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The New Controller
Season 2, Episode 6
Air date March 11th, 2018
Written by OliverDuckandToad11
Directed by OliverDuckandToad11
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The New Controller is the sixth episode of the second season of The Adventures on Sodor.


One morning at Tidmouth Sheds, all the engines had just woken up, ready to begin work. Their crews were starting them up for the day. The Fat Controller arrived at the sheds to give the engines their work. "Hello everyone, ready for work?" He asked his engines.

"Yes sir." Thomas chuffed.

"Always ready." peeped Percy.

"Well, great to hear," said the Fat Controller, "I'm sure that by now, you all know what job to do."

"Some of us do sir." said Emily.

"Then I'll just do a quick recap of your work," The Fat Controller said, "Thomas, you have to run your branch line as per usual, Gordon you must pull the Express also as per usual, Percy you must take the milk train to the dairy, James you must deliver engine parts to the steamworks, Emily you must take a goods train to Brendam Docks, Henry you must take a goods train to Vicarstown and Edward you must take a train of scrap to the scrapyard."

"Yes sir!" The engines whistled, but as they were about to set off to start work. The Fat Controller tripped over a shovel lay next to the track and fell over on the edge of the rails, the engines immediately stopped and looked at the Fat Controller, who groaned with pain.

"Ow!" The Fat Controller groaned, rubbing his leg continuously.

"Are you alright, sir?" asked Edward.

"(groan) No... not very much," replied the Fat Controller, "I can't even move."

"Do you need any help sir?" asked Henry worriedly.

"Yes Henry, I really do." The Fat Controller sighed.

"Aren't your bodyguards here to accompany you sir?" Gordon asked.

"No, they're not," groaned the Fat Controller, "I need someone to lift me off the ground."

"I'll do it." volunteered Emily's driver.

"I'll help too." agreed Percy's driver, and the two drivers hurried over to lift the Fat Controller up from the ground and helped him into his car, until an ambulance arrived.

"I'll call the hospital." said Emily's driver, and he picked up his cellphone. "Hello, is that the hospital? Yes yes... well the Fa... uh, Sir Topham Hatt has tripped over at Tidmouth Sheds and has injured his leg. Can you come and bring him to hospital? You will? Oh thanks, goodbye!" And he put away his cellphone. "Don't worry sir, the ambulance will be arriving soon."

"(groans) Thanks for that." replied the Fat Controller, even more painful than ever. It wasn't long before the ambulance arrived.

"Are you alright sir?" The doctor asked worriedly.

"Yes (groans) I'm fine," The Fat Controller muttered, "I just... really need help."

"No problem sir, we're here now." The doctor said, and he put the Fat Controller on a bed trolley and rolled him into the ambulance. All the engines felt sorry for the Fat Controller, they watched as he was carried into the ambulance, the doors shut and the ambulance drove away. The engines were now worried.

"That is awful." commented Percy.

"Who's going to be our controller now?" wondered Henry.

"Hmm, it'd better not be Dowager Hatt." snorted James.

"I agree with you, James." muttered Gordon.

"I don't think so," said Emily, "if there was another controller, he'd better do a good job."

"Quite right," agreed Edward, "we can't let this railway down."

"Even if the Fat Controller is at hospital or not," added Thomas, "well, should we start work?"

"Well, the Fat Controller did just give us our jobs, so I suppose." and all the engines left the sheds to start work.

A while later, Duck had pulled into Knapford station, waiting for the Fat Controller to give him his next job. "Well, I've finished work on my branch line and did it "The Great Western Way", I wonder what the Fat Controller will give me next." The saddletank puffed to himself, but as he waited and waited, the Fat Controller didn't come out of his office. Duck was confused. "That's strange, where is he?" Then the stationmaster exited the station.

"Hello Duck, but the Fat Controller has gone to hospital, he injured his leg at Tidmouth Sheds." The stationmaster explained.

"Oh, right," Duck muttered, "but who's our controller then?"

"I don't know to be honest Duck," replied the stationmaster, "but I'll go and check his timetable real quick in his office."

"Thank you." Duck responded, as the stationmaster went to enter the Fat Controller's Office, but the door was locked.

