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The first coach

Slip Coaches are Great Western bogie coaches, which can be uncoupled at stations without stopping. Duck has three slip coaches, two male coaches and one female coach. Its currently unknown whether or not the coaches have any proper names, but Duck has given them the collective nickname of "Slippies".

The second coach

The third coach


Sudrian Stories

In Sudrian Stories, the three Slip Coaches all have individual names, Shawn, Shiloh, and Salvatore.

Shawn is the self-proclaimed leader of the bunch. He is the first coach, and is often the last one to be dropped off. Because of this, Shawn can be bit on the arrogant side. While he means well, he can be quite judgemental to engines who don't treat him and his friends right. It is often up to Shiloh and Salvatore to calm him if tempers are raised. Albeit arrogant, Shawn always tries his hardest, and is a good friends to both engines and rolling stock.

Shiloh is the middle of the three Slip Coaches, and she often feels insecure about herself, mostly since she views herself as the 'middle'. While this is true, Shiloh is quite determined, but she still knows her limits, and won't leave her and her friends in trouble. Older than Shawn, but younger than Salvatore, Shiloh is more of an independent coach, but she is still there to fix problems between the others. While he won't tell, Shiloh is Duck's favorite Slip Coach.

Salvatore is the sophisticated and gentlemanly back coach of the Slip Coaches, he often speaks in an upper-class voice, using quite sophisticated words. He is the most mature and kind out of the bunch, this usually leads to conflict with Shawn, but the two make up, and are still pals. But, it's mostly since Duck and Shiloh are there to keep relations stable. While he can be a bit grouchy at times, Salvatore is a good sport who sees the good side in most situations.


Sodor Adventures

  • Season 4 - Duck and the Coaches
  • Season 5 - Oliver Slips Up

The Many Adventures on the Island of Sodor

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