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The Spiteful Brake Van ​was a brake van who caused trouble in the yard at Tidmouth.

The Spiteful Brake Van


NE/BR 20 Ton Brake Van


Rolling stock


Brake Van




North Eastern Railway/British Railways

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The Spiteful Brake Van was based at Tidmouth Yards. He took an instant dislike to Douglas and purposely delayed his trains, with Douglas subsequently being blamed. Donald, angry for how his brother was being treated, bumped the brake van violently to teach him a lesson. The van would then behave better for several days.

After Donald ran into the Tidmouth signalbox, James was saddled with the brake van, who continued his old tricks. Douglas, as a result, had to help James up Gordon's Hill. James was short of steam, and the brake van was soon squeezed between both the troublesome trucks and Douglas. By Douglas' force, he subsequently crushed the brake van into pieces.

In the Railway Series, it was implied that the van was scrapped after the accident. In the television series, it was never said whether or not he was scrapped, though many people claim he was as he never appeared again.

In the Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor series, it was revealed by Douglas in one episode that the brake van wasn’t actually scrapped and Sir Topham Hatt had him rebuilt and sent to the Mainland, where he permanently works.


Like the troublesome trucks, and as his name implies, the Spiteful Brake Van was spiteful, rude and disrespectful to the engines, especially Donald and Douglas, and incredibly impolite.


The Spiteful Brake Van was an NE 20 ton brake van in the Railway Series. In the television series, he was a BR 20 ton brake van.


In the Railway Series, the Spiteful Brake Van was painted grey. He also had the letters NW, 13 and 20T painted on his sides in white. In the television series, he is painted in a mixed livery of grey and brown.


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