"Oh, bother," sighed the Stationmaster, "the door is closed." He told Duck.

"But, what should I do then?"

"Well... for now, I'd say you could... rest?" The stationmaster suggested.

Duck thought. "Erm, alright then." he said and he puffed away to the sheds.

But the stationmaster was worried. "I hope I'm not going to get in trouble for this." He thought anxiously.

"Um, so is this where I have to work?" Asked a sudden voice.

The stationmaster jumped. "Huh?" A man wearing a grey suit and glasses walked over to the stationmaster. "Uh, you alright?"

"Well I'm just asking, but is this the railway I was told to be controller for the day?" The man asked.

"Well, I'd say yes because our controller is in hospital." said the stationmaster.

"I got told that by the taxi driver that just brought me in," said the man, "no need to tell me the same thing."

"Well, I'm sorry," retorted the stationmaster, "how should I know whether you know about it or not?"

"Uh, I dunno," The man shrugged.

"Anyway, what's your name?"

"My name? Well, the name's 'Joe' and I go by the last name 'Johnson, but you call me 'Mr. Johnson'?" he said. The stationmaster smirked a little, but looked away so he couldn't be noticed. "What, are you laughing at my name?" Mr. Johnson spluttered.

"Uh, no." The stationmaster lied.

"Okay, but now if you excuse me, I have a railway to run... oh and coffee to drink." said Mr. Johnson and he walked over to the Fat Controller's Office. "Oh wow the door's locked, couldn't you just keep open the darn thing?!" he spluttered.

"Woah, calm it there," soothed the stationmaster, "I don't have a key... sorry."

Mr. Johnson scowled. "Then why did this controller of yours close his office door?"

"He always does that, even when he leaves his office." muttered the Stationmaster.

"Well, you know what, I'll just bust down the door then." suggested Mr. Johnson.

The stationmaster's jaw dropped as he burst out- "No, don't you dare!" He hissed. "I'll find a spare key."

"Well, it's too late now." responded Mr. Johnson, and with a large kick, he bust down the door of the Fat Controller's Office. "There we are, all finished."

The Stationmaster couldn't believe his eyes, he glared at the man. "You buffoon!" He scolded. "Why'd you do that? I could've got fired if I did that in front of Sir Topham Hatt's face."

"I don't care what your controller says," Mr. Johnson snorted, "I'm the controller now, and you just get to work for the sake of it!"

"Alright, suit yourself." snarled the stationmaster as he left the office.

Mr. Johnson simply chuckled to himself. "Huh, what silly people," he remarked, "why can't they just do their job?"

"Uhh, what was that?" scowled the stationmaster, as he peered outside the office.

"Oh, get back to work!" snapped Mr. Johnson, and the stationmaster did so. The man just sat in the office and did nothing, but sit and drink his coffee. "Oh, so nice." Mr. Johnson said to himself. "Coffee's my hobby." Then Gordon pulled in with the Express. "Huh, oh great it's an engine." The man snorted. Gordon saw a familiar man sat in the Fat Controller's Office, but then noticed that the door had been knocked down, he was surprised.

"Did that man literally just bust down the door of the Fat Controller's Office?" Gordon wondered to himself.

"Well, it seems like it," said his driver, "surely, he shouldn't be our controller for the day."

"I quite agree," huffed Gordon, "does the stationmaster know about this?"

"Yes, I do," replied the stationmaster, overhearing Gordon. "That man just thought it was a good idea to break down the door of the Fat Controller's office." He explained.

"Well, fire him." Gordon chuffed.

"How can I?" asked the stationmaster. "I'm not the controller of the railway, he is."

Gordon groaned. "Oh the indignity." He waited as the passengers boarded his carriages, then Thomas pulled into the station.

"Hello Gordon." Thomas whistled.

Gordon just snorted. "Hello Thomas," he muttered, "look at that."

"Look at what?" Thomas asked him.

"Look at the Fat Controller's office." Gordon told him, and Thomas did so, but only saw Mr. Johnson.

"What, all I can see is the new controller." puffed Thomas.

"No, not that!" scowled Gordon. "The door."

"Oh, right." And Thomas looked at the door, and gasped. "Cinders and ashes, did the controller do that?" The E2 questioned.

