanted to thank you for being Really Useful Engines and that the Mail Train is the pride of the line."

This made Thomas and Percy feel very proud indeed.