The Truck is a special type of truck that is usually used for maintance work and has two seperate sections for passengers and goods, usually workmen, maintance supplies, and the mail.

The Truck




Sir Topham Hatt I


Crovan's Gate






The Truck was designed by Sir Topham Hatt I in the early 1910s whilst engineer for the Tidmouth, Knapford, and Elsbridge Light Railway, and the Tidmouth, Wellsworth, and Suddery Railway. It was to carry supplies and people at the same time and based upon the Culdee Fell Railway's The Truck. It was finally built in 1941 and built at Crovan's Gate and ran test trials with Percy. Since earlier engines were slower, Sir Topham Hatt I had put in automatic brakes after exceeding 50 MPH. This made Percy derail, so the brakes were taken off and since then has been much more well behaved, and helps Percy bring stone down to the Harbour.

He usually works with Percy, helping keep the other trucks in order in all of Percy's trains, and also pulls the mail with him, but also works a lot on maintance work.


Devious, troublesome it is a sure sign Percy doesn't want to work with it. However after the automatic brakes were removed it wanted to work again, and so now it often works with Percy.


He is painted NWR brown with a red horizantal stripe on his bottom, NWR in the centre in red, and the number 41 (which is a referrence to the year he was built) in red under his coach section.




He is based on The Truck from "Mountain Engines" the 19th book of the Railway Series by the Rev. W. Awdry.


  • It is unknown as to why he carries a number. However, it is based off the year he was built.
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