The Quarry Tramroad (also known as the Anopha Tramway) runs a serpentine five and a half mile course from Ffarquhar (the end of Thomas' Branch Line) to Anopha Quarry - even though a direct route between the two is only one and a half miles. Thomas ran the line until an encounter with a policeman put a stop to it; all because Thomas did not have sideplates or a cowcatcher. In the end, the Fat Controller bought Toby to solve the problem. The sole traffic on the line is stone with a passenger train to carry workmen to and from the quarry. Later, the quarry company bought Mavis to help with the stone traffic.


  • Even though an engine legally needs sideplates to run on the line, Percy has often gone down to the quarry. When the policeman who wrote Thomas' ticket was transferred, this and many other outdated laws most likely went with him.
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