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The Twins' Passing Problem is the second episode of the fifteenth season.

The Twins' Passing Problem
Season 15, Episode 2
Air date 1 December 2013
Written by Christopher Awdry (original)

MainLineEngines (adapted)

Directed by MainLineEngines
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Donald and Douglas were helping on Edward's Branch Line in Edward and BoCo's absence.

One day, Donald left from Wellsworth with a long line of trucks.

"Good luck!" called David.

Douglas left with another long line of trucks from Brendam.

(Bill and Ben whistle)

There is a loop somewhere between Suddery and Brendam. The twins reached this and pondered.

"How can we do this?" The Drivers consulted.

"We know," the Twins gasped together.

"What is it?"

Donald explained.

"'Tis a bairn's play compared wi' some o' the gaeings-on on oor auld line, eh Donald?" Douglas commented.

Then, they put their plan into action.

"Donal', you go back and leave half yere trucks clear of the points," Douglas began.

When he returned, he asked, "Nou wat?"

"Go onto the loop."

Douglas then ran clear through the points and Donald came forward with the trucks he had.

Douglas then returned pushing his own trucks and pulling Donald's.

Then he left his trucks on the loop, and cleared out of the points.

Donald then simply backed onto the trucks was coupled up and could easily pull away.

"What a way tae clear the line," Douglas called as he left.

Donald could only agree.



  • Wellsworth
  • Suddery
  • The Loop
  • Brendam


  • This episode is based off the annual story of the same name by Christopher Awdry.