Thomas' Christmas Tales titled Christmas Tales From the Island of Sodor in the US is a one hour Christmas segment that aired Christmas 2012 and 2013.

2012 version

The 2012 version has two original tenth season episodes with one seventh season episode from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends with a few lines changed. It has three songs and interactive segments.


  1. Thomas' Snow Rescue
  2. Not So Hasty Puddings
  3. Stationmasters and Christmas


  1. The Snow Song- Before intro.
  2. Winter Wonderland- before first segment.
  3. Don't Judge a Book By its Cover- after third episode.
  4. Engine Roll Call (instrumental version from HOTR)- during end credits.

Interactive Segments

  1. Snowploughs (live)- The importance of snowploughs is explained- played between first and second episode.
  2. Fixing Thomas' Snowploughs (3D)- Thomas' snowplough needs to be fixed- played between second and third episode.
  3. Help Percy choose the Right Tracks through a snow block (live)- Percy needs to find the right way through the snow- played before third episode after second segment.


The DVD of the same name includes one sixth and one seventh season from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.


Join Thomas, Percy, and Oliver for all exciting winter adventures. See what happenes when Percy wants to bring a stationmaster Christmas spirit, and see him be turned into Jack Frost. And see Thomas cope with his snowplough to rescue Daisy and Elizabeth. See Oliver deliver supplies, whilst in the cold. Hop on board for exciting Christmas time fun!


  1. Not So Hasty Puddings
  2. Stationmasters and Christmas
  3. Jack Frost
  4. Snow Engine
  5. Thomas' Snow Rescue


  1. Snow
  2. Winter Wonderland

Bonus Features

  • The interactive segments
  • Decorate Tidmouth Sheds
  • Deliver mail with Percy

2013 version

It contains an extended rewrite of Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure, and two other episodes are, like the previous version from a season, this time the fifteenth season. It also included three songs, but unlike the previous version, lacked the interactive segments. A DVD released on January 7th.


  1. Thomas' Christmas Party
  2. Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree
  3. Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure


  1. The Snow Song
  2. Winter Wonderland
  3. Hey Hey Thomas!
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