"Yes, of course," sighed the stationmaster, "he thought it would've been best if he broke down the door instead of use a key for it, as the Fat Controller has got his key."

"Well, what's he doing in the office right now?" quizzed Thomas. "By the looks of it, it looks like he has his feet on the desk drinking what looks like coffee."

"That's what he's doing exactly." The stationmaster answered.

Mr. Johnson got bored of listening to them, and he walked out the office in a huff. "Will you two old-fashioned engines and you ridiculous stationmaster just shut it while I have my coffee?" Mr. Johnson pleaded. "You're both giving me a headache."

Gordon's jaw dropped. "Excuse me, who're you calling old-fashioned?" He asked offensively.

"Uh, the stationmaster, you big dunce," replied Mr. Johnson rudely, "now just-"

"Dunce?" Gordon exclaimed. He felt like he was going to explode with rage. "Why you little-"

"Woah, woah, woah, calm it there Gordon," Thomas soothed, "no need to go outrageous at him."

"Outrageous, course I should Thomas!" Gordon fumed. "He called me old-fashioned, then a dunce."

"And me ridiculous." added the stationmaster.

Mr. Johnson scoffed and walked back into the office.

"Well, how rude was he?" Thomas retorted.

"Extremely rude!" Gordon answered in a sharp tone. "He called me a dunce, and me and you old-fashioned."

"How do we even look old-fashioned?" Thomas asked.

"Exactly!" Gordon exclaimed, finally the passengers had boarded Gordon's coaches. Gordon couldn't wait to get leaving. "Well at last, away from that idiot." He huffed as he disembarked the station.

Thomas also couldn't wait to leave the station. "I want to get away from that man immediately." The blue engine puffed, and as the passengers finally boarded Annie and Clarabel, Thomas steamed swiftly away.

Then Edward pulled into the station after delivering his trucks of scrap to the scrapyard. "Hello there sir," said Edward, "welcome to our railway."

But Mr. Johnson just snorted. "Welcome, uh? I don't feel welcome at the moment." He muttered.

"Uh sir, what job should I have next?" Edward asked him.

"Job?" exclaimed Mr. Johnson. "How should I know?"

"Just check on the Fat Controller's timetable sir." replied Edward.

"Fat, did you just call your controller fat?" Mr. Johnson asked, and he burst out with laughter.

"I mean Sir Topham Hatt, and how's that funny?" Edward asked sternly. "That is rude."

"Because you just called him fat." Mr. Johnson laughed.

Edward was growing stern. "Okay sir, I came to ask you, are there any more jobs for me?" The F2 questioned.

"Uh, I dunno, don't even know your name in that manner." snorted Mr. Johnson.

"Oh I didn't tell you, my name is Edward." The old engine introduced himself.

"Edward uh, sorry you're not on this list." Mr. Johnson quickly said.

"What, I should be." protested Edward.

"Well you're not, but I don't know," Mr. Johnson huffed, "but there's other jobs needed to be done as well; a barrel of bubble liquid that needs to be taken to Mr. Bubbles' party, huh boring. And an elephant needs to be taken to the Animal Park, huh elephants. And then an express train is due. Any of those jobs yours?"

"Uh, well I don't normally pull the Express, nor do I take a balloon to a party or take an elephant to the Animal Park."

"Well, I'm givin' you a job, and you're gonna pull the Express." Mr. Johnson told him.

Edward was surprised. "The express? But sir, I'm too old to pull the ex-"

"Oh just be quiet, and do your job immediately!" snapped Mr. Johnson.

"Um, yes sir." Edward whistled as he waited for Gordon to come with the express.

"Well don't just stand there, start doing work!" scowled Mr. Johnson.

"But sir, the express isn't here yet," Edward told him, "and like I said, I shouldn't be waiting on the Main Line nor should I be pulling the-"

"Oh, enough is enough!" Mr. Johnson demanded. "Now shut up!" Edward felt hurt, but he waited for Gordon to come back with the express, without saying another word. He did so eventually, Mr. Johnson was stood on the platform, Gordon just glared suspiciously at him. "Who you lookin' at you buffoon?" asked Mr. Johnson.

"Nothing, for your information," Gordon replied, "now I have another express run for later."

