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The Sudrians is a series which revolves around Sodor (And sometimes the Mainland.)


Season 1

  1. Life Like Ryan - Ryan has to sub for Daisy, but gets sent the wrong way while in a hurry.
  2. Marvelous Molly - Molly finds out about a dark plan, and has to stop it.
  3. Gator's Gator - Gator is back after an accident, and has a scare.
  4. Fearful Freddie - Freddie is found, and has a story to tell.
  5. Refreshments - The bridge leading to Lakeside is down, so Peter Sam has to find another way.
  6. Spencer the Goods Engine - After bragging about being a private Engine, Spencer is put on goods duty.
  7. Freeing the Roads - Algy is a new bus on Sodor, but he tries to destroy the railways.
  8. Brand New Bell - Another tram is bought, but the aren’t the nicest.
  9. Dennis and the New Engine - Dennis is known as one of the laziest engines on Sodor. When he shows a new engine called Hank around, he abandons him.
  10. Bucktooth Billy - Billy the Silly engine is proud of his buck teeth. However, he gets into an accident, causing them to get chipped.

Season 2

  1. Three Fire Engines - Another fire engine is brought to the island, but Belle and Flynn are in denial of any help.
  2. Tangiwai - Diesel is brought back, and is more Grumpy then ever. However, He is sent to Tidmouth Harbour and is told a story.
  3. Spirit - After Diesel hears the story, he gets ready for the night. However, he sees what looks like an engine.
  4. Dustin Through the Snow - A rotary snowplow is brought to Sodor, but the other engines doubt him.
  5. Model Engines - A boy is holding a model engine of Henry, and he brags about it.
  6. High Speed Collision - Pip and Emma have an accident while taking a train on the Mainland.
  7. Wasting Time - Scruff works at the dump, but he can be lazy and waste time.
  8. The Motorail - A new Motorail is established, but on the first trip, there is an accident.
  9. One Biff One Bash - Thomas and the Logging Locos cause trouble on Sodor.
  10. Samson At Your Service - Samson comes to the Island to help out with some jobs.

Season 3

  1. Visitor - Allen of Slanksworth takes a visit to Sodor, and gets past trauma after an accident occurs.
  2. Another Gauge - Ulfstead Castle gets another gauge added.
  3. Scrapyard Escape - Duck gets trapped at the Scrapyard, and the other engines help him.
  4. Trapped Twins - The Scottish twins are trapped in a tunnel, and can’t get out.
  5. Skiff’s Adventure - Skiff is tired of seeing the sea, and takes a tour around the island.
  6. Thumper’s Return - Thumper was brought back to the island after the Boulder incident, and tries to make up for it.
  7. Vandals - Some Vandals invade the Little Western, and Oliver helps to stop them.
  8. Hasty Hannah - Henrietta’s sister, Hannah, likes speed, but causes an accident.
  9. Normally Norman - Norman has bad luck, but doesn’t let it stop him.
  10. Growling Like a Bear - Bear, a new engine, has troubles with his growling motor.

Season 4

  1. Fastest Engines in the World - A race takes place on Sodor.
  2. The Taured Passenger - News spreads of a passenger from a non-existent country.
  3. Spooky Steelworks - It’s Halloween, and Theo needs a replacement gear from the haunted yards.
  4. In Pieces and Quiet - Murdoch has an accident, and is in pieces and has to be sent to the Works.
  5. An Engine of Many Colors - A colorful engine from India arrives on Sodor.
  6. The Littlest Giant - Little Giant, a new engine, has a fight and cause an accident.
  7. The Whiff of Whiff - A new engine called Whiff arrives to work at the Dump.
  8. Rosie’s Red - Rosie gets repainted red after there is no more pink paint.
  9. The Best Lorry - Nigel says he is the best Lorry, but is proved wrong.
  10. Oliver or Oliver? - There is a mix-up with the two Olivers on the island.

Season 5

  1. The Excellence of Emily - Emily is asked to take a train, but breaks down on route.
  2. Nervous Neville - Neville is nervous on his first job.

Cancelled Episodes

  • The Whale - Toad would have been stopping a group from harming his whale.
  • Sunk - A ship would have crashed into a dock, making Carly almost fall in the sea.
  • Munitions - There would have been munitions delivered to the Railway.
  • Diesels Unite - The diesels would have had a meeting.
  • Estate Exploit - Stephen and Glynn would have battled for the main job.
  • Fire Engines - Would have introduced Belle and Flynn.
  • Colorful Ashima - Original episode to introduce Ashima.
  • Broken Records - Gordon would have broken another speed record.

The Shorts

The Shorts is a series of shorter (and non-canon) stories.

  1. Who is that? - The devil is bought.
  2. Police - Police engines exist on Sodor?
  3. Logic - Everyone on Sodor follows logic right? RIGHT!?



Island Of Sodor

North Western Railway
Skarloey Railway
Arlesdale Railway
Mid Sodor Railway

All characters in the Railway are flashbacks or spirits.

  • Smudger
  • Stanley
  • Albert
  • Jim
  • Tim
  • Atlas
  • Alfred
  • John
  • Jennings
  • Gerry
  • Proteus

The Mainland

Slanksworth Rails
Other Railways

Rolling Stock

North Western Railway

Brake Vans



Rolling Stock

  • Lil Jimmy


  • Railgate


Road Vehicles



Island of Sodor

North Western Railway
Skarloey Railway
Mid Sodor Railway
  • Mid Sodor Sheds
  • The Depot
  • Gold Mine
  • Aliminium Company
Other Railways


  • The first 3 episodes originally had the normal episode template. However, our founder, MainLineEngines, let me know how to get a previous and next infobox.
  • Each season will get 10 episodes.
  • There isn’t an exact date for when the series will end.
  • Bucktooth Billy is the replacement for the cancelled episode The Whale.
  • Since High Speed Collision is about the Southall Train Collision, season 2 is estimated to take place in 1997.
  • The series will have continuity, like something which happened to an engine will change something about the engine for the rest of the series until it gets resolved.
  • High Speed Collision takes place during a real event.
  • Season 4 was being planned when Season 1 wasn’t finished.