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Thomas' Bizarre Adventures is an Upcoming American/Canadian/British Comedy Series that is created by

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Joseph Isted, It will arrive on Joseph Isted's YouTube And VLARE Channels called Thomas Is Love Thomas Is Life in 2020, It will air on NTV Comedy in the UK In 2020.


Season 1

  1. Thomas And A Different Donald and Douglas
  2. Geoffrey Comes To Sodor
  3. The Missing Funnel
  4. Thomas And Percy's Nutty Bunkers


  • This Show was released in the same year the actual Thomas show celebrated its 75th Anniversary.
  • This is the first Thomas Fan Show not to feature Edward, Henry and Toby.
  • The Best Friend relationships are different from other Thomas fan media.
    • Thomas' Best Friend is now Stefano
    • Emily's Best Friend is now Rebecca
    • Gordon's Best Friend is now Sonny
    • Percy's New Best Friend is currently unknown