"Oh, no you haven't." said Mr. Johnson sharply.

"Yes I have." Gordon responded.

"This blue train's doin' it." Mr. Johnson huffed.

"Yeah, that's me." retorted Gordon.

"No, that blue engine, stupid!" shouted Mr. Johnson.

"Who, Edward? But why Edward sir, he can't pull the express?" Gordon tried to tell him, but Mr. Johnson did not care.

"I don't care, I'm your controller now and I'll make you do what I tell you!" He spluttered.

"But then what can I do later!" questioned Gordon.

"You, because of how much of an idiot you are, you can work at the dump."

"The dump?" Gordon exclaimed. "Absolutely not, sir."

Mr. Johnson growled. "Do as I say, now!" He demanded.

"Huh, fine!" Gordon grunted, he was disliking this new controller very much, he left the station crossly to the dump and Edward coupled up to the next Express train which had been shunted by Stafford, while Mr. Johnson went back into his office.

"Uh, why did I decide to be controller of this darn railway?" He asked himself, "anyways, my coffee is better then stupid railways, and it'll always will be." He then heard a whistle. "Oh, who is this now?" Mr. Johnson huffed.

It was Emily, who had just pulled into the station. "Hello sir, what's my job next?" asked the Stirling Single.

"Your next job, right for a start, I don't know your name, and second, your paintwork looks awful." Mr. Johnson complemented.

Emily was offended. "I can't believe what he just said to me." she said in horror.

"Oh, ignore him Emily," said his driver, "I mean he looks awful himself too, look at him, with those large rounded glasses, must have got those from Specsavers." He joked, but Emily thought he was going too far.

"Shh, driver, you'll make him angry." she whispered.

"Well, if he's just said that to you Emily, then we can say it back," The driver replied, "that's what you call, standing up to yourself."

"Well I know, but he's the new controller, and he needs to be the one that gives us the orders." puffed Emily.

"Well, I guess you're right." said Emily's driver.

Then Mr. Johnson turned to Emily. "Right, I know the next job, you can do," he said looking at the timetable. "You need to take trucks to the quarry.

"The quarry?" Emily gasped. "But that's on Thomas' Branch Line, I'm too big to be working on that line."

"Oh, you engines need to better stop moaning of the jobs I give you." snapped Mr. Johnson.

"Yes, but I'm not supposed to be working at the qua-"

"Just do it, and leave me alone, huh pathetic engines you are!" Mr. Johnson bellowed, and Emily left to the quarry. Then Thomas passed by, he was heading off to the quarry. "And where 'd you think you're going?" asked Mr. Johnson, Thomas applied his brakes.

"I was heading to the quarry sir," replied Thomas, "that's my job."

"Oh, it's certainly not," barked Mr. Johnson, "I sent the dark green engine to work there."

"Do you mean, Emily?"

"Uh, yeah or whatever her name, I dunno." Mr. Johnson replied.

"But I should be working at the quarry," chuffed Thomas, "that's what Sir Topham Hatt ordered me to do."

"Well, I'm the controller, I make the rules," said Mr. Johnson, "and you tank engine, must go to the docks and collect a barrel of bubble liquid for some party."

"But that's James' job," Thomas spluttered, "I need to go to the quarry and-"

"Okay, for the one millionth time now, do as I say!" boomed Mr. Johnson. Thomas just sighed and went to the docks.

At the docks, Thomas waited for Cranky to lower the barrel of bubble liquid onto the flatbed.

"Thomas, why are you here instead of James?" asked Cranky.

"Because the new controller told me to." replied Thomas.

"New controller? What new controller?" Cranky exclaimed, he hadn't heard of what happened.

"Oh, didn't you hear? The Fat Controller fell over and injured his leg at Tidmouth Sheds, and some other person is controller for the day, but he is extremely rude and is giving us the wrong jobs," Thomas explained, "and I was supposed to go to the quarry, but he sent me to do this job."

"Ahh, I see why Salty got sent to take an elephant to the Animal Park." snorted Cranky.

"Elephant, but wasn't that Emily's job?" asked Thomas.

"Yeah, it was," The crane answered, "and I'm stuck here to do the work all alone. Huh, no sleep for me... again."

