The Siding is a siding with a shed and it is for misbehaving engines. It is also used to store engine scrap. Everything there is black, and very harsh


It used to be a shed only but instead it was used for naughty engines. It depends on what they did to determine how much they get to stay. Spencer gets sent very often and others. Thomas was the first to be sent here. Then James was sent here and Thomas is currently here for a punishment. Thomas has been released and in the tenth episode of Season 4 a story revoving about Duck, Donald, Douglas, Oliver, and Spencer who were sent to here in the episodes will talk about their life there and the harshness and that place.


If an engine does something bad, the engine is asked to go there. First, they take away their paint and name. If they have a tender, they get transported there by flatbed. All the coal is takes off, and the fire is well damped down. Some engines don't have to do this, but they do get their name taken.


Normal Seasons