Thomas' Brothers are the other nine E2s built for the London, Brighton, and South Coast Railway.


Nos. 100-103

They were built before Thomas (no. 104) and showed him the ways.

Nos. 105-109

These other five E2s were built after Thomas went to Sodor. They are not seen, but are Thomas' younger brothers.


They are all (including Thomas pre-1915) painted in black with LB&SCR in white on their tanks. The Nos. 100-109 are painted in white on their cab. Later, their number is prefixed with 2000 and SR on their tanks, and finally prefixed with 30000 with the BR logo on their tanks. The SR and BR liveries do not apply to Thomas.


None of Thomas' Brothers were preserved leaving Thomas as the only E2 left. They are as follows

  • No. 100- November 1961
  • No. 101- September 1962
  • No. 102- October 1961
  • No. 103- October 1962
  • No. 105- September 1962
  • No. 106- October 1962
  • No. 107- February 1961
  • No. 108- June 1962
  • No. 109- April 1963

Personas and Scratches

Since only Nos. 100-103 have been fully introduced, only their personas can be shows. No. 100 was the first of the ten built, and mostly watches out for the others and keeps them out of trouble; he has a scratch that covers the 'C'. No. 101 likes action and playing with trucks, though doesn't speak that often; most noteable is a scratch in his firebox and crossing out the 'L' on his tanks. No. 102 is good friends with No. 103 and they both know how to handle trucks. They also have scratches on their bunkers, with No. 102's crossing out the '1'.

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