"But he's also insulting us that new controller," puffed Thomas, "he called me old-fashioned."

Cranky smirked. "You kinda do to be honest." He muttered.

"No I don't!" huffed Thomas, overhearing Cranky. Then a whistle blasted, which distracted Cranky and caused the dockside crane to drop the barrel of liquid all over Thomas, covering the blue engine with oily liquid. "Oh, great." Thomas sighed.

"Who ever blew that whistle is gonna pay!" snapped Cranky, it was only Percy, who puffed in.

"Uh... s-sorry Cranky," Percy stuttered, "but that new controller sent me to pull the Flying Kipper."

"The Flying Kipper?" exclaimed Cranky. "Firstly, that's Henry's job, secondly it's not even night time yet and thirdly, you aren't strong enough to pull those heavy vans."

"I know, I tried to tell the controller," admitted Percy, "but he just wouldn't listen."

"I'm curious to know what this new controller is up to." wondered Cranky, really Mr. Johnson was sat in the Fat Controller's office, drinking his coffee and reading a "Sodor Daily" newspaper.

"Ugh, this newspaper is boring." moaned Mr. Johnson, he went to find a book on the Fat Controller's bookshelf, he then found a Railway Series book called 'Thomas the Tank Engine'. "This better be good." hoped Mr. Johnson, but he found that boring as well. "Well, more boring then ever, besides it's about that blue old-fashioned engine from earlier."

Then James pulled into the station, with Annie and Clarabel.

"Oh James, you're going too fast." moaned Annie.

"Well don't blame me, blame him." James replied, as he looked at Mr. Johnson in the office. "I mean, that man's even broke down the door of the Fat Controller's office, he isn't going to be happy now, will he?"

"Absolutely not," agreed Annie.

Mr. Johnson then came out of the office, glaring at James. "Huh red, oh I despise that colour," Mr. Johnson huffed, "anyway, whadda you want?"

"Uh, I'm doing what you told me to do, can't you see?" replied James quite negatively.

"And don't even talk to me like that, you disgrace." responded Mr. Johnson.

"Disgrace?" James exclaimed. "Anyway, I shouldn't even be doing this job sir, this is Thomas', I'm supposed to take a barrel of bubble liquid to the party-"

"Oh, shut it already, I give you the job, not you!" scowled Mr. Johnson. "Now get on with it!"

"Huh, fine." James retorted as he huffily left the station, but as he was about to pass through the junction, he saw a crowd of angry engines, whistling and tooting their horns with fury. "Huh, what's going on here?" James asked.

"That new controller is giving us all the wrong jobs, and he's been insulting us." barked Henry.

"Aye, all he's bin doin' is sittin' in the Fat Controller's office." complained Donald.

"And drinkin' 'is coffee." added Douglas.

"Argh, I should be working at the docks, not taking an elephant to the Animal Park." groused Salty.

"I can't handle with dirty rubbish trucks." grumbled Gordon.

"And I can't handle with these very noisy ducks." huffed Toby.

"He made me pull a long goods train to Barrow." groaned Oliver.

James was disliking Mr. Johnson very much. "That controller is gonna pay, and get what he deserves!" The red engine fumed.

All day long, the engines were passing through Knapford with the wrong jobs, the stationmaster was surprised when he saw Hiro pass by with a model of the globe on a flatbed and Murdoch pass by with Percy's mail trucks, while Mr. Johnson just sat in the office and didn't do anything, but drink coffee.

The stationmaster was very cross with Mr. Johnson, and he walked to the office with a scowl on his face. "Sir, the way you're running this railway is awful," he scolded, "you need to start getting out of this office and be useful."

"Useful, huh why would I care?" retorted Mr. Johnson. "This railway is bad anyway, far worse then all the other railways I've visited."

"Then why did you assign to be controller then?!" asked the stationmaster fumingly.

"'Cos I thought this wouldn't be as bad as other railways," replied Mr. Johnson. "and it turns out, it is after all."

"When Sir Topham Hatt comes back, I'm going to tell him how horrendous you're running this railway." fumed the stationmaster.

