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The Strawberry Special is the third episode of the fifteenth season.

The Strawberry Special
Season 15, Episode 3
Air date 5 December 2013
Written by Christopher Awdry (original)

MainLineEngines (adapted)

Directed by MainLineEngines
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One night, Thomas, Percy and Toby were alone in the Sheds.

"I remember the time when I ventured out of Southampton Docks," Thomas said.

"I have no re-collection of what happened today, after that stone hit me."

"I'm tired," Toby said, and the other two agreed.

"Why don't you tell a story for us about when you worked in East Anglia?" Percy suggested.

"Hmm," Toby thought.

"Yes, please Toby. I've already told about mine. We'd love to hear about yours," Thomas added.

"All right."

And here's the story he told;

I was working on my tramway.

It was strawberry season, and it was now coming to an end. The farmers wanted to move them all out as soon as possible.

One day, I backed onto a train.

"Phew! Forty-eight trucks and counting!" my Driver exclaimed.

"You'd have to take twenty-four, and come back," the Stationmaster said.

"No, we can do it," I suddenly burst out.

"Are you sure?" the Stationmaster asked.

"Yes," my Driver replied boldly.

"Right away, Guard."

We were off, however, my Fireman realised a problem.

"We've very little water," my Fireman said.

We rode off to the next station and stopped.

"Can we make it to the last station without the train?" I asked.

"Yes, but I know an easier way to find water. Just down the line."

There was, you see, a bridge above a river, and well.

"Perfect. Just the right spot to get some water. Now, lemme get my bucket."

"No, please, no!"

"We're just joking. We will go to the top station," my Fireman laughed.

We did so, and we managed to bring the train to the top station.

The manager later thanked me.

"Thank you, for not letting the tramway down."

"No problem, Sir."

"And that's the whole story."

But Thomas and Percy were already asleep.

"Good night, then."

And the three engines went happily to sleep.



  • Ffarquhar Sheds
  • Toby's Old Tramway