"And I don't care!" Mr. Johnson spluttered. "Now go away, and leave me alone." And the stationmaster did so, while giving Mr. Johnson a scowling look.

Back at Tidmouth Sheds, all the engines were complaining about Mr. Johnson.

"That controller is unbelievably horrid." complained Gordon. "He called me a dunce, then me and Thomas old-fashioned, and made me work at the dump. Disgraceful!"

"Disgusting!" put in James.

"Despicable!" finished Henry.

"He said my paintwork looks awful, and he made me work at the quarry on Thomas' Branch Line." grumbled Emily.

"He made me work on Thomas' Branch Line, and gave Thomas my job!" grumbled James. "Next time I see that controller, I'm going to wheesh steam at him, like I did with the Fat Controller all those years ago.

"Well, that would just make him even more mad, James." said Emily.

"I don't care, I'm doing it, whether he'll fume or not!" James responded. "I mean, he's worse then Dowager Hatt."

"I have to agree with that one." muttered Emily.

"And when I was at the docks, Percy caused Cranky to drop the barrel of bubble liquid all over me," frowned Thomas, "oh and by the way, I'm not saying you did it on purpose Percy."

"I know, that's all right." peeped Percy.

"Yes, and Mr. Bubbles' party had to be cancelled because the bubble liquid didn't arrive." Thomas finished.

"All he cares about is his life, and coffee to add to that." Gordon muttered.

"The express was so heavy for me," said Edward, "I had to pull it all the way from Knapford to Vicarstown."

"I had to work on Edward's Branch Line," moaned Henry, "and my weight was too big, and I was struggling to work."

"And he made me pull the Flying Kipper." spluttered Percy.

"What, the Flying Kipper?" Henry exclaimed. "But you can't pull that, it's miles heavy."

"I know, but the new controller just sent me to pull it anyway," Percy puffed, "no matter if it was at night or not."

"So you were pulling the Flying Kipper during the day then?" Henry asked Percy.

"Well... yes." replied the green saddletank.

"Oh, well at least you don't have to go out tonight," soothed Henry, "you can stay in the shed."

"I'm glad anyway," Percy muttered, "not because I'm scared, but it's because of that new controller."

"All of us have something to say about him, anyway." Thomas huffed, he didn't want to work for Mr. Johnson anymore, he thought of what he could do, then an idea flew into his funnel. "Hey, I just thought of the best idea." The blue E2 puffed.

"Huh, what?" asked James.

"We'll go on strike tomorrow." Thomas decided. "We won't work for Mr. Johnson."

The engines were unsure about Thomas' plan. "Um, are you sure Thomas?" huffed Gordon. "I mean, the passengers will be complaining to the stationmasters of what a bad railway this is, and may report this to the Fat Controller once he gets back."

"Oh well, he won't care once he hears of how bad of a controller Mr. Johnson is." Thomas firmly replied.

"Well, I guess we could do that Thomas." muttered Henry.

"Is going on strike all you ever think of little Thomas?" laughed Gordon.

"No," Thomas replied unamusingly, "that's our only chance."

"How many strikes are we going on Thomas, geez?" James retorted. "First, it happened all them years ago when me, Gordon and Henry went on strike and then again when Percy thought the Fat Controller was leaving Sodor, just because his office was being decorated."

"Well, it was only you three the first time and the second it was all of us, but we're doing it again."

"Yeah, but going on strike is all you ever think of Thomas," moaned James, "can't you think of something more better then that."

"We're only doing it so the Fat Controller will know of how much of a bad controller Mr. Johnson really is." replied Thomas.

Edward yawned. "I'd say we should get to sleep." He suggested, all the engines agreed and they all went to sleep.

The next morning, all the engines woke up, Thomas reminded them. "Remember, don't leave the sheds." He whispered to the others, who were all just waking up.

"W-What Thomas?" mumbled Gordon sleepily.

"I said, don't leave the sheds." Thomas repeated.

"Uh, lemme wake up first." Gordon meekly replied.

"Same here," yawned James, "none of us can hear you." Thomas grew impatient, he blew his whistle to get the other engines' attention. James and Gordon jumped in surprise as they finally woke up. "Thomas, what did we just tell you?" huffed James.

"Let us wake up, first." groaned Gordon.

"Well, I'm trying to tell you, don't leave the sheds." Thomas whispered.

"Okay fine, we won't." Gordon murmured.

"Now no one leave the sheds." demanded Thomas. "OK?"

"Okay." The other engines replied, and they did what Thomas had told them.

Meanwhile at Knapford station, Gordon's express coaches had been shunted at the platform, but strangely he didn't arrive, nor did any other engines, and the passengers complained to the stationmaster.

"When is our engine arriving?" One man asked impatiently.

"We'll be late to get home." Added another man.

"Uh, they'll be coming soon, I'm sure." The Stationmaster soothed, but he had a feeling inside that the engines weren't going to work for Mr. Johnson, who was sitting in the office like normal.

"Huh, what silly people complaining 'cos a darn engine hasn't turned up yet." chuckled Mr. Johnson to himself, the stationmaster then peered his head through the gap where the door was.

"Um sir, just please do something," The stationmaster sighed, "you haven't been doing anything, but sat here in the office all day yesterday and now drinking coffee."

"Uh, you go out there and tell all those passengers to shut up, how 'bout that?" retorted Mr. Johnson.

The stationmaster refused to work for Mr. Johnson. "No!" He exclaimed. "I'm not working for you anymore, you don't even know how to run a railway properly."

This made Mr. Johnson fume with rage. "Come say that to my face!" He snarled. "Go on!"

"Uh, no thank you." retorted the stationmaster and he walked out of the office.

"Oh, you will pay you pathetic person, I'll guarantee you will!" called Mr. Johnson as he sat down back in the chair. The stationmaster had no choice, but to ring...

Meanwhile at the hospital, the Fat Controller was lay in his bed, with all his family there to comfort him.

"I brought you some nice bouquet of flowers," said Lady Hatt, "I hope you like them."

"Yes I do, thanks." replied the Fat Controller.

"Grandfather, when will you come out of hospital?" quizzed Stephen Hatt.

"We miss you, very badly." added Bridget.

"I don't know Stephen and Bridget," The Fat Controller replied, "but all I want to do right now, is get out of here, besides I have a railway to run."

"And who is controller of your railway, Topham?" asked Dowager Hatt. "It's not me this time."

"Uh, I don't know to be honest," said the Fat Controller, "but I hope he's doing a good job." Then the telephone rang. "Uh, bother that telephone." sighed the Fat Controller as he put it to his ear. "Hello? Oh, hello Derrick... what? A controller... insulting my engines and giving them the wrong jobs? Engines not arriving at their destinations and angry passengers. Oh, I'm going over their straight away." and the Fat Controller put down the telephone. "Alright dear, mother, grandchildren, I'm leaving." said the Fat Controller.

"But you can't, Topham!" cried Lady Hatt.

"But I have to dear, there's all sorts of chaos happening on my railway." The Fat Controller said, as he staggered out of his bed.

"Uh sir, where are you going?" asked a nurse.

"To my railway, I need to get there immediately." The Fat Controller told her, and while limping, he walked out of the hospital room.

"Topham! Come back!!" shouted Lady Hatt.

"Son, get back here this instance." demanded Dowager Hatt, but the Fat Controller didn't listen, his leg was still bandaged and he couldn't properly walk.

"Oh, I must get to my railway without hurting my self again, but how?" The controller pondered, he then saw a wheelchair nearby and he wheeled through the corridor, into a lift, out of the doors and into his car. "Here I come railway, you won't be in trouble any more." And the Fat Controller drove swiftly away, with his family in shock watching him drive away.

Back at Tidmouth Sheds, all the engines did not move, and stayed still.

"This controller can't order us about!" Thomas announced.

"We need the Fat Controller!" puffed Percy.

"Our railway mustn't be let down!" Added James, all the engines whistled in agreement as a blue car pulled up at the sheds, it was the Fat Controller, the engines gasped and grew worried.

"(pant) What is going on here?" asked the Fat Controller. "You should all be working right now."

"Uh sir, it's about the new controller." Thomas began to explain.

"He's giving us all the wrong jobs, and insulting us sir." cut in James.

"He called me a dunce, and is threatening us and the stationmaster." added Gordon.

"And all he's been doing ever since he arrived, is sitting in your office and drinking coffee." said Emily.

"Well, that's why I came, the stationmaster of Knapford rang me up and I came immediately, now where is this new controller, I want to have a serious word with him?"

"In your office sir." replied Henry.

"My office, oh he'd better not have done any damage to it." The Fat Controller sighed.

"Uh sir... He... He-" Percy wanted to tell the Fat Controller, but he didn't want to see his very angry expression, it scared him a little. "He-"

"Oh, just say it already." scowled Gordon.

"I-I can't..." Percy stammered.

Gordon sighed. "Alright I will, he broke down the door of your office sir." The express engine accused.

The Fat Controller was shocked, but enraged at the same time. "Really, he didn't did he?"

"Uh, yes sir, he did." Thomas admitted.

"Oh, I'm going to my office straight away!" boomed the Fat Controller, and he staggered back to his car and drove speedily away, outraged by this.

"Oh, this isn't going to be good." muttered Thomas.

At Knapford, Mr. Johnson was sat in the office, drinking coffee and reading a newspaper when- "(gasp)" The Fat Controller gasped in horror, as he stomped, while limping, towards Mr. Johnson. "Why, you... you incredibly rude man!" hissed the Fat Controller.

But Mr. Johnson didn't care. "So?" He replied, not knowing who it really was.

"So? So?!" The Fat Controller exclaimed. "You've just destroyed a piece of private property." He boomed. "You wreck my office, then you're gone from my railway."

Mr. Johnson suddenly found out who it was. He gasped. "Oh no, you're the controller here, right?"

"Yes, I am indeed," snapped the Fat Controller, "I've been hearing that you've been insulting my engines, giving them the wrong jobs and have been sitting in my office drinking coffee."

"What, that's not true," Mr. Johnson lied, "your engines are truly liars."

"Um, do you mean you are?" The Fat Controller responded. "All my engines were telling the truth, I can even tell by your attitude right now, and also. LEAVE MY RAILWAY AT ONCE!!" he boomed, his voice could be heard across the whole area surrounding Knapford. Mr. Johnson felt miserable, but was glad to be leaving.

"Fine, I can't wait to get outta this place anyway." He retorted.

"Good then, now go!" shouted the Fat Controller, and Mr. Johnson did, he walked all the way to catch his taxi. The Fat Controller was pleased that Mr. Johnson had left, but wasn't pleased with all the chaos he had done on the railway while he was absent. "I must get my railway back in working condition at once." The controller said to himself, and he drove to Tidmouth to tell his engines. "Everyone, I have some good news to tell you." beamed the Fat Controller. "The new controller is gone and I'm back."

The engines whistled with delight. "Hooray!" Thomas cheered. "The railway will now be back to normal."

"Well, thank goodness for that." huffed Gordon.

"Yeah, that controller was indeed a pest." remarked James.

"Uh sir, is your leg okay?" asked Edward.

"Well, yes it's not bad." replied the Fat Controller, but he was limping still.

"I can see you limping sir." said Emily.

"I know but, my body is important to me, but what is more important to me is my railway... oh, and engines of course." The Fat Controller added. "Now, you all must get to work at once, you're all extremely late."

"Yes sir!" replied the engines as they puffed out of the sheds. The railway was now back to normal, the Fat Controller's leg was getting better, but for the remainder of working as a controller, he sat in his office and soothed his leg, the workmen had built a new door for his office, which is stronger then his old one, now it is impossible for anyone to break down the door. The Fat Controller was glad that his railway was back in control and would always make sure to never hurt himself again.




  • It is unofficially revealed that the Knapford stationmaster is named Derrick, as the Fat Controller mentions the name when he is calling the stationmaster when he is in the hospital.
  • Several references are made in this episode, with all of them being by James:
    • James saying that he hopes Dowager Hatt isn't going to be the controller is a reference to the twentieth season television episode Dowager Hatt's Busy Day.
    • James references the first season television episodes James and the Coaches and Trouble in the Shed and the nineteenth season television episode Goodbye Fat Controller when he says that he would wheesh steam at Mr. Johnson like he did with the Fat Controller them past years ago and the latter when he asks Thomas how many times will they